Villagers complain of marauding lions

Fight like a lion, remember life is a battle. You will fight until you get into the grave

ACTING chief Mvuthu in Victoria Falls has expressed concern over lack of compensation for livestock lost to lions and hyenas owned by Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) amid revelations that 1 343 animals have been killed since last year.

By Nokuthaba Dlamini

Mvuthu said no compensation or tangible effort has been made by ZimParks or the government to people under his jurisdiction.

He said human-wildlife conflict reports were the order of the day.

“Half of 2017 to present, we have received 364 cases of killed beasts (head of cattle), 845 goats and 134 donkeys.

“I am talking about a period of eight months or less and nothing has been done to compensate the victims, but I provide them with the statistics every time,” Mvuthu said.

“Last week, a Woodlands villager came to report that he had lost eight of his cows on separate dates and that is a big blow to people like us who rely on cattle breeding. Our wish is to see people being compensated because this is a huge matter that makes people feel unworthy and unrecognised.”

Mvuthu said the most affected villages were Monde, Woodlands, Chidobe and Kachechete ward.

The hyenas and lions are reportedly attacking goats, donkeys and cattle in grazing areas and kraals.

“On Friday, my suckling goat was attacked by hyenas,” a Chidobe villager said.

“When it came back from grazing, its udder was savaged. It was in agony and we immediately slaughtered it and its kid is likely to die, as it was only a week old. I only had goats and I am just a peasant farmer, so to me it is a huge loss,” Khawulani Mzaza said.

“They attack at any time even in our presence. Those animals are dangerous, so we do nothing as we fear for our lives. We are pleading for help,” another villager said.
Mvuthu said Zimparks rangers would come following reports, but no change has been noted.

Zimparks spokesperson, Tinashe Farawo said matters to do with compensation should be referred to Environment, Water and Climate minister Oppah Muchinguri.

Muchinguri, in an interview recently, said her ministry was in the process of constructing kraals for villagers living in parks vicinities.


  1. Poison them using bait.

  2. Unintended ‘benefits’ of the chaotic land grab of 2000

  3. Woodlands was an expertly run and very profitable game ranch – but it was ‘occupied’ by Mugabe land grabbers. It was never intended to have cattle goats sheep or donkeys on the property, let alone hundreds of landgrabbers. Tough luck, Chief!



  5. Eli, your response is not only cruel, but also very dangerous since poisons will also effect the environment-like water sources-which are extremely scarce in many areas of Africa-also land for crop use will be contaminated and poisons do NOT discriminate-threatening NON target animals and even the livestock!!
    Also Lions are ENDANGERED and MUST be PROTECTED!!!! Humans putting PREY animals IN predator territory IS the PROBLEM!!! Also these animals are LOSING their habitat to development, climate change, and their lives to poaching, etc.
    Since humans always consider them selves to be superior, more intelligent than animals-NON lethal means should be used-we do have the brains and the capacity to build things and invent techniques to keep predators away-like fencing, lighting, alarms and other deterrents-these should be used.
    Also I would say that animal agriculture has caused MORE harm to humans, the environment than good-raising animals for “food” or their “products” uses up vital water sources, land that could be used for crops, etc. It would be best if these people used the water, land and grain for themselves and grow MORE crops that will sustain them far more than goats, donkeys could. Also MANY of these donkeys are being shipped to China in the CRUEL use of “medicinal” products which have NO scientific basis or value! Using animals only supports abuse-in the 21st century we should be MORE aware and educated to solve issues with NON-lethal methods!!!!

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