Residents petition council over sewer construction

RESIDENTS of BD 46 section in Mkhosana high-density suburb, Victoria Falls, have summoned the local municipality over its failure to construct sewer reticulation systems for the past 21 years and incessant water cuts.


There are close to 1 000 household in BD46, with most of them using the bush system.

The petition comes hard on the heels of another by Mfelandawonye and Garikai residents over similar concerns.

The petition, submitted on March 5, was also handed to mayor Sifiso Mpofu and ward 11 councillor Edmore Zhou, who have not yet responded despite multiple follow ups.

“On top of water problems that go for more than three weeks, we do not have sewer for 21 years. People in the area have no option, but to use bush and it is very unsafe for children and women mainly, as they risk being raped while relieving themselves,” the petition, signed by residents representative Japhet Mianda, read.

“Moreover, the area has dangerous animals and elephants that have killed and terrorised people in recent years.”

Though deprived of their constitutional rights, residents still pay rates to council.

Town clerk Ronnie Dube said plans were underway to install the sewer system, but it all that hinged on residents paying their arrears.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Distribution Company has also been petitioned by BC846 residents over failure to connect them to the national grid for more than 10 years.

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