Zanu PF supporters cry foul over G40 seats

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DISGRUNTLED Zanu PF supporters from various provinces have appealed for President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s intervention to stop known G40 members from manipulating the candidates’ selection process ahead of the party’s internal polls set for May 5 this year.


Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, National Zanu PF Aggrieved Voters’ Association chairperson Austin Chindega warned that the party risked being hijacked by G40 members, whom he claimed were now dictating terms and declaring their seats as uncontested.

Chindega singled out Mashonaland West member and Zifa president Philip Chiyangwa, Kadoma’s Jimayi Muduvuri and Manicaland’s Esau Mupfumi, saying they were G40 kingpins who openly campaigned against Mnangagwa’s succession bid and even composed praise songs for former First Lady Grace Mugabe.

“Some provincial leaders are being bought with silver and gold at the expense of voters. We are born Zanu PF and we will vote for President Mnangagwa, but we want him to correct what some provincial leaders are doing. How can you confirm Chiyangwa as unopposed? We have videos of him with Mupfumi singing Grace’s praise, but they are now in front, they are now representing the party as unopposed,” Chindega queried.

He claimed that the G40 activists had manipulated provincial leaderships in a bid to destabilise the party ahead of this year’s general elections.

“Prodigal sons are allowed back in the party, but they must take the back seat. Muduvuri has vast tracts of land in Kadoma, which he even invited Grace Mugabe to officiate. He had several land deals he did with former Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere. He also has other land deals in Norton, but the same people are taken back to lead us. So, as Zanu PF voters, we are saying no to imposition of unwanted candidates.”

Chindega said his executive would soon engage the presidium on the matter.

But Muduvuri said: “Those people are talking rubbish. I cannot be a member of the G40. Remember, I am the one who organised 10 provinces for a demonstration against Saviour Kasukuwere after noting that he was dividing the party by feeding former President (Robert) Mugabe’s wife with lies.

“I then clashed with Grace Mugabe after she decided to side with Kasukuwere. I am the only person now who is leading the talks between former President Mugabe and President Mnangagwa.”

Mupfumi curtly said: “I have no comment,” and Chiyangwa could not be reached for comment on his mobile phone.


  1. Mupfumi must not contest this time around. He is a thief. We also don’t want Pemhenayi because, besides being Gamatox and later G40, he did not say a word for his constituency in Parliament.

  2. People followed Mugabe instead of ED then because the leader of Zanupf was Robert. Supporters toed the line correctly . According to party policies who were supporters of Zanu Pf to follow? Mugabe or ED at that time? I am sure you understand Mugabe was the authority and was even elected unoppossed to represent Zanupf during the 2018 elections. The Lacoste faction which was said to be following ED was the reactionary group at that time which was operating against Robert and the party. ED actually disowned this grouping by day but espoused it during the night. Voters followed party order as they should have done. These were the true ZANUPF supporters who toured the party order. The Lacoste group was the one Nichodimusly meeting to wrestle power away from Robert. What were ZanuPF supporters expected to do in that scenario. The right thing was to follow the elected leader. Those who supported Mugabe then were right to do so. When ED overthrew Robert in a coup and was forced on Zanupf , the Zanupf masses followed suit. Why are you now dermonizing others leaving the rest of the masses that vellified ED when Robert accused him of deceit and probity?
    Next time Chiwenga removes ED from power and installs himself the current crop of leaders supporting ED will face the same treatment being dished to the former G40. What happened to let bygones be bygones ? Or is it situational? This is the greatest tragedy of Zanupf. You will never know your true supporters at heart . You have conditioned them through many devices of corhercion to a point of numbness and yet inwardly they loathe the party or leadership. Today if Mugabe asked for a rally at the Zimbabwe grounds he would probarbly get a few hundreds of them and yet only 5 months ago the whole Zimbabwe grounds would have been filled to capacity. Was that genuine support one could trust for a free vote without gagging? An immediate answer that comes to mind is that, to mitigate against this numbers vs votes issue , The party has no alternative but to cushion itself by rigging. You can not leave the outcome of elections to the voters you can not trust. Otherwise the pen will be mightier than a bullet.

  3. Zanu-PF can afford to buy 210 vehicles for ? MPs to campaign which then translate to on average 4 vehicles per Adiminstrative District like murehwa but the same party can not afford to buy at least 1 ? ambulance per district vanhu vachifira mudzimba Havana hanya nesu chavanoda kuti tiva vhotere chete vawane nguva yakareba yokuba. Even to buy vehicles for district police stations havadi.

    Zanu-PF can afford to erect more than 60 billboards country wide but they cannot afford to put at least one ☝ tower light ? per growth point kuti vanhu vari kuma misha vawane chiedza nguva dzemanheru vachifamba husiku chavanoda kuti tione mifananidzo yavo kuti tizova vhotera vawedzera kuba.

    Zanu-PF can afford to buy 15million t-shirts for only 5million registered voters which translate to 3 ? per person kunyange vachiziva kuti 70% yavanhu vaka nyoresa kuvhota havafariri kupfeka mbatya idzi asi havakwanisi kutengera mapurisa nemasoja edu uniform yakanaka ukaona mupurisa ne musoja wedu zvaanenge akapfeka ukafanidza nedzimwe nyika unonzwa tsitsi chavanoda kuvhoterwa chete development dhololo. Mukaona paari kupiwa torai akawanda imari yenyu yama diamond ? mamwe masvika kumba pfekedzai imbwa mamwe moita ma mates mamwe mopa kitsi dzirarire hadzo nokuti mwana wezimbabwe wakakosha haunga tengwi ne t-shirt neka tochi nema poto ema china ?? munokosha vhoterai bato rinoita kuti mwana murume kana mukadzi azvishandire muzotenga kango chaiyo nema cup akanaka edhaga.

    Ngativhoterei budiriro kwete kutengwa ne zvimapoto zve zhingzhang nyika iri kuora everyday hakuna mari inoitwa zvekutengwa cash ?. Zimbabweans lets rise up and be counted.

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