Zuma talks tough to those who have a target on his back

If the legal woes of former president Jacob Zuma were taking their toll it wasn’t showing as he shrugged off his detractors on Friday.


A glib Zuma‚ wearing a broad grin‚ was met with rapturous applause outside the Durban High Court.

He said that he had become a victim of opposition parties who‚ unable to perform in parliament‚ drove their agenda in court.

“The opposition likes to operate in court…this is where they push their politics.

They can’t even debate in parliament‚” he said.

Speaking to his followers‚ he thanked them for their backing.

“I want to thank you as I thanked you many years ago.

There are things that follow you that you can’t escape‚” he added.

“These charges were created as a political plot.

There are those I trusted that are adamant that I must be found guilty.”

He had tough talk for those who had placed a target on his back.

“People are lucky we can’t beat them up anymore‚ otherwise I would have beaten up a lot of people.”

Zuma said his legal team would review the decision to prosecute him anew.

“The nation must listen to those spy tapes.

We won’t get into the details of this case because it’s in court‚” he added.

This happened after the elder statesman made a brief appearance in the Durban High Court on Friday.

Facing charges of corruption‚ fraud and racketeering‚ the matter was adjourned to June 8.

Hundreds of faithful supporters‚ led by clergymen‚ activists and businessmen‚ held vigil overnight and marched to the courtroom steps ahead of his appearance.

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  1. taking a cue from Bob who is refusibg to recognise “emmersen”

  2. Typical deadly African Leaders who always want to beat up people for their failures.

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