Provincial executive members dump Nkosana Moyo

THE Nkosana Moyo-led Alliance for People’s Agenda (APA) suffered a huge blow at the weekend after nine of its Bulawayo provincial executive members resigned en-masse, citing a cocktail of problems, including being denied campaign funds to drum up support ahead of this year’s general elections.


In a joint resignation letter addressed to the opposition party’s provincial chairperson, the former executives said they were planning to contest the upcoming general elections under a new coalition of independent candidates, Independent Bulawayo 40.

“We also renounce our candidature under the APA ticket in the upcoming 2018 elections. The reasons for us departing from the party are; there is value in being an independent candidate, more in touch with the electorate on the ground, lack of party funding for candidates, no clear structure within the party especially at national level, no clear road map for the election campaign,” part of the letter read.

“It has been a pleasure and a joy working with people who have a heart and a conviction for a new Great Zimbabwe! We greatly appreciate the leadership and the guidance afforded to us from the party. We wish you and the party all the best in the upcoming elections.”

Those who resigned are provincial secretary-general, Nkosana Mkandla, Mduduzi Ndlovu (organising secretary), Nhlanhla Moyo, Natasha Karimakwenda (youth secretary-general) , Johane Marufu (committee member, disability), an AC Gula-Ndebele (elections strategist national youth wing), Nqobizitha Mabhena (chairperson, Matabeleland North) and Dave Ncube (a member).

Ncube, the IB40 interim chair, confirmed the development yesterday. Ads

“IB40 isn’t a political party, but a movement for independent candidates under the age of 40 running for council seats in Bulawayo. This movement was formed after the realisation that party politics have failed to deliver proper service delivery with councillors more preoccupied with keeping their political positions as opposed to the expectations of the people,” he said.

“Independent candidates have their mandate only to the people of Bulawayo and as such will focus more on the service delivery. IB40 will contest in the 2018 elections for council seats.”

Other IB40 interim leaders are Mabhena, as co-ordinator, Mkandla (vice-co-ordinator), Marufu (strategist), Ndlovu (secretary-general), Karimakwenda (treasurer), and Gula-Ndebele as spokesperson.

“What we stand for are local jobs to be given to local people and separation of council business from party business. We need a clear separation between the city of Bulawayo and Bulawayo City Council, non-partisan residents’ association. We are residents first before being political beings, service delivery affects all of us despite our political association,” Ncube said.

“We need a united residents’ association, non-partisan ward development committees, to establish ward development committees involving all stake holders in the community including, police, teachers, health workers residents to tackle developmental issues in the community, to frequent ward feedback meetings, councillors to conduct frequent feedback meetings on council business, and questions and answers sessions.”


  1. who would want to continue to associate with a clown its all about zanoids and mdct

  2. Another resignation mired in the usual cry for “lack of funds”….how much effort did each of these individuals put to ensure they raise the prerequisite funds? There is a chance that they will fail to deliver on all their “projects” they are promising utopia when they cannot raise enough to start campaigning. Such people can easily be “bought”, in my view.
    They seem to have more excuses than plausible reasons to part ways with Dr Nkosana Moyo.

  3. nkosana idofo rakadzidza dai ari wevanhu kumdc nero ndokuneyese same goes for all the opposition political party hamhuna vanhu full stop kana vakadzi venyu n or vana venyu havasi kuzokuvhoterai educated fauilures

  4. I just wonder. Why aĺl these resignations from all parties and forming new ones.Is this about the country and people or it’s about making a bit of money. How can we have a new party being formed every month.This is ridiculous.

  5. Poor lads thought Nkosana had loads of cash and wanted to dip their fingers. Its a rude awakening to the lazy bastards Nkosana is a smart politician

    1. kabius kekedu

      Both sides are equally foolish.

  6. We have a serious crisis of educated fools in this country. The likes of Nkosana, Thoko, Jonah etc. We expect our professors and doctors to have better reasoning but alas, Chinoz’ reasoning is actually better than them. Bottom line is we want a better Zimbabwe not these personal fights which does not yield anything.

  7. Nkosana makes people want to review what education means. He cant even differentiate between black and white at PHD level.

  8. What makes them think they will succeed as IB40? When it is clear that they were failures in an organised structure. This AC Gula Ndebele fellow is just a high sounding theorist who offers no practical action. The guy is very hungry for political significance and recognition hence his political prostitution with ZimPF, NPP, APA and now IB40. I bet you very soon the grouping will start fighting again.

    They are trying to find significance by copying the POVO group of Harare. Asante sana. Vane basa

  9. Choice of name sounds like a G40 agenda

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