Zim polls divide world

ZIMBABWE’s upcoming general elections could have divided world leaders’ opinion, with Britain and China throwing their weight behind President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s candidature at a time the United States has remained sceptical of the Zanu PF leader and kept a soft spot on the youthful MDC-T presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa.


China, the world’s second largest economy after the US, has even predicted that Mnangagwa (pictured) will register a clean sweep in the elections set for either July or August this year.

Top Chinese diplomat in Harare, Zhao Baogang, told journalists on Saturday that the Asian economic giant currently playing host to Mnangagwa will, however, honour its obligations should there be a change of guard at the apex of Zimbabwe’s executive.

“We are very confident (that Mnangagwa will win the elections). We support Mnangagwa and the government of Zanu PF,” Baogang said.

He said in the unlikely event that Mnangagwa loses the harmonised elections, China will honour its commitments to Zimbabwe.

“We will respect the wishes of the Zimbabwean people and will honour our commitments,” he said.

“On the possibility of resolving the liquidity crunch, I just got briefed by both sides, the Zimbabwe minister (Finance Patrick Chinamasa) and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya after their visit to China. A Chinese commercial bank will co-operate with the African Export and Import Bank to see the possibility of providing further loans to help Zimbabwe. The Chinese side is trying to find every solution to help alleviate the liquidity crisis in Zimbabwe and we hope progress will be made (during the visit),” the Chinese envoy said.

Baogang added Mnangagwa and Chinese leader Xi Jinping will hold talks for “hours” and the Asian country was set to announce a “huge package to help President Mnangagwa’s vision to revitalise the economy and for the development of Zimbabwe”.

British ambassador to Harare, Catriona Laing last week claimed that London and Harare were now “in a better place” than they were before former President Robert Mugabe’s ouster last November.

Laing told a State-controlled weekly she had, in the past few weeks, addressed investors keen on coming to Zimbabwe.

“In terms of value, the combined total value of UK projects approved by the Zimbabwe Investment Authority between 2014 and 2017 are more that $336 million. These projects are all at various stages of completion. If the elections go well and are endorsed by the international monitors, that will send a very positive signal to UK investors that the government is fulfilling its obligations and committed to the rule of law,” Laing said.

“So what I am expecting following the elections is that companies that are in exploratory mode at the moment will move into more accelerated mode to actually start looking at prospects for real investment.”

The British envoy said Mugabe’s removal presented a fresh start for the two countries, adding Zimbabwe should seize the opportunity for the next round of meetings with the International Monetary Fund to set its plan “up to the elections and beyond”.

“So I think we are in a better place . . . if we continue to see progress, then I hope that we will be able to move to the next stage and get to a point where Zimbabwe and Britain have full normal investment and trading relations. Then we can work together in fora like the United Nations and ensure that Zimbabwe plays its role as a good global citizen,” she said.

Laing added that Mnangagwa has made “positive” indications in the area of economic reform, but insisted that Britain “wants to see the next stage which the President (Mnangagwa) has committed to”.

But MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube yesterday reacted angrily to China and Britain’s new soft stance for Mnangagwa.

“We think it is inappropriate for the British and the Chinese to pick a horse in this election. They should, instead, insist on Zimbabwe abiding by international norms and standards for the conduct of free, fair and credible elections,” Ncube said.

He claimed that some foreign countries, which he could not name, had “facilitated the November coup” that paved the way for Mnangagwa to succeed Mugabe.

“There is sufficient evidence that some of these countries participated in the coup in November. We think they should stop interfering given the role they played in the transfer of power last year,” the former Cabinet minister said.

Mnangagwa left Harare for Beijing yesterday on one of his most high-profile foreign trips since taking over the levers of power last year.

Another Chinese diplomat, who spoke to NewsDay on condition of anonymity after Mnangagwa’s Press briefing on Saturday, said Zimbabwe was likely to be elevated to “strategic status” during the President’s visit.

“At the moment in Africa, China has granted ‘strategic status’ to Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt. Zimbabwe is likely to be next,” he said.

US President Donald Trump last month extended sanctions against Zimbabwe for another year, arguing that Mnangagwa’s administration “remained a threat to Washington’s foreign policy”.

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  1. we might as well all join the ED train.Suppose China grants a liquidity boost to Zim in the short term before election and transfer rate/USD, or bond/usd all revert to 1 is to 1, I wonder wat the opposition is going to campaign on?
    All the negatives the MDC has been banking on to win the elections are surely closing

    1. What a foolish post. The same Chinese are looting our diamonds, mis-treating our citizens they employe, destroying nature where they mine etc nxa

      1. get away muzimba. kana zvakusvota idini…………..rutsaaa!!!!!!!!!! #EDHasMyVote

    2. Yes indeed; but that is your personal opinion which differs quite substantially from the views of others and is in fact at variance with things as they are on the ground. Remember that Britain’s condition for full engagement hinges upon a return to the rule of law. Right now, there is little evidence that the chaotic culture of impunity that characterised the previous regime has been abandoned and as long as this is the obtaining situation, the good tidings of Britain as well as China will remain something only on paper.

    3. Very naive post indeed. Chinese loaning us back the diamond money they looted. Why can’t just bring back what belongs to us.

  2. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…Britain have looked at its puppet project(mdc) and it has no value an more as it was premised on ‘Mugabe must go’ mantra. .

    1. Citizen Public

      Maybe ….. ! Yet your comment comes through as being based on unresearched wishful thinking. However the results of the upcoming election will prove your predictions about MDC to be either right or wrong. We shall see!

  3. And then again the west doesn’t have faith in little boys with socialist minds like nelson

    if MDC had a formidable mature capitalist mind perhaps the west would think otherwise

  4. We chose what we want not the Americans chose for us. Alliance of selfish sellouts who begged for extension of sanctions for them to win elections. They will never win elections in Zimbabwe. To form an alliance it shows they are afraid to be beaten in 2018 elections.

  5. Comment…Jinda you are dreaming go away with zanu pf.Chamisa for president!

  6. Look what happened the last time Britain (and USA and SA) supported a leader – MUGABE !!!!

  7. We Zimbabweans May As Well Ready Ourselves To Embrace The Chinese Currency(yuan). Remember China Is Number 2 In The World After Us And Is On A Drive To Internationalise Its Yuan Through The Belt And Road Initiative.

    1. Comment…some people are crazy.check the exchange rate .yen is nothing shit mney

      1. Eh apo bambo…Yen is Japanese currency, Yuan is Chinese currency. Musajaira kungotuka vanhu pese pese!

  8. @marcmags. u MDC people never seem to amaze me.in the past MDC would make noise saying ZANU should engage and make peace with the west to attract national dialogue and FDI.now the tables have turned and ZANU has managed to do so with the international community, with the likes of Europe,Russia and Asia now seem to support ED ZANU and are promising investment, actually investment has began trickling from the west.

    the tantrums from MDc have changed to why is the west supporting and taking sides.

    confused bunch of idiots Luke Welshman ncube and his baby brother chamisa still in his nappies

  9. MDC for life!

  10. E.D Haisi kuona kuti China yapfuma nekuba hupfumi wedzimwe nyika wakaba maDiamonds muno muZimbabwe

  11. MDC Ndizvo ma chinese imbavha wapfuma nekuba.E.D Haisi kuona kuti these are matsotsi

  12. @trust shut up hausikuona kuti imedea yataura not the genuine standing of china n britain.madoctors are on strike so are the nurses,teachers coming on board.banks have no cash.farms are not productive,industry is still closed n unemployement is high.uri dofo rakadzidza neediot wako

  13. chibaba- makuruwani

    China supported Zanu because they don’t respect Humana rights as long they are getting what they want, they don’t give a damm about any Zimbabwean suffering on the streets.

    1. & Britain?

  14. What ever the case All nations should pressure ED to amend the laws to enable free and fair elections. At the moment ED do not want free and fair elections but the so called free and fair. The nation will the decide one who lead them not command them in this case it will be Chamisa, Ed will be there to for Britain and Chain whilst Chisa Chamisa for people, so please vote Chamisa, You now know that ZANU PF never deliver on their promises,

  15. This election is about Zimbabwe and it’s people. We don’t want foreigner poking their noses into our elections. Zimbabweans do something you would look back and be proud saying we did the right thing not to say were told to.Be it Mnangangwa/Chamisa the ball is in these 2 courts. I am not a voter on this one but i think you are smart enough not to be persuaded by the Americans and the British. As we aĺl know they an’t saints either.

  16. Comment…ZANU pf has nothing to offer these kakistocracies n vagabonds have failed us we want new blood chamisa panyanga he z young,vibrant, hyperopic minded

  17. misleading headline.

  18. Comment…the British and European and American are simply saying be fair and respect each other these mnanagwagwa hand are dripping blood of innocent people that is why they are sanctioned these are Zimbabweans

  19. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…HEADLINE: Zim polls divide world. Nhayi vaChidza, China, Bhiriteni neAmereka ndonyika chete dzepasi rose?

  20. The voice of God is going to be heard loud in july this year and after that no one will ever hear of this ED thing .The next thing all Chinese in zim will pack their bags and go home .No sane person can ever talk of ZANU winning election in zim after destroying our lovely country beyond repair ,ED can be deceived by the cunning zingzhong at his on risk he going no doubt .

  21. Comment…will see after election zanu pf ndikoko

  22. Comment…will see after election zanu pf ndikoko

  23. Guys you might bark and condemn both paties to the dust bins but one other thing which you should be sure of is its not going to give us the bread we need on the table .This country has gone through tough times already and what we need right now is a decent economy .However if we continue attacking each other left right and centre watorwa awa havatibatsiri .There is no way we are going to turn this economy without the assistance of other players .Negative media stories are having a very bad impact out here .Lets work together and ensure that we have restored our economy then zvimwe tozozviona

  24. ZANU is heap of rubbish no vote for this party it must go f……k zanu

  25. even on platforms like this one ,you see how messed up our fellow Zimbabweans’ minds are.ED and ZANUPF are just trying to do what they think the country and its people actually need.. You oppositions why do you have to always cry cry cry cry nonstop??? Why focusing on what the rulling party and its candidate is doing instead of focusing on what you want to do?? People should jst vote for whoever they like and move on… others are just insulting China because its in good books with Zanupf. you should stop it and win elections and make allies of your own.. and in case you may win elections please do not forget to ask those who you advised to impose sanctions on our country to lift them… its just a reminder from me… please

  26. even on platforms like this one ,you see how messed up our fellow Zimbabweans’ minds are.ED and ZANUPF are just trying to do what they think the country and its people actually need.. You oppositions why do you have to always cry cry cry cry nonstop??? Why focusing on what the rulling party and its candidate is doing instead of focusing on what you want to do?? People should jst vote for whoever they like and move on… others are just insulting China because its in good books with Zanupf. you should stop it and win elections and make allies of your own.. and in case you may win elections please do not forget to ask those who you advised to impose sanctions on our country to lift them… its just a reminder from me… please

  27. As a matter of opiniin and fact, ZANU PF mismanaged whilst MDC made sure by advocating for the ruinous sanctions. If people like Masiiwa were to join politics, those are the people with the country at heart. Despite the sanctions and lack of government support, he managed to set up
    one of the most performing businesses in the country. Others are an opportunistic or a selfish or self centered bunch.

  28. Neither Britain nor China are registered to vote in Zim so we don’t really care who they support in the elections. And who cares about getting loans from China anyway, what kind of a country are we that keeps on borrowing without end & never paying back anything, what is that?

    1. Britain or the entire Anglo-Saxon tribesmen want nothing short of our land while China wants nothing short of being allowed to do Madiro aGeorgina in the diamond sector.
      Ngatisazvifadze nenhema. Ticharamba tiri vana MUSHAYAZANO kusvika nokusipere nevatungamiriri vakadai

  29. Nyatsimba Mutota

    Cde Chitova you have a mind of a rat

  30. Luke Munya Bikaldo

    These countries are entitled to their own opinions and the people of Zimbabwe are also entitled to vote for whoever they want but the only problem is about making the elections free and fair.If Zanu pf can win in a free and fair elections no one will have a problem with that even the leaders of the opposition parties will accept the outcome.Britain and China should actually be advocating for free and fair elections rather than heaping praises to an incumbent who has been part of Zimbabawe’s rot for the past 37 years.China can be forgiven for supporting Ngwena because they have been busy siphoning our natural resources mostly gold and diamonds to their country and besides Chinese people are under dictatorship which makes their leaders birds of the same feathers with the Zanu pf Govt.It boggles the mind when countries like UK openly supports the leadership of Mnangagwa when thousands if not millions of Zimbos are holed up in that country running away from political persecution and abject poverty from the same govt with the same people that had been running the country since independence.Do they know that most of those that vote for Zanu pf do so out of fear not by choice?God has always His Own ways of dealing with such issues at times beyond human comprehension,who knew that the Army would chase away the old dictator despite the fact that they had pledged to support their “dear” leader until death? Watch the space,something even more miraculous than the removal of old Bob is on the offing.God will never abandon His people.

  31. Comment…Zimbabweans must vote for whoever they want please opposition s don’t tell people to not vote for ZANU PF
    but rather focus on telling people whats good for their future we are sick and tired of your tantrums

  32. Already warming up to a new Zimbabwe.ED is not going to win.YES some people will vote for him and i have even heard them say ED Has My Vote.A lot is going to happen in the run up to elections.An opposition candidate will win and provide the much needed responsible leadership.

  33. GIGI i agree with you plz stop saying dont vote for who just tell us zvamuchatiitira zvakanaka then we will choose where to vote chamisa ndimwari here anochinja zvinhu

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