Teachers headed for clash with govt


TEACHERS are headed for a clash with government after the Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (Zimta) yesterday officially declared they would down tools when schools open in a couple of weeks to press for an increase of their salaries and allowances and the revocation of the new curriculum.


The declaration, endorsed by all 10 provinces, was signed by Zimta president Richard Gundane and secretary-general Tapson Nganunu Sibanda in Victoria Falls at the end of the association’s 37th annual national conference.

Zimta said the strike was in accordance with the section 65(3) of the Constitution, which guarantees the right to collective job action, fair and safe labour practices and fair standard wages.

“Now, therefore, the 37th annual national conference of the Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association do, hereby, declare that schools will not open for the second term of 2018 and for the avoidance of doubt, our members will be on strike and will withdraw their labour effective May 8 until the issues raised herein above are resolved,” Sibanda declared.

Teachers at the conference said government had failed to meet their demands and that of pupils.

“This is the beginning of a long struggle which seeks to emancipate us as workers of the government,” one teacher, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said.

“The government has no will to do collective bargaining with us and set up a correct bargaining system. For many years, we have asked them to introduce bargaining chambers that suit our system. We had an agreement that was put in place for allowances and salary increment and government has not attended to that since 2013. We say enough is enough,” Zimta Matabeleland South provincial chair Akuneni Maphosa said.

He said the new curriculum had to be withdrawn or redone, as it was riddled with errors.

Another teacher said: “Vacation leave is a major condition of service that was taken away from us. Therefore, we are claiming it back. We need time to rest. Since 2016, we have not gone for leave because they say they have no money to pay stand-in teachers.”

The job action threat comes after doctors and nurses at public health institutions downed tools, demanding better worker conditions and wages.

The strike crippled the health delivery system, leaving thousands of patients stranded.


  1. Endai mega kuStrike ini ndinoenda kubasa. Mabasa arikunetsa saka iyoyo shoma iribhoo. Zvokuzotambura handidi, tamba wakachenjera

  2. Endai mega kuStrike ini ndinoenda kubasa. Mabasa arikunetsa saka iyoyo shoma iribhoo. Zvokuzotambura handidi, tamba wakachenjera

  3. Comment…Umm! vanhuwe tambayi makachenjera vanhu. Mabasa a nokasa.

  4. Teachers deserve a better salary. Going on strike is a way of making their views heard as the salary issue for teachers has always been ignored. Hapana asingazive nhamo ine maticha. Teachers do not be afraid, go teachers go. No one is supposed to be fired for striking. But before you go on strike please take the military man for lessons on labour issues, he really needs schooling

    • Usafurira vamwe unemwoyo wakaipa. Apa the greivances are dating back to 2013. If they endured these conditions for all these years why not negotiate as the new gvt has indicated willingness but again we all know its to do with impending elections so literally this political opportunism and as usual we will have victims. Munhu ngarambe kuiitiswa.

  5. The teachers union should do their job and deliver instead of putting us teacher in the crossfire for their opportunism

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