State refuses to withdraw Lumumba’s fraud case

THERE was drama at the Harare Magistrates Court yesterday when the State refused to withdraw fraud allegations levelled against Viva Zimbabwe leader, William Gerald Mutumanje, after the complainant offered to withdraw the case.


Tempers flared as Mutumanje’s lawyer, Webster Chinamhora accused prosecutor, Patience Chimusaru of pursuing a personal vendetta against his client and insisting that the trial should proceed, even though the complainant, Graham Tineyi had submitted an affidavit to withdraw the matter.

Chinamhora claimed that the prosecutor had confided in him that the decision to proceed with the trial had come from Prosecutor-General Ray Goba.
Magistrate Nomsa Sabarauta later postponed the matter to May 2.

Allegations are that on February 27 this year, Tineyi and Mutumanje, also known as Acie Lumumba, met at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport. Upon getting to a Zimra point, Tineyi was told that he was only allowed to take out of the country a maximum of $2 000.

The State alleges, Tineyi then asked Mutumanje, if he knew someone at the airport whom he could leave his money with. Mutumanje introduced Tineyi to Abigail Chipuru, of Traverse Travel airport office, where they left the money and flew out together.

The following day, Mutumanje allegedly sent a WhatsApp message to Jethro Tonderai Maposa requesting him to go to Traverse Travel office and collect $8 000 from Chipuru.
Maposa allegedly collected the money and later received a message from Mutumanje instructing him to go to Fourth Street and sell the money on the black market in exchange for a bank transfer.

Maposa initially transferred the money into his CBZ bank account and later transferred it into Mutumanje’s wife’s Stanbic bank account.

It is alleged Chipuru, who is the informant, allegedly reported the matter to the police, leading to Mutumanje’s arrest.

The total amount stolen is $8 000 and nothing was recovered.

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  1. If the money was not recovered why is Tineyi withdrawing the case and why did report it in the first place? He is being duped again by Mutumanje.Confusion.

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