We’ve unearthed Zanu PF rigging plot: Chamisa

MDC Alliance presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa yesterday claimed that the opposition group had unearthed Zanu PF’s election rigging machinery and were now confident of an outright victory in the upcoming general elections.


Chamisa told supporters at Ruwangwe business centre in Nyanga North that there would be no room for a re-run, as he would score no less than 70% of the votes in the first round of the polls.

“If we don’t get 70% of the vote, then they would have rigged the election. We have done our homework, we’ve done in it in Harare, Bulawayo, Manicaland, Matabeleland,” he said without elaborating.

“We are here because we are aware that this is where most of our voters are and we need to change your lives and we are in a season of change. I know there are soldiers, who have been sent to rural areas and they are not in uniform, but disguised as civilians to monitor your activities ahead of the polls.”

Chamisa pledged to roll out a raft of policies as soon as he gets into power, including reintroducing the Zimbabwe dollar and unveiling a leaner Cabinet to ensure government efficiency.

Speaking at the same rally, People’s Democratic Party leader and former Finance minister Tendai Biti pledged to increase the country’s foreign direct investments and massive job creation programmes.

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  1. Chamisa is a liar, how can he say he’ll get only 70% votes when we know he’ll get 90%? This boy must grow up fast & be more realistic kkkkk

    1. kkkkkk good one

    2. kkkk it just a humble way of saying we win big

  2. ZVIROTO ,rigging machine lies in the number of registered voters for the party and the question is how many did you convince to go register and right now your major opponent is still on the drive to lure people to go register to vote and that is the proper rigging machine.

    1. Getting people to go and registering to vote doesn’t mean they will vote for Zanu Pf. I know a lot of people who in 2008 were helped by Zanu PF to go and register to vote yet when voting time came they never voted for Zanu PF

      1. you can also join the dreaming team of big numbers at rallies it does not mean a thing either

        1. So Chamisa should stop holding rallies coz big numbers don’t mean anything?

          1. yes sir for now focus on preaching the message of trooping to registration centres not to bank on unknown statistics and dream of a landlisde it is unthinkable under this environment

  3. we still dealing with kids here i see youth.com chaiyo when saying thing be realistic REVEREND PASTOR CHAMISA…

    1. Kids are better off than elderly who have destroyed our economy for 38 years. It youth.com indeed


        1. Now i understand why these guys have been losing, too much bravado and little research, with his split naKhupe and with over 120 parties.. this guy is alarmingly naive…

      2. Gerald how old is your father or mother did they destroy your family because they are old. It was the system Mugabe used that is divide and rule that destroyed us everyone feared that old man. I think we are in the right direction do not dream about airports in Murehwa and the spaghetti roads, bullet train esh what a campaigning you must be in China maybe to see for yourself if that would happen within two years without the chinese themself helping you

  4. Just a dog barking

    1. A dog that barks is better because it alerts the activities of the enemy.

  5. Chamisa liar, violent and power monger will never rule Zimbabwe.Bullet train, $15 billion, tsvimbo yaNkomo etc. You are are loosing supporters with your liars. Very soon after MDC Alliance primary elections for parliamentary seats ndipo paichatsemuka nepakati. He couldnt even hold a congress, now candidates imposion etc

    1. Chamunorwa Mabhunu

      We prefer leaders who can dream. Its through these dreams that we can define our feature. Kennedy challenged the Americans about landing on the moon and in 1969 they landed on the moon. We have been ruled by people who had no vision and have mortgaged future generations by giving our country to the Chinese and we have destroyed our local industries. Smith was a good strategist who had real sanctions but he created whatever you see now hospitals, Chiredzi, Triangle, Hwange, Mhangura, Zisco and all the quasi-government which are now shells. We should dream big and think outside the box not maintain the status quo. Chamisa is thinking outside the box. You accuse him of lying how about the lies which we have heard for the 38 years including the 2 million jobs, rigged elewctions, violence and unwarranted loss of innocent lives. We are maturing up as voters. Bill Clinton was young when he became president, Obama, David Cameron and the current French president is Chamisa”s age. Lets think outside the box.

      1. Taura hako Chamu. The ZANUNOIDS were unleashed on social media and the online press to try and argue without facts. They are just so ignorant and pathetic.

        1. I think Chamisa is a day dreamer. He need to attend m and E programme at lupane state university. Surely he is too childish in analysis.

        2. chaita mhlanga

          I think Chamisa is a day dreamer. He need to attend m and E programme at lupane state university. Surely he is too childish in analysis.

      2. That’s the danger of blind loyalty, Chamunorwa Mabhunu. Chamisa is not and will never be like Obama, David Cameron and current French president because the contexts are totally different. Chamisa is not realistic and strategic in his pronouncements. He just does not understand the context. He is not the type of person who can think outside the box because he has already adopted the Zanu Pf type of politics – of lying and making unrealistic promises and predictions- and you call that thinking outside the box! My foot!! Seriously, the MDC-T could have come up with a better and mature candidate than Chamisa. Eng Mudzuri could have been a better and mature leader because we saw his potential at the City of Harare, had it not been for Chombo’s sabotage. For me, if Chamisa does not change his approach, then the MDC Alliance will give Zanu Pf a walk in the park at the polls.

        1. Chamunorwa Mabhunu

          Maybe you and me had different ways at looking at things. I had no really evidence that Chamisa lies besides the statement about the $15 billion. For example other countries have bullet trains like Morocco and other developing countries are doing the same. He spoke about having airports around the country which makes travel quicker like in a lot of other countries. Politics is about numbers and appeal to the electorate. Mugabe commended Chamisa for a good job when he was a minister. I am not sure why maturing comes in when the constitution stipulates the minimum age of 40. Mudzuri is good where he is, he can not connect with the younger generation. He can not mobilize the youths, he is not charismatic enough. I still think its a better to try somebody different rather than use age as a yard stick. Lets dream in a big one way to move the country forward. The beauty of democracy is the right to chose and change leaders which we have been denied for 38 years. I do not know what you want him to change his approach. All the things which he is saying are practical if resources are used for development rather than being pocketed by a few in power . Smith had been built a robust and sound economy which we cannibalised in 38 years.Even if he can do a third of things on his wish list its still better than what we have experienced. Change is a necessary ingredient for a good democratic system. He Chamisa has been in politics for over 19 years and has been mentored by MT. He has even more experienced than Mudzuri.

          1. Indeed, we are looking at the situation differently. Will the Zimbabwean economy ever afford airports everywhere, even in the next 50 years! Bullet train in Zimbabwe – what does young man smoke!? What resources are you talking about!? Even strong economies like Botswana and South Africa cannot dream of these luxuries that Chamisa talks about. What he needs to start doing is to do some research before he talks about the economy because clearly both you and him do not really understand how the economy works. I am not against change, but I dislike just mentioning change as a word. We need realistic change. You can’t expect a reasonably educated Zimbabwean to believe in Chamisa’s crazy dreams – not me! He is free to say what he wants to say and to lead whoever wants to be led by him, but not to cloud national issues with a lot of nonsensical pronouncements. We experienced this under Robert Mugabe, and I for one, am not prepared to be lied to and taken for granted again – whether by Chamisa or whoever!

            1. Comment…hey have u ever made a research how Morocco came to be having the bullet trains.the money was not coming from govt coffers.period

          2. REMEMBER MUGABE CHANGED THE CONSTITUTION TO COMMUNIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. Stupid dreamer

    2. Chamunorwa Mabhunu

      If Chamisa is a liar, where is the $15 billion for diamonds and the 2 million jobs, free education and health. Chamisa dreams and its these dreams which generate new ideas. I like the fact that he thinks outside the box. You seem to exhibit bias, talk of what the incumbent has done for the people in the 100 days with the no cash and people sleeping in queques


  7. Chamisa should bring evidence of soldiers waylaying their supporters in rural areas if itz what he wants to rigging machine;Chamisa & lot have said many things in the past which have never bn substantiated only to cover up for loss in elections.The nikvu claims have never bn substantiated since-a clear sign that this is mere waffling. Ngwena has admitted n anomaly should b reported- we don’t want mere politicking

    1. Chamunorwa Mabhunu

      Event Mutinhiri who recently left ZANU PF has confirmed the existence soldiers in the villages. What more evidence do you want when one of yours has confirmed their existence. We have suffered too long , we need change thus all. Zimbabwe does not below to one party but to all of us.

  8. kkkkkkk he z not even disclosing the rigging technique to be used which leaves me baffled . The supporters also need to be aware. don’t underestimate the power and the intelligence of garwe. Ukanyanyo shama chamisa unozviona nokuti zanu is good at counter attacking the plans of the opposition

  9. Eagle i like you.

  10. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…1978 A. Muzorewa akapa vanhu vekumaruva zvekurimisa. Uye vemumaguta vakapiwa pokugara, Glen View neChitungwiza. Asi musarudzo zvibodzwa zvitatu chete. Chiri muMOYO
    chiri MUNINGA veduwe.

  11. Where is he going to get 70% of votes when is bussing people from different towns to one town. Mathematics does not work like that, he is just giving supporters fouls hope.

    1. he is talking of having their support base in these 5 provinces, that’s 50% of the provinces, yet he expects to get 70% of the votes. Interesting mathematics.

  12. zanu chiwororo

    chamisa is nothing kunyebera vanhu ngaadzidziswe ku campagner mfana uyu Muzorewa akapa vanhu pekugara ne zvekurimisa as an opposition party tru ko Chamisa chawaitirawo vanhu chii kuti vakuvhotere. usaone croud kuwanda isu ma zanu tirimowo kunzwa nonsense speach 70% dzinobvepi 50% havana kuregister

  13. Vanhuwe mutaure zvineumboo.Muzorewa akapa vanhu vekumaruwa zvekurimisa vekupi? VekuMasvingo havana chavakapiwa.don’t generalise. Not eveyone benefited from puppet Mzorewa.If you did don’t include the whole country.

  14. i think chamisa is loosing focus .i think he must move with one voice ,too much promises to the public unofoira nazvo

  15. kikikiki regai tigoona kuchawira tsvimbo nedohwe come elections ndopatichaona the voice of people, the voice of God vanhu vachasarudza wavanoda kuti aendese Zimbabwe kumberi

  16. Chamisa you are now a grown up person,National Politics dzasiyana nevanhu Vekuwadzana.You are going to loose.

  17. “If we don’t get 70% of the vote, then they would have rigged the election. We have done our homework, we’ve done in it in Harare, Bulawayo, Manicaland, Matabeleland,” he said without elaborating. Now this is getting dangerously funny> Even though I believe in freedom of speech, the MDC Alliance leader is now placing the country on a knife edge. Such kind of non-scientific predication creates serious problems. For me. Chamisa knows something – his party now has the rigging machine!

    This careless talk must stop, if we are to have a violent-free post poll period. This young man is forgetting there are other parties contesting, other than Zanu Pf.

  18. A barking dog seldom bites.

  19. chamisa register to vote

  20. Beginning of this year Chamisa was saying we will introduce rand as our currency and then he was on record paSABC as saying we would continue the multi-currency system now he is talking ZIM DOLLAR re-introduction. I was born yesterday but I’m not stupid

  21. Chamisa never stops amazing me. An advocate who says nothing and promising what zanu (pf) is already doing. He has no vision and as usual is clueless. Anyone can work out % votes basing on any number. 7 out of 10 gives you 70%, but 7 out if 20 will give you Below 40. What numbers us Chamisa using. Saying I am going to win is not a policy that will win you votes. DFI biti is talking never happened when he was finance minister. School boy politics will not win the MDC any votes. They need to grow up. Zvekuti ED is 70 and Chamisa is 40 so what. What has Chamisa since taking over from Morgan and what ED done since taking over from Robert. Chamisa the serial liar.

  22. But predicting a 70% of the vote for the MDC Aliiance on the basis of Harare, Bulawayo, Manicaland and Matebelend is really dangerous, reckless, if not damn stupi dreaming. Chamisa should be told reminded that nationally, most Zanu Pf votes come from the three Mashonaland provinces, and Midlands and Masvingo. Matebeleland provinces will either go for Zanu Pf and Khupe’s MDC-T. I wonder what mature people see in this Chamisa guy!? He failed to do the simplest thing – sanitising his ascendancy to power by simply going to congress to get an endorsement. For me, Chamisa is not his own man. He is being used by power hungry members of his National Council who themselves are not electable, so would rather call the shots behind the excitable Chamisa. We saw this happening to former President Mugabe after the 2008 elections, and saw it nearly happen around Amai Grace Mugabe in 2017. If readers on this site read on Susceptible Laedership, they will understand what I am saying. In fact, nobody wakes up as a dictator, or cherishes being a dictator, but most so-called dictators are so spineless that they are forced to be dictators by those who are power hungry, but know they cannot get power through any means, so they will use someone like former President Mugabe, his wife Amai Grace or a young man like Chamisa. I have always heard people say, “If this one ascends to power, then tapinda tapinda!” and I wondered what this meant, and now I know. Chamisa will garnered the least number of votes in the history of the MDC – T, and of course this is no longer a MDC-T he is leading. It is something else – an alliance of former MDC-T deserters who felt they had no future outside the late Tsvangirayi’s cover and decided to come back and endorse all the wrong things about Chamisa’s ascendancy!


  23. chematsenganzungu

    Tangomirira karwiyo kaye kemachinja kanonzi rigging….mozondipawo ndoda kukaita phone ringing tone yangu…..

  24. siyanai na Chamisa u brain washed Zandroids

    1. smokes, what do you smoke!? Anyone who differs with the Chamisa way of doing things is ZANU, right!? And anyone who differs with the way way ZANU does things is MDC – T, right!? This just shows how damn myopic people like you, are! Never shall we allow another dictatorship in our country -both MDC – T and Zanu Pf should know this!

  25. Troll alert flashing wildly. The good thing with trolls is that when you see a spirited reaction, you know you’re very near the bull’s eye…. warova panorwadza.

  26. chamisa is deluded by his unbriddled hunger for power…like all politicians… the arithmetic …having lost matebeleland votes… contest for mashonaland votes with mnangagwa, mujuru, mugabe…important factor… mnangagwa did not carry a coup to give you the presidency… introduce the zim dollarat your church,,,,

    1. Chamunorwa Mabhunu

      Who is hungry for a power one who removes someone through a coup or a person who elected by his national executive to lead a party.

  27. U are our hope advocate Chamisa.Chisa mbama chisa.

  28. #chamisa has my vote

  29. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…Asi Gweta iri rine anombopa mazano here. Paparapapara anyanyawo
    Vedzinza rekwake nerekwamai, itayi kuti mupwere arobwe pachipfuva nebapu regwayi uyu adzikame. Pfungwa dziripi, asi anongoda kudzikamisiwa bedzi mupwere. Zviri zvemapato kutakura vatsigiri kubva Hre kuenda Darwin. Kubva Gweru kuenda Zvishavane. Masvingo kuenda kwaGutu. Aiwa zvirikwese, ndovimba musi wesarudzo vachazviitazve. Mapato maviri aya makuru arikuzviita ose, Zanu PF neMDC-T. Vamunokwidza ngoro dzemoto vazhinji vavo avavhote. Kana muchiti kunyepa muchazvionera pachabuda mazita evakanyoresa kuvhotaka.

  30. At riers and Ethel Grange farms in mvurwi people are being frogmarched to meetings to produce voter slips

  31. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Hongu Glen View, zvimbudzi
    vakapiwa naMuzorewa. Uye Chitungwiza, dzimwe dzema Zengeza. Pasarudzo dza1980, Muzorewa 3 seats. Nekudaro munhu ahana temba. Nekuti chiri muMOYO chiri MUNINGA. Ipayi vanhu zvamunovapa, asi hazvishandure pfungwa dzavo izvozvo. Vatakureyi nengoro dzemoto vachinoonana nevadikani vavo, hazvishandure dzavo pfungwa izvozvo. Jehovah chete ndivo vanoziva zviri mupfungwa dzaani nani. Munhu ahanyengedzwe nemusuva sehove.

  32. Zviroto Zviroto. u will be lucky to 40%

  33. Nyatsimba Mutota

    Gore rino Chamisa chete chete

    1. I think Chamisa have made great inroads, by the way people are commenting about him, people cant just talk about him, he should be a great threat to many. Very Interesting.

  34. Mr. Chamisa, regai kufukura hapwa, musapedza nguva muchitaura zvirikuitwa nemwamwe mapoka ezvematongerwo enyika. Take your time and spend it on educating the electorate on your policies. Mukaita zvekutamba hapana chamuno buda nacho. Mugabe spent a lot of time achingovukura nenyaya ye Sovereignty and nothing came out of that except kutambura kwevanhu. Taura nyaya yemabasa, resuscitation of industries, health facilities, Zimbabwean currency, empowerment, etc. Have a clear road map not zvekuswera muchititaurira zvekutungana kwembudzi. You are a learned person and therefore act like one. Work hard my young man and even stop talking about Zanu PF and other parties, talk about your own party, what is going to do to correct everything that is wrong today.

  35. Chamisa, you have, a good hope, considering the number of people, attending your rallies,however, you ,approach is biased as you are not considering whether those attend, have registered to vote or not? its not the crowd which gives you the 70% as you wish and claim, but its the actual number who have registerd to vote and really vote for you.

  36. The Vitriol against Chamisa each time he speaks or holds a rally, tells that he is the DEAL in town. I have not seen anything of the same directed at other opposition leaders. Only Chamisa, why? And coincidentally, he happens to be the only crowd puller in town. Interesting!!

  37. fuck you all!

  38. Chamisa is the olny way to go,look at zanupf they employ retired people ku ZEC But there is a youth asina kana kumboenda kubasa pafunge,cash vaikonewa,road vadzikonewa,they are bussy toitoing nyika dzevamwe netumapaper vanongoisawo signature dzavo voti mave ne7 billion worth of investment imi musina kana chinhu,its a cycle of dead wood chete chete

  39. poor zanu must be beaten once and for all,they have nothing to offer most of them are above 60 they must retire to give youths a chance this time muchatiziva mayouth chese chamunotipa tinotora,kuvota tonoregister,kuma rally kwenyu touya asi muchatiziva henyu

  40. chamisa a good leader of all anofambirana nezvirikuitika nguva ino 5 star idzo sando dzake chamisa you are going to win dia.

  41. I think Chamisa is being naive when he says he is going to get not less than 70% of the votes and if it comes short of that it means that he has been cheated. That is talk of somebody who knows that he is going to lose. He is just gearing for a defeat and he just wants to mobilize people’s sympathy. What methods of market research did he use for him to come up with such figures? Statistics is not a game of just coming up with a figure based on qualitative approach. He must prove those figures quantitatively. He should stop busing people from one end of the country to the other and then claim 70% of voters. Mathematics does not work that way. He is counting the same people over and over.As a learned lawyer he needs to come up with a more reasonable claim.

  42. chamisa chete gore rino .THESE ZANOIDS ARE JST DAFT IN EVERY ASPECT

  43. Vazivi venzira dzaparuware ndovafambi vadzo you guys Chamisa and Biti are judging ED by 100 days in office yet they are talking of an 8 year time frame for them to fix things so what it means is if we get them in they will insist of staying in for 8 more years of suffering and I bet they will be blaming Zanu we do not have the patience they should walk the talk otherwise we will boot them out before five years.If they know they cannot do it they should not cheat people and promise pies in the sky

  44. Forget about youth vote hakuna ma youth anovotera kuti vasainde kubasa,they come and pretend as if they are campaigning for zanu yet varikutotsvaka basa nokuti at the moment ndokwavangatoitawo mari when the day come you will be shock to death chamisa apinda.brace for youth bora musango big tyme this year.

  45. we youths we are disappointed for 38 years,mirayi muone mauniversity students ese will vote CHAMISA TO POWER,zanu hailume WE DID A GOOD SURVEY SO FAR.

  46. Comment…i dont think hes stupid either he knows hes going to loose or he knows he will loose

  47. Let’s go for a change guys,we sick and tired of these looters they never think of poor families.

  48. Childsh brains are starting to show.

  49. What an idiotic dreamer. All what he knows is to lie, lie and lie. He lied USA was going to give him US15 billion if he wins elections, the USA government denied it, he lied that he was given access to Nkomo’s rod and the Nkomo family denied it. Now he is lying of these bullet trains and 5 star hotels . Isn’t he tired of lying these guy. Mwana wechididki anonyeba kudai, he must be ashamed of his actions this guy.

  50. Chamisa is just a Mugabe without a moustache


  52. chamisa
    you are blessed Chamisa
    tato winner so fear not anythin..takabata

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