‘Vote out uneducated councillors’

OUTGOING Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni has challenged residents to use the upcoming elections to vote for educated councillors with ability to comprehend various issues affecting the capital city, saying the calibre of current city fathers was below par.


Giving his last state of the city address on Wednesday, Manyenyeni said the majority of the city’s sitting and aspiring councillors were not inspiring.

“Those seeking mandates from residents must demonstrate their understanding or capacity to understand key issues in council. I had a privilege of sharing insights with prospective councillors across the political divide yesterday (Tuesday). I was not encouraged,” Manyenyeni said.

“They must convince us that they have what it takes to take Harare out of its mess. It is not about just the capacity to secure electoral votes. Being elected does not in itself give one the competence to function effectively as a councillor. Competence comes from a combination of education, training, experience and exposure.”

Manyenyeni has on numerous occasions clashed with fellow councillors and was nearly recalled from the mayor’s post after he criticised them for being shallow.

“We did not always agree nor should we always do, it is in managing our differences, that we have represented our city as he made the tough decisions,” Manyenyeni said at an event that was snubbed by many councillors.

He also had a word for the next mayor: “I am urging political will, political authority and political commitment to be availed, in order to arrest the continued decline of council. Power and will power must converge for the revival of Harare City Council.”

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  1. I agree with Manyenyeni, some of our councilors are ignorant and dull

  2. Mr Mayor I don’t agree with your sentiments. It shows you had observed that the current councillors were below par in terms of council governance , the ideal thing as a leader after noticing such ,you should have taken them to crush courses in council management by inviting some gurus in such fields from local to importing. There are workshops in municipality management and as such you should have made them go or conduct them regularly, five years its a long time and by this time we should have great minds in council management being voted for. Being educated does not mean you will be good otherwise we in Zimbabwe should have been the best country in Africa if it was such, just look at our 37 years old cabinet and parastatals CEOs they all have PHDs then rate our competence as educated fellas running these portfolios then you wonder if education brings the best out of a person, I am sorry Mr Mayor it aint like that buy hey its your opinion and we have to respect each other opinion.

    1. Taz Make, things are clear here. He said they are shallow. He did not say they should have PhDs. I suspect you are also very shallow and stupid. Some dont have five O leveIs. Thats a recipe for disaster. How can one bring Local Governance experts to teach a form two drop out Councillor or MP???? These days a degree harichashamisiri zvachose. Lets look at ourselves as communities and vote for the correct people. If a degree is far-fetched,Five O Levels is a modest requirement. No more Zombies in public offices.
      Cde President, NO TO NON-DEGREED MINISTERS. Hondo yakapera kare.

      1. kabius kekedu, you need to apologise I am not shallow and stupid , I don’t agree with the mayor but I respect his opinion and I did not call him names, if you don’t agree with my opinion state your opinion crushing mine I will respect that, just because you do not agree with my opinion does not make me a shallow and stupid, I certainly don’t agree with your opinion and will certainly not call you names thank you

  3. Ngqabutho Mlotshwa

    Or better still, vote out the MDC-they have been corrupt and underperforming in all municipalities for the past 18 years!!!

  4. ini l dont care 5 o level or not as long pavoting pane mdc ivote yangu imi sebato ndosaka muchi ita vetting

  5. All aspiring candidates for council positions should be qualified as a precondition to being selected as a nominee. One cannot elect someone and then train them.That’s a recipe for failure.

  6. Pfuurayi Vamwevatongewo

    The calibre of councillors in urban municipal service surely is low but there are real good reasons why it is so. Most of the councillors that stepped forward to represent the opposition (MDC-T in most cases) were those that had so much courage against ZANU PF thuggery that was capable of killing, maiming and targeting family for anyone who dared stand against ZANU PF. It took raw courage and bravery, and no one could be guaranteed that the worst evil ZANU PF could visit on any opponent could still be warded off even after being voted councillor. And ZANU PF still enjoys inflicting any evil on anyone with impunity, so it still takes a lot of courage for anyone to still volunteer and be a councillor from one’s conviction of public service. Either the prospective councillor has very little to lose from being exposed to ZANU PF evil thuggery, or is braving it all for perceived corruption. Let ZANU PF denounce and desist from such thuggery with unbridled impunity, and respect the law and the dignity of all Zimbos, or we remain only capable of getting care-free cadres volunteering to become councillors in opposition urban strongholds. And the general public has grown so ZANU PF-weary and disgusted they don’t have to think of choosing qualified councillors so long as they are not the confirmed ZANU PF evil peddlers. The Zimbabwe history seems to confirm ZANU PF is the devil’s own party, and please do not blame the enlightened urban public for detesting anything ZANU PF, and voting voting for anyone else but.

  7. Hey! The mayor is full of crap – he has failed, himself. When faced with a difficult boss u must learn 2manage up – he failed.

    A degree is nothing when you are unwilling to listen and or learn. HCC has some of the best systems and procedures – the councillors are not there to reinvent the wheel. Theirs is an oversight role.

    Ndiri dofo zvangu – but we should not confuse corruption and a lack of good ethics as an uneducated person’s disease. You bring in full professors and doctors they wont fare any better unless they are morally upright.

    Other councils are better managed are councillors thereat any different from those in Harare. Ndokunyarira Benard.

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