Zim imports soil from South Africa

ZIMBABWE is splashing millions of dollars importing soil for making bricks, a situation which further puts pressure on the country’s dwindling foreign currency reserves, Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) has said.


Giving his presentation recently at the Bulawayo Investment Conference, CZI Matabeleland chapter chairperson, Joseph Gunda said it was appalling that the country was importing soil, which was readily available locally.

“One area I was looking at is brick-making. When I was walking in and when you look at the front of this building (Mpala Events Conference Centre) there is a yellow brick, but the yellow brick is imported, it is coming from South Africa,” Gunda said.

“We are importing soil in instance. Why should we import soil because we have got plenty of soil here in Bulawayo? We have got McDonald Bricks, we have got another Chinese company out there manufacturing bricks.”

Gunda said there were plenty of opportunities for companies in the brick-making industry to venture into this business.

“There is an opportunity for us because this is market-driven business and there is appetite by our community to like the yellow brick. So definitely there is an opportunity in manufacturing of this yellow brick,” he said.

He said there were also opportunities for import substitution.

“For example, in the rubber industry, we are the sole manufacturers (General Beltings) of conveyor belts in Zimbabwe, supplying various mines and manufacturing units, but we need to import fabrics from South Africa,”

“The South Africans imports it from here, they take it down and then they beneficiate it and form fabric, which we import and we are saying this is an opportunity for import substitution. There is an opportunity for setting up a fabric factory in Zimbabwe,” he said.

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  1. this is pure nonsense and who ever is approving this at rbz must be arrested

  2. Some people are stupid… How can you import soil from another country as if zimbabwe is a sea without it. The government is also run by idiots, how can they allow such things to happen…like seriously????

  3. titotatetit@gmail.com


  4. Venancio Village 13 Chirera

    It doesn’t make any sense to import soil from another country whilist ivhu rakazara nyika yose. Why vasingaende kune dzimwe nzvimbo dzakakomberedza. Kutora ivhu iroro? We have Masvingo, Manicaland, Mashonaland etc. But you prefered to import from outside Zimbabwe. Pliz if you have got a lot of money, try to be a care giver to the children on Zimbabwe who are suffering more than other children the whole world. If I buy a cremora in S Africa you take it at the border telling us that mukaka uri kuwanikwa muma Shops emuZimbabwe nhaika. Ko ivhu hariwanikwe muZimbabwe here? We don’t have even a sea but you import soil. No no,,,,


  6. Comment…Kwenzeka kanjani umhlabathi ukhona ezimbabwe banamanga badla imali ayikho lento abayitshoyo

  7. This is not about importing raw soil. It is moulded brick which is cheaper, including transport, to import than buying local moulded bricks. The issue is about costs of production locally which are high compared to neighboring countries.

    1. This reporter uyu and his Editor are not being honest with themselves…. They are just demonstrating their lack of understanding of Commerce and Industry. Those are value added products. Yes we have the soil but cannot make that quality brick….. Lets talk about how our locals can be able also to compete at that level…. as long as they continue to manufacture bricks which are so brittle such that one loses 40% of order to breakages then please I will import from SA or Bots

  8. Only the nonsensical makes sense in Zimbabwe!

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