Publisher bridges internet mag gaps

GAPS within the internet have encouraged Simbisa Brands Limited group financial controller Nyaradzo Mushangwe to launch an online magazine that is meant to celebrate women and address unique problems that are being faced by Zimbabwean people.


Sesu, an online magazine published after every two months, looks into career, lifestyle and business to address gaps found online and also as a way of alleviating gender imbalances on the internet by profiling successful and influential women, so as to challenge other women to stand up.

The online magazine, launched in February, addresses unique problems that are being faced by Zimbabweans and offers advice on how to tackle these specific grievances and suggests solutions that are specific to the Zimbabwean business environment such as job hunting among other issues.

Speaking to NewsDay, Mushangwe, who happens to be the founder and chief editor of the magazine, said her personal experience while she was jobless inspired her to create this platform that can help Zimbabweans to network and give pointers on which seminars, workshops and places one can attend or go to.

“There are things that I wish were there when in was navigating my career. I wanted to job-hunt things that are specific to the United States market, but they were not there online in Zimbabwe. Such gaps inspired me to then launch this online magazine that actually addresses our unique problems as Zimbabweans and advise people on these specific issues. At Sesu, we are ready to share this tale of success to make certain that others can be inspired learn and grow,” she said.

“[It is] the online magazine that offers advice on job-hunting, career, lifestyle, business and profiling of influential women so as for other women to stand up and aspire for greatness. It is also a networking platform that is meant to address gender imbalances online.”

Mushangwe acknowledged that even though the project was still at its infancy, in future, she would sell advertising space on the website and reduce the high level of unemployment in Zimbabwe.

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