Parly will ensure free, fair elections: Mudenda

SPEAKER of the National Assembly, Jacob Mudenda has said Parliament would ensure the Electoral Act was aligned with the constitution in order to ensure that the forthcoming elections are free and fair.


Speaking during a meeting with a visiting Swedish delegation, Mudenda said Parliament was there to protect the constitution to ensure that the State and its organs act constitutionally, especially during the forthcoming elections.

“Parliament will be playing a big role in ensuring free and fair elections,” he said.

The delegation headed by the president of United Nations Association of Sweden Aleksander Gabelic was seeking to learn how the Zimbabwean Parliament works and the role it plays particularly in the forthcoming elections.

Mudenda said foreign observers were welcome during the forthcoming elections as Zimbabwe wanted the international to have confidence in the country again.

“Our elections were closed for the international community but our President (Emmerson Mnangagwa) has opened them to the international community so that we restore back the trust that was lost. The president is inviting everyone from the United Nations to individual countries to come and be observers.” Mudenda said.

“Another important section in our Constitution is section 149 which allows citizens and permanent residents of Zimbabwe to petition parliament on issues of national interests. They can come up with amendments to the law, to repeal a law or propose new legislation. This shows that Zimbabwe is making big strides in becoming a democratic country.”

Mudenda also said every political party would have the right to media but should refrain from using abusive language.

Garbelic was hopeful that this was a new start for Zimbabwe to show that the country can be trusted by the international committee.

“It was positive to see the high level of democracy and transparency that Zimbabwe is undertaking to ensure free and fair elections. We hope that it will be a free elections and transparent. As a country which had a long term relationship with Zimbabwe we really hope for the best and that it will be a starting point and a new era for the country. Garbelic said.

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