Zera seeks new home

THE Zimbabwe Energy Authority (Zera) yesterday held a ground breaking ceremony for a $13 million headquarters to be completed in 18 months.


Speaking at the official ground breaking of the construction of Zera’s new headquarters in Mount Pleasant, Harare, yesterday, chief executive officer Gloria Magombo said that works for the construction of their new headquarters started as far back as 2015.

“We did look for the land which we found next to another regulator which means that we are sort of forming a regulators corner and I just met my colleague from the Zimbabwe National Water Authority who is also going to be part of the regulators corner. The deeds for the project in terms of architecture were received from various architects and also tertiary institutions like the National University of Science and Technology department of architectural design. The competition which was done for the design for the building was very tight in submissions which were to the highest level,” she said.

“We had an adjudication committee which consisted of Environmental Management Agency, Standards Association of Zimbabwe, other independent engineers, and also a director and board member from Zera. The competition was won by Studio Arts…it was the design which was the most responsive and we were looking for a green design.”

Zimbabwe Nantong International won the tender to construct Zera offices.

Magombo said the construction consists of a two-storey building capable of housing up to 90 staff members, with Zera currently employing 60. The offices will be powered by solar energy.

In 2015, Zera approached government seeking offices to set up its headquarters. It was advised to secure land where it would build its offices.

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  1. Now we know why fuel is so expensive and water is a problem and roads are so bad etc etc becuse these ‘regulatory’ authorities are nothing but vultures

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