Why people like Chamisa lie when they don’t need to

ON this eve of general elections, we cannot overlook the emerging unsettling pattern of behaviour being displayed by one of the presidential candidates: Nelson “Wamba dia Wamba” Chamisa (pictured).


It does seem the MDC-T-cum-MDC Alliance leader is determined to prove his critics right and his supporters wrong. He has stretched the truth to the limit too many times, so much that internationally-acclaimed Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has coined the term “Wambalogy of the Week”, pertaining to the lie Chamisa would have spun that week.

The irony of it all is that Chamisa need not lie. Here is a person who is commanding big crowds wherever he goes and is in with a shout in the presidential race, but the compulsion to lie just seems to get the better of him — like those recently pardoned prisoners who found themselves back in jail mere days after being freed because they just cannot resist the urge to commit crime.

Following his trip to Bulawayo last week where he addressed a highly attended rally, Chamisa posted this “Wambalogy” on social media: “I was so touched when I went to (the late Vice-President) Dr (Joshua) Nkomo’s Matsheumhlope house. I was going there to see the history of this nation. However, the family told me one thing: They said ever since the death of Dr Nkomo, I am the first national leader to visit the house. They even offered to give me Dr Nkomo’s traditional knobkerrie (sceptre/intonga/tsvimbo).”

First, this is most highly misleading in that Chamisa never ever met the Nkomo family on that occasion. Second, it gets even worse when he puts words into the mouths of people he never met. Third, he is not “the first national leader to visit the house” since Nkomo died in 1999. Four, no one there offered him the sceptre because no one present had the authority to give away willynilly the Nkomo family heirloom, a valued possession that is passed down through the generations — totally disqualifying Chamisa because he is not of the Nkomo lineage.

It can be accepted that he was not completely fantasising about his “bullet train” promise because he could explain that by saying: “I am not lying. I am telling the future truth.” But to use the actual name of the Nkomo family to feed your lies is crossing the line into phantasmagoria. No wonder Nkomo’s son Sibangilizwe fumed: “It’s not a matter that you can joke about. It’s an abomination that he (Chamisa) can talk cheaply about intonga ka baba (my father’s spectre).” Indeed, it’s a no-go area, which every self-respecting son would defend from outsiders.

People — among them long-standing Chamisa supporters known to me and neutrals who were beginning to lean on his side following his demonstrable support because support is contagious — are now beginning to express reservations and questioning as to whether he could be suffering from a lying disorder, because the pattern of straying from the truth cannot be mistaken for anything else.

There is more disappointment than anger among some of Chamisa’s supporters. Reminds me of this saying by 19th century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: “I am not upset that you lied to me, I am upset that from now on I can’t believe you.”

That is how Chamisa has let down big-time a large section of his supporters that they now don’t see him as believable anymore. Trust has been broken.

We are not talking of diehard supporters on the lunatic fringe such as the so-called MDC-T vanguard who refuse to face facts and see reason and sense, but level-headed moderate supporters, who constitute the majority, who do not want to be part of lies and any childish extremism.

Yes, people should dare to dream, but not to the extent of daydreaming like Walter Mitty, that comical fictional character given to grand and elaborate fantasies.

Has Chamisa been overawed and overwhelmed by his newly-elevated status? If he is overwhelmed by the occasion, this leads to the question: Does he have the right temperament to lead the national State? Is he level-headed enough to be President?

Chamisa’s lies have become so outrageous and frequent that we need to examine his unsavoury habit from a psychological perspective looking at both compulsive and pathological lying.

According to the Psychology Today journal, compulsive lying disorder is a term used to describe what may be a symptom of another psychiatric disorder such as borderline personality disorder or narcissism or bipolar disorder.

Not all people who are compulsive liars suffer from a psychiatric illness, but there is usually an underlying reason for the behaviour.

Therapist Mark Tyrell suggests some people who lie pathologically do so to seek attention. Individuals who want to have centre stage wherever they are may have to make up stories to capture people’s interest.

These types of people crave an audience and get high off it, and this leads them to lie more. Therefore, if you see someone constantly engaging in attention-seeking behaviours, he or she may also be lying to support this need.

The Psychiatric Times states pathological liars will often tell unbelievable stories, and the lies they contain may seem absolutely pointless.

In fact, a pathological liar may even tell lies that are self-incriminating. While almost everyone exaggerates stories sometimes, someone with a problem does it much of the time.

If you find yourself with your jaw falling open every time someone tells you a story, it’s probably because it’s not true. If this happens regularly, the person may be a pathological liar.

On the other hand, a compulsive liar is someone who lies with ease and finds comfort in it. The person may even continue to lie when presented with the truth in cold, hard facts.

Getting a compulsive liar to admit he or she lied can be nearly impossible. Indeed, some people get so accustomed to lying that they do so even when there is no clear purpose, and when their lies are easily disproven, leaving everyone scratching their heads over the point of their deceptions.

Could this self-incriminating lying disorder be behind Chamisa’s needless self-destructive lying?

lConway Nkumbuzo Tutani is a Harare-based columnist. Email: nkumbuzo@gmail.com

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  1. It seems the battle lines have been drawn. Someone still mourning the exit of Khupe. Tutani be careful of two things as a journalist, invest too much emotions in the political happenings and specialising in the analysis of one politician, in this case be a “Chamisasist”. You will slowly lose your credibility. Chamisa is not in power and may exaggerate things like any politician(Trump), but to call him a pathological liar is a bit of exaggeration and on your part as you seek to undermine him after he had out maneuvered your favorite horse. Your grudge has become so obvious.

    1. Tutani is merely doing what any sane and responsible person is expected to do at all times: exposing Nelson’s shameful lies. Nelson simply cannot resist the urge to tell silly and lies each time he talk into a microphone in front of a frenzied crowd of MDC hoodlums, most of whom are not even registered voters.

    2. Conway Tutani, I told you on 10 April on Brighton Musonza’s wall that the way you were bashing Chamisa was designed to one day write an article in a paper that has developed an anti-Chamisa crusade.

  2. Comment. nhaka mozvimba humbu nemupfana uyu

  3. Mucharamba muchingowukura, kedu Khamisa kachingoenda mberi, masupporters tichingowanda dzamara tamugadzika muState House. Muridzo haticheuke, nhamo yatakaona.

    1. @Pastor. Ndozvaitaurawo vanhu 1979 pamusoro paRobert Mugabe kuZimbabwe Ground Fio rally kusvika vamugadza 1980.

    2. Zviroto, zviroto. Ngazvigumire mumba

  4. This guy hurts Chamisa so much. There is nothing good he writes about him.

    1. Try speaking in english

  5. The journalist is right. Chamisa is now lying he is indeed a liar . He lied about Nkomos family ever seeing him. When something is wrong its indeed wrong whether you support him or not. You cannot trust someone who lies to lead the Country. NEVER! Dont compare Zimbabwe with America. Zimbabwe inoera mwanawamai thats why its called Dzimbadzemabwe

    1. Comment…Iwe tavonga usati mwana wamai zimbabwe interactive kwauri wakajaira nhamo.ndimi munobira chembere zvirice zvinobva kuChina mugodhoyi.hatiudzi kuera ndiwe tateguru racho chitiudza zve iwe svikiro .inoera kumba kwenyu kwete kuvanhu vanepfungwa but vasina sewe ndimi muchiri kutaura zvemudzimu.kuuraya vanhu ndokuera dako rako.uzvimiririre pakunyora kwako usatibatanidzire hatidyi mundiro imwechete nevanhu vane maoko akazara ropa. unyarare kana usina zvekutaura

      1. Comment…hausi chamisa here iwe

    2. Saka zvatichamuvhotera uchatidii

      1. Asi mucharuza henyu.

  6. Chamisa made thousands jobless after he represented Zuva Petroleum. Does he truly love Zimbabweans? He makes pple jobless and says vote for me? Wait and see. The jobless are watching

    1. And can someone care to tell us the real owner of Zuva by the way

  7. Newsday went to the dogs.Its quite clear that Chamisa is the president now.Newsday is only available anf known to support oppositions like Zanu PF in the current scenario.

    1. I think you are very much stoned.or you are day dreaming

  8. we will still vote mdc boss
    no matter what you write about chamisa

  9. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    chamisa for life

  10. anoreva nhema mupfana uyu.regai tivone kuti vachavukura kusvika riini.

  11. The writer of this article has lost himself, he behaves like a headless chicken-running in any direction. its not surprising though, a headless chicken experiences dissonance before it dies. Its allowable as it is a process of coming to terms with fate. In this case the writer is writing for the last last time before Chamisa gets into power. Some writers are wise and others are otherwise, this one belongs to the latter basket; a wrong basket for that matter. He seems to have lost touch with reality, his obsession with the anti-Chamisa psyche is so overt that everyone can see. Chamisa is a reality, Chamisa is genuine, Chamisa isnt plastic. His article is hollow, no substance at all. Personal attack chaiyo, please Mr Poor writer improve on your writing skills, rather dwell on issues than write like a lapdog of the ‘reeling’ party.

    1. Try and be a bit objective otherwise you reduce yourself to nothing but a die-hard supporter. I thought you would respond to the pertinent issues raised by writer for the benefit of those sitting on the fence. Now if you start to insult the writer without responding the specific incidents where your king has been economical with the truth how are you going to convince the undecided voter. For me Nero is nothing but a pathological liar who is promising miracles to an impoverished nation. I have said it before I voted RMT’s MDC but I will not vote Nero, my conscience wont let me vote for a liar. If he can lie asati ava president what about when he is the president?

  12. I have usually critisized Chamisa for his overzealousness, and I have always advised him, through Newsday online comments, that he risks being rejected by Zimbabweans. However, most of my comments are not published. The comments just disappear, when all I am trying to do is to warn this boy about his misdeeds.

    1. matii madii,muchamuda chete,muchida musingade

      1. This shows how childish and empty headed you are.This was our primary school mantra,now we have grown up we say facts

  13. We love Chamisa, we truly do. But he must stop lying, he must get good advisers.

    The issues Tunani is saying are real, it discredits him to say he met someone, then a representative of the same comes out stating that they didn’t meet him.

    He can see the support is there, he must just be real and learn from those that came before him, adopt the best methods of campaigning. He must not mention anything that he has no capacity to do when he becomes President.

    We need not to be cult followers, but must have an Agenda that is followable.

    1. Cleophas Nyikadzino

      Most of Chamisa’ supporters are fanatics not voters. In an case when someone is commenting he/she must represent self not say “We” as if one has become a spokesperson for everyone.

  14. The more Chamisa is doing rallies the more he is lying [bullet train, $15 billion, Nkomo etc]. 2018 elections are ward based and ED will cruise to victory easily in the first round. Chamisa will loose court case that khupe is the MDC-T Acting president until congress elects her replacement or herself as the acting president can call National Council to choose Acting President. Chamisa ndosaka akawana 2 points paA level. kkkkkkk

    1. its rather better to lie about knobkerrie than lie about the two million jobs bla bla

      1. if you can lie about small and insignificant issue, what about big things?

  15. Cleophas Nyikadzino

    Thanks you Conway T. If you still recall sometime in 2011, I wrote an almost similar post like the one you did concerning the character of Chamisa. You blasted me that I was a ZANU PF lunatic. I am glad you have picked the same seven years later.

  16. The truth of the matter is that there’s no politician on this planet who doesn’t tell lies & the Hillary Clinton – Donald Trump debacle are the clearest example of this. It’s quite obvious the reporter hates Chamisa personally & this article is an over exaggeration, however the rest of us don’t really care about Nkomo’s knobkerrie & support him regardless of his flaws

  17. even if he lied, who have we to vote for if not him.
    Uyo asati ambonyepa ndiyani panyika pano?

  18. Stop this idea yekutuka munhu anenge ataura chokwadi pamusoro pemunhu wenyu wamuri kuda.If you want him for real advise him arege kunyeba uyo.Anonyeba zvinonyadzisa munhu iyeye.He takes Zimbabweans for granted.

  19. All of Chamisa’s lies put together are peanuts compared to zimasset, 2million jobs, denial of Gukurahundi invovlment & failure to end cash crisis in 100 days by ED among the many thousand lies we’ve been fed daily by zanupf for years

  20. Conway your obsession with Chamisa is now becoming ridiculous, granted as a journo you have got a right to inform but why concentrate on Chamisa’s faults only what about ED, Khupe etc are you trying to say they have never lied or done anything wrong during the past few months, please be partial in your writtings

  21. “If” Chamisa wins and becomes the next President of Zimbabwe,then im glad Mnangagwa is the best President Zimbabwe will ever have,coz tyranny,thuggery,Fascism and stupidity will be the new norm.The guy is as uppity as his supporters,.. intolerence of critics,insults to alternative ideas……cry beloved land.but well its Mugabe’s fault coz now people are testing what freedom really feels like


  22. I am astonished Tutani even thinks there is a possibility of a Chamisa presidency….that can only be in the kiddish world of fantasies

    1. lol no he is a neutral

  23. Kumba kwa Nkomo anga aenda kunotsvagei Chamisa dzungu roga roga hona manje i love you so much Va Chamisa but zvimwe zvinhu zvamunoita really disapoints

  24. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing

    I have been incessantly scratching my head, struggling to absorb the fact that Chamisa is indeed a Pastor. Maybe he is…after all the likes of Sodindo and Abel Muzorewa were also men of the cloth. There is no doubt that Chamisa commands massive support throughout the country and he may indeed be the country’s next President. After all, history is replete with exquisite demagogue orators such as Adolf Hitler, Duce Mussolini and our very own Robert Mugabe who managed to catapult to power. What they then did when they had attained power is well known. Misodzi, dikita neropa!

  25. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing

    I have been incessantly scratching my head, struggling to absorb the fact that Chamisa is indeed a Pastor. Maybe he is…after all the likes of Sodindo and Abel Muzorewa were also men of the cloth. There is no doubt that Chamisa commands massive support throughout the country and he may indeed be the country’s next President. After all, history is replete with exquisite demagogue orators such as Adolf Hitler, Duce Mussolini who managed to charm multitudes and catapult themselves to power. What they then did when they had attained power is well known. Misodzi, dikita neropa!

  26. Marujata Kumba

    More or less the same Mugabe lied for 37 years…After that someone lied to us that he could #COUP the #ECONOMY and unfortunately it was just the beginning of the #NEW ERROR. Now Chamisa ashata nhasi…. Ko vamwe vese ava havana kunyepa here… Nyepa zvako chikomana chechidiki utifadze sterek nemanyepo because for too long takafadzwa nenhamo yevarume ava. That’s Politics … Kugona kunyepa just like 2.2 Million Jobs ndozvatinoda izvozvo, Kunyeperwa tinokuda isu and the good thing is that we #BELIEVE

  27. watever…even if he lies about giving u US$1m today pple like us dont care, we will stil prefer him to those old hags who have looted our hard earned tax payers’ money at the expense of their comforts.

    1. coz u stupid

  28. munhu wose ati Chamisa……………

  29. Writer might have a point. Chamisa while has a following, his lying is getting out of hand. There is no need at all to lie. All other lies are irrelevant but the Trump $15Billion promise and the Nkomo Tsvimbo stand out. He need to have a grip and act mature politician before people start dumping him soonest

  30. tutani utoriwo tamha zvayo

  31. Clearly Mr Tutani u hv lost it.Are u decampaigning Chamisa?Is this bcoz of Khupr?This is election time and politician say a lot of things.I’m not supporting Chamisa but there are other issues u wld hv wrote abt that occured this wk.Chihuri and diamonds,Simba chikore and Zim air ways,Prof Moyo and election $70million.Tipo maserious mdara.

  32. Since he was in Bulawayo and in front of a record crowd in trying to ingratiate himself with the people young Chamisa simply got carried away by the occasion and became a little reckless but that but that does not make him a pathological liar in the likes of Jonathan Moyo.

    1. @ Johno, you are correct-Nelson is not yet given to compulsive lying, he’s just budding liar!!

      1. “A budding liar” – I like that. KKKKK!

  33. This was a political rally and the point Chamisa was making is that he respects Joshua Nkomo.Joshua Nkomo was the hero,and not his children.

    1. KUFANDADA, are you the same liar who was exposed by Tutani the other week?

      1. HAHAHA! Tutani was spot-on about you KUFANDADA, you are far from a bright boy!

  34. Yes, Chamisa is just but “a budding liar” who will grow into an full-fledged liar sooner rather than later!Kkkkkk!

  35. Why is it so difficult to palate the fact that Chamisa lied? Why are people so emotive when facts about Chamisa are laid on the table? Those who love him do not have to stop loving him. To hate someone who has simply stated fact is not a normal response. I see negative but factual reports about all presidential and the manner of some responses are just denials without substance! In fact some of them border on foolishness or madness


    1. When the head is empty you go for the looks,when cant find something in the name.Are we going to be led by empty heads who cant debate

  37. tutani is simply trying to sympathize with thokoZANU , shame on you

    1. siziba, have you seized up in your resoning?

  38. Comment…Murimi is amused by the spirited defending of a lying lawyer.He is a great orator no doubt.We also have a legendary speaker,who is retired and living under a big blue roof.
    They have one thing in common.Both are dreaming of making it into statehouse.
    Sorry,2 things in common.They are all making noises against one who is quiet…and watching…and waiting…


  40. Chamisa had it all wrong .mudala wethu lost the mantle to chitigamombe so there is no need to call him father zim .let chamisa stick to mdc and not zanopf .no walking stick or walking stick chamisa will be president

  41. Chamisa is a greater orator than R.G. Mugabe. We Zimbabweans have a big problem, we always fall for these talkers. Mugabe mesmerised Zimbabweans with these speeches. If Muzorewa had won the 1980 election, today Zimbabwe would have been a much better country economically. Today we have ED, a man with a great economic vision for our country but some people still fall for the second Robert Mugabe a.k.a. Chamisa. There is a great saying, “good talkers like Chamisa are seldom doers”. ED was just under the shadow of Mugabe, could not do much because Mugabe was his leader and commander but now he is his own man and to all Zimbabweans Isay, let’s give him a chance.

  42. You all , including this crazy Tutani Khupe , shall swallow your disgusting hate when it is proved the Nkomo events are true. In any case who is Tutani to tell us it didn’t happen? It’s him who is lying. Of course vekwa Nkomo will not confirm it to zanu pf – Lacoste for fear of reprisal. The benefits will be withdrawn by the vindictive pf’-Lacoste

    1. Iwe Chamisa, do you think people are so stupid to believe that the Nkomo family would offer its sceptre/intonga/tsvimbo to a total stranger like Chamisa? Where has that ever happened? Don’t be silly and childish.

  43. independent charlie

    Comment… all those who have insulted Chamisa, I shld have insulted him too, he is a lier, that’s the nature of all politicians. Let’s face the reality, Chamisa will win the 2018 elections. Who else would anybody vote for? Kkkkkk. I will never vote, why shld I waste my time, voting when chiwenga and ED will rig the elections, instead of working for my business to expand. Chamisa will win the 2018 elections, but the results will come up rigged in favour of ED. Zanu pf’s strategy is not compaighning, like Chamisa. It is all about sendinh young pple out on social media and writing or commenting on posts such as these in favour of Zanu pf. Some of them that zanu pf sent, they have already commented. To make the world believe that zanu pf had the support, basing on wat those few guys they sent out on the web wrote for them. So this is their strategy. Zanu pf will no waste time campaighning wen ED knows well, pple dont want him. He hasn’t said the exact date the elections will be held and wen they will end. And he never did any so called “serious” campaighning. So MDC Alliance, if you don:t step up yo game, these zanu of guys will play you. This time zanu pf has no victory, I can tell u dat. Every1, is tired of their crap. Come July, ED hapana chako. Asi vabire hako, asi hakuna kwaunoenda ED wakaruza kare. ONLY RG Mugabe knew the rigging game coz the war vets were with him. Hino iwe ED, ndiani anewe. Ma soja? Aaahh, kkkkk, hapana kana musoja anewe. Asi avo veoamusoro chete vanisvika 20 vawaka tengera ma Hilux Revo? Ahh, soja rakadhiniwa. ED wakairasa ku promota ma soja epamusoro uchisiya vapfana, ivo varivo vazhinji pama votes. Kkkkkkkk.

  44. Chamisa is very eloquent. I like that. But issue of lying may destroy him. To say every house yard WILL be an airport planes will be taxis. Its too early mwanangu. Slow down and you may get there no matter when, you will have invested. Invest first and then reap. LISTEN OT PEOPLE WHO DO NOT LIKE YOU AND CORRECT OTHERWISE YOU WILL CONTINUE LYING AND YOU LOSE OUT.You are contesting against still waters mwanangu.

  45. MDC hoodlums are terribly blinkered, the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil and say-no-evil-type of unthinking people who will never believe that Nelson is a deeply flawed character. Yes, Nelson might be eloquent but he talks absolute nonsense most of the time!! Nelson should be given more time on the sidelines of our national political theatre, say 15-20 years, to work on his obvious weaknesses.

  46. People were paid and are still being paid to tarnish Chamisa’s image. Guess one one of the persons paid? Your guess is correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. CHIGORWE, Chamisa has ruined his own image through his growing list of lies.’Your guess is correct’ means you don’t have evidence, but are spreading pure lies like Chamisa.

  47. On further reflection there are able leaders in the MDC who are sitting by watching and letting the youthful Chamisa go unchecked. These guys are Mwonzora and Mudzuri. Recently Mudzuri was hoping for some reconciliation in the party. But what happens, recalls.

    Anyway that aside these senior guys must advise their colleague to go and apologise to the Nkomo family to soothe their anger and to the Trade Unions on the Zuva judgement. These issues are no joke when it comes to campaigning. Of course the $15bn the bullet trains the yard airports and taxi planes he can play with that and say its a dream that can come to fruition one day.The alternative is to persuade Mudzuri and Mwonora to vet all speeches for the youngman. People in the MDC will be truly disappointed if they think this election is joking matter and will point fingers afterwards. THE kHUPE FACTOR IS A DICY ISSUE. MAY BE I AM ALSO DREAMING.


  48. It is amazing that so many people including elderly TUTANI can be bought by Zanu PF to smear Chamisa with the hope of discouraging people from voting for him in the coming elections. Tutani, please note that Doctors do read news on media so avoid delving in medical terminology of which you have no clue.

  49. Its a shame that Tutani didnt listen to what Chamisa said. He did not say they offered him Nkomos Ndonga but they say we offer u a ndonga whch is a sign of respect in the Ndebele culture. A homage given to someone of high estate. I wld like to categorically sate tht Chamiasa wld not hv accepted Nkomos Ndongas. Thts sacred and remains Nkomos property. I feel YOU TUTANI, ZBC tv/radio, HERALD, SUNDAY MAIL…. are all on the payroll of ZanuPF to disturb the winning team by any means possible. Please go join Herald CZ thts where you belong. I know you have been pissed by this cruising train of Zimbabwe’s rejuvenation. You are those people who celebrated the DEMISE of MRT thinking MDC was dead for good. You are still in shock and when you wake up you will be in a new Zim with opportunities. The Spirit of MRT is with the young man to heckk ZPF out of power and prosper Zim.

    1. CHIKUKWAHANZU, stop lying. These are Chamisa’s own words that he posted on social media: “They even offered to give me Dr Nkomo’s traditional knobkerrie.” Have you joined the Chamisa School of Lying?

  50. Why can’t MDC-Alliance/Chamisa supporters simply accept kuti Chamisa made a mistake especially on the Nkomo issue and move on instead of attacking those who point our kuti pakaresvwa? If u shit urself and I say to u comrade mazvimamira would u then proceed to punch me or would u exit the stage to clean urslef up?


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