Tshinga Dube only Zanu PF legislator to exhibit at ZITF

FORMER War Veterans minister, Tshinga Dube, is the only ruling Zanu PF legislator who is exhibiting at the Zanu PF stand at the ongoing Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) that kicked off yesterday in Bulawayo, a survey showed.


Dube’s Makokoba constituency has secured an exhibition stand at the Zanu PF hall which is attracting a lot of interest from visitors.

Zanu PF first showcased at the ZITF in 2015.

In previous years, the Zanu PF hall was teeming with small to medium enterprises (SMEs), offered free exhibition, but the situation this year is different, showing a more business-like approach.

Dube’s personal assistant Jairos Maropa told Southern Eye in an interview that Makokoba constituency was showcasing their projects.

“What we are doing here falls under the Makokoba constituency office. The office runs several SMEs and other income generating projects. We want to showcase what the people of Makokoba are doing, and at the same time attract and promote our SMEs in the constituency,” he said.

Most of the projects such as carpentry, poultry, mining and fishing among several others are funded by the Tshinga J Dube Foundation.

“We have received several inquiries from people who want, for example, small-scale mining machinery that our youth manufacture in Makokoba. We are happy that our showcasing here was not all in vain, but will boost businesses of our youth,” Maropa said.

Dube’s constituency is exhibiting under the theme Re-engage, Rebuild, Industrialise.

The Southern Eye survey also showed that the first business day of this years’ trade fair was a different affair altogether, with the majority of exhibitors claiming to have received a lot of business inquiries though none confirmed having signed any deals yet.

In the past, exhibitors said the opening day of the fair was always slow.

All the ZITF halls were full compared to previous years, with the quality of exhibitions showing a marked improvement.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa will officially open the ZITF on Friday.

This year’s trade showcase runs under the theme Sustainable Industrial Development — Inclusive, Competitive, and Collaborative.


  1. after being removed unceremoniously from your ministerial post yes you needed to do this to catch the eye of the selectors in case there is a cabinet reshuffle

  2. Yeah, this dude is a hard worker. I like him. He deserves the best!!

  3. Bravo Col. Dube its a pity you are in the wrong basket. I hope you just used the zanupf stand so as not to be charged exhibition fees.

  4. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    corrupt guy , you dont know him

  5. I will not be surprised if the Rtd Col wins in Makokoba, his works are appreciated by the residents. This will be a lesson to the MDC-T who gave away the seat by boycotting the by-elections. You let the man in, he has impressed the electorate and he is not going anyway any time soon. Mark my words.

  6. although u are very corrupt, this is good job colonel

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