We’ve turned a new leaf: Police

THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) yesterday admitted that it had turned partisan and failed to professionally execute its duties during former President Robert Mugabe’s reign, but had now turned a new leaf.


National police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba told journalists in Harare that they were now geared to carry out their mandate without fear or favour and stem political violence in the run-up to this year’s general elections.

“The police are no longer doing business as before, but in this new trajectory, police officers have given guidelines. Some of them were not doing their work properly and they are now doing it properly and they will definitely ensure that all cases (of political violence) that have been reported will be investigated accordingly,” she said.
“I am saying this time around, the leadership has made it very clear that it is no longer business as usual and all police commanders were addressed and people are working towards achieving results – to show that police will be conducting their business in a different way and I am sure you have not seen this before – it shows we are doing our business in a different way.”

Opposition political parties have in the past accused the police of being partisan, arresting violence victims and allowing Zanu PF torture bases in rural areas to thrive, especially in 2008 with alleged Zanu PF perpetrators of violence going scot free.

Charamba said all criminal cases will now be dealt with without discrimination or bias to any political party unlike in the past.

“When I say all cases, I mean all cases irrespective of your political party, skin colour or whether you are female of male; these cases are going to be dealt with and believe me you are going to be seeing this you cannot compare right now … give us time and you will see how we will act,” she said.

Speaking at the same occasion, Senior Assistant Commissioner Erasmus Makodza, who heads a new unit dealing with cases of political violence said: “Any form of violence, threats of harassment of voters or rival contenders will certainly be dealt with in terms of the country’s law. Adequate security provisions have been put in place by the police to ensure primary and harmonised elections are held in a peaceful environment.”

Makodza added that special courts would be set up to ensure the speedy prosecution of politically-motivated crimes with convicts facing a mandatory 10-year jail sentence.

“The following intimidatory practices which are prohibited under the Electoral Act will not be tolerated, inflicting or threatening bodily injury upon a person, withholding or threatening to withhold from a person or persons assistance or benefit to which that person is legally entitled to,” he said.

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  1. i do not get it because once upon a time there beat the hell out of the war vets who were part and parcel of them anyway we wait and see

  2. Yah bcz if you don’t you will be forced to frog march like what happened in NOVEMBER 2017 so its good to hear that from you girl

  3. Charamba must first investigate and arrest the previous perpetrators then we can take her seriously, otherwise the wolf is now clothed in sheep skin pretending. How can a leopard change, shed its spots over night, Zimbabweans do not need you, border gezi trained murderers. You want us to believe that you have changed so that you money from donors and start using it against the people again. Kwete, nada, nyonyo, Aiwa go hang.

  4. 600 MDC supporters were murdered in 2008. Some had life changing injuries like those Zaka boys. Not even a single person has been arrested…10 years down the line! Musada kujairira vanhu imi.

  5. Without fear or favour Blaaa blaa blaa blaaa. We have heard this before Charity. We wait to see your action!

  6. Never trust police, in actual fact they are planing to arrest MDC Alliance supporters when the demonstrate about reforms government should adopt MDC alliance PEACE document amend electrol laws

  7. Comment…fidel sticks thats utter rubbish hausvodi iwe arrest all the pepetrators of violence. Ini mandigwadzisa ambhuya nekupupura kwenyu. Cst Tadyiwa is a notorious zanupf murderer at zimuto base in 2008

  8. tamgai naminister wenyu zanu republic police

  9. Give us your hotline numbers so that we can get hold of you when the need arises.

  10. To hell with u Charamba zvogotibatsirei nhasi hama dzedu dzakapera kufa vamwe vave zvirema imbwa dzevanhu saka we dont trust you coz u not professional and partisan as u said..topedzerana pa ground ipapa.

  11. Mapurisa mapera basa period. hama dzedu dzakafa hadzisikuzomuka zve kaidzi rabishi

  12. same old story

  13. Whò are you fooling. YESTERDAY you were harr

  14. Comment…tht is rubbish.rubbish rubbish totally rubbish.i repeat Charity totally rubbish wazvinzwa.

  15. The police can go hang for all i care. Yes they have turned over a new leaf..they now support Ed coz Mugabe is no longer in the picture. Its quite interesting that they now accept they were partisan now when its not news to all of us. Its really cold comfort to most us who lost friends and relatives because this partisan and corrupt police force chose to play for the other team and they still do. I will repeat..police you can go hang for all i care!

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