‘Zanu PF not committed to credible, free, fair elections’


LOCAL political pressure group, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC), has accused the Zanu PF government of paying lip service to the levelling of the political playing field, which is currently tilted in its favour, as the country gears for general elections later this year.


CiZC acting director, Thulani Mswelanto made the remarks yesterday, adding there appeared to be a lack of political will to ensure the elections are held in a free and fair environment for the benefit of all political players.

Addressing civil society groups in Masvingo, Mswelanto said: “Looking at the time left, the demands will not be made like reforming the Electoral Act. Other prerequisites like media reforms also have not been met and it is unlikely that they will be considered.

“This will affect the credibility of the elections. We are worried that there will not be a comprehensive review of the laws. We are waiting for May 8 for another draft proposal for review of the laws, but clearly there is no sincerity. Proposed amendments by the government are not in the public domain and were rejected as they did not conform to the Constitution.”

Early this year, MDC-T leader, Nelson Chamisa challenged Mnangagwa to level the playing field ahead of his proclamation of election dates, failing which the opposition would refuse to be dragged into a “farce poll”.

Chamisa claimed the ruling party had deployed soldiers in various constituencies countrywide to intimidate voters and force them to vote Zanu PF candidates.


  1. 38 years down the line we are still debating on how a free and credible election is done. Its absolutely ignorance from the echelons of power and therefore it makes sense to say #THERE ARE NO ELECTIONS IN ZIMBABWE WITHOUT REFORMS. Hakuna anogerwa asipo or else it doesn’t make sense to get into elections without the political field being levelled …. This is all because of the “EAT WHAT YOU KILL” strategy in ZANU.

  2. I don’t see why opposition parties are wasting time campaigning looking at the current status quo.Electrol reforms first then u can campaign.. I see ED winning like wat Mugabe used to do n i see pple like Chamisa n Mujuru likely to file a court application as always after losing the election n pple continue to suffer..
    My poor beloved Zim

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