Aspiring Zapu candidate promises constituency development policies

ZAPU’s aspiring parliamentary candidate for Bulawayo Central, Iphithule Maphosa has pledged to facilitate development of a permanent constituency development policy to guide implementation of various developmental initiatives in the area.


In an interview yesterday, Maphosa said a locally-formulated and managed development policy was the only answer to perennial problems experienced in the constituency.
“The policy, designed to outlive elected officials, must direct the development priorities and pace in the constituency. Aspiring public officials in the area must be able to fit into the policy frame which must be a template for their performance and appraisal,” he said.

Maphosa, a strong proponent of devolution of power, said the policy on development will be constructed in the spirit of devolution and prescribing local solutions to local problems.

He said only local people have solutions to problems in their different constituencies.

“The development of Bulawayo Central can only be championed by the people themselves and politicians must be able to humbly follow their peoples aspirations and work at facilitating their realisation,” Maphosa said.

“Politicians are not super beings that they should be allowed to make unattainable promises to solve problems on behalf of the people, and representation at decision making levels is the only function of elected officials.” Ads

He said all sections of Bulawayo Central population will be represented at the planned constituency development policy conference, saying it will be his first port of call once elected.

Bulawayo Central constituency is currently under MDC-T legislator, Dorcas Sibanda.

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