5 traffic cops face combined 235 counts of fraud


MAY 9 has been set as the trial date for five traffic police officers based at Avondale Police Station, Harare, who are being charged of fraudulently printing fake ticket books, which they allegedly used to extort cash from unsuspecting motorists.


The accused yesterday denied the combined 235 counts of fraud, levelled against them, when they appeared before Harare magistrate, Victoria Mashamba.

The cops, Claudious Mazvimba (35), Blessmore Mushayahwaro (30), Romeo Chipokosha, Takuranashe Mugomba and Lloyd Makuni and are on $50 bail each.

It is the State’s case that between August and October last year, while at Avondale Police Station, the five connived with fellow traffic officers, who are still at large, and obtained fake Z69J books .

The State alleges Mazvimba, who faces 100 counts, Mushayahwaro (48 counts), Chipokosha (51 counts), Mugomba (44 counts), Makuni (43 counts) and their accomplices would unlawfully and intentionally use the receipt books to accept cash and issue out the fake receipts to traffic offenders.

It is alleged that they would then pocket the money, thereby, prejudicing the State.

The State alleges, as required by the police administration procedure traffic, completed dockets can only be filed after attaching the pink triplicate copy from a receipted Z69J book.

In their case, the accused misrepresented by attaching a fake pink triplicate copy, which they would have receipted from their fake Z69J books, which were not obtained through the normal traffic administration system.

It is alleged on the strength of the fake pink triplicate copies, the accused and their accomplices would submit their completed dockets to their authorities for closure and filing.

The five were arrested after an audit was carried out on the police traffic receipt books, leading to the accused’s arrest.

Ropafadzo Botsh appeared for the State.