Play on Cuban experience premieres

MY Cuba, a play which promotes Ubuntu by recounting the playwright Ernest Nyatanga and his friends’ experiences in the communist country, while studying there in the 1990s is set to premiere at Theatre in the Park tonight.


The play’s director, Whitney Matiyanga, told NewsDay Life & Style that the theatre piece sought to promote unity among nations, cultural diversity and stressing the importance of music and dances in traditional cultures.

“The story seeks to erase the barriers between Zimbabwe and foreign countries. It seeks to unite nations and do away with racism, segregation, xenophobia and other cultural differences. It promotes cultural diversity and Ubuntu,” he said.

Matiyanga, known in the music circles as Brity Yonly, said she provided music by playing her mbira instrument during the play as a way of promoting the use of traditional instruments.

“The play also shows the importance of music and dance in the Cuban culture because most of their time was spent at parties. Since I’m a musician, I spice up the play by playing my mbira. That also emphasises the importance of Zimbabwean music and traditional instruments,” she said.

Nyatanga said he enjoyed his experiences abroad and applauded the bilateral relations between the two countries.

“The experience was awesome we learnt the Cuban liberation history, culture and salsa dances demonstrated in the play. We also intermingled with other nationalities like Angolans, Mozambicans, South Africans and people from the Republic of Saharawi,” he said.

Tichaona Mudadi, Progress Zimbango, Tarisai Mushangwe, Millander Kaviya, Irvine Chizhande, Linda Joseni and Farai Ruswa also feature in the play.

The Ngoma Yorira Theatre Association production will be staged till Friday.


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