Zimbabwe says will issue cannabis licences to growers


Zimbabweans can now apply for licences to grow cannabis for medical and research purposes, the government has said in a legal notice, making the southern African nation the second country in Africa to legalize cultivation of the plant.


Lesotho last year announced the continent’s first license to grow cannabis legally.

Until now, it has been illegal to grow, possess or use cannabis in Zimbabwe, with offenders facing up to 12 years in jail.

Health Minister David Parirenyatwa published new regulations, seen by Reuters on Saturday, allowing individuals and companies to be licensed to cultivate marijuana, known locally as mbanje.

The five-year renewable licences will allow growers to possess, transport and sell fresh and dried cannabis as well as cannabis oil.

Applications should include plans of the growing site, quantity to be produced and sold and the production period.

A license can be refused when information has been received from a “peace officer, a competent authority or the United Nations” that an applicant was involved in the diversion of a controlled substance or precursor to an illicit market or use”, the regulations said.

“The Minister may not oblige if the issuance, renewal or amendment of the license is likely to create a risk to public health, safety or security.”


  1. medical and research purposes… I truly wonder how this will be determined. They are eyeing selling the produce to America and raising money for…; i have no clue what soever they want to raise the money for. So for a general person does it mean, one will be getting a prescription or what?

  2. This country is going down the drain. Immagine of the amount of leakages when we have A1 farmers of cannabis around the country, ED is the catalyst to Zim fall, carring over from RG.

  3. In July 2014 I wrote the following comment – “If an person is rich in Zimbabwe then you know that person is a thief. The country is so unstable there is no chance of running any business successfully. Unless it is selling mbanje. Most of the money is ill-gotten”.
    The licences will obviously be issued to party loyalists who own free farms.
    Only those loyal to Mnangwgwa will benefit. Free farms were given to Mugabe loyalists who are now Mnangagwa’s loyalists ergo only Mnangagwa’s followers will benefit. Absolutely cynical.

  4. Comment…Trully, Zimbabwe is open for business, sex work also legalised and soon carjackers and housebreakers. Cry my beloved country

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