Nurses take Chiwenga head-on

NURSES at public hospitals have approached the High Court seeking nullification of Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga’s decision to summarily expel them from their jobs for participating in the just-ended strike.


The nurses, in their urgent chamber application filed on Friday, argued that Chiwenga had no authority to terminate their employment contracts.

The court application was filed by Kantor and Immerman lawyers on behalf of the Zimbabwe Nurses’ Association (Zina), citing the Health Services Board, Health minister David Parirenyatwa and Chiwenga as respondents.

“On April 17, 2018, we met with the respondents (Health Services Board, Health and Child Care minister Parirenyatwa, and Chiwenga) at the third respondent’s (Chiwenga) offices. Instead of engaging us, the third respondent threatened the leadership of the first applicant (Zina) with violence and ejected the first applicant’s president and secretary-general from the meeting,” Zina’s secretary-general Enock Dongo said in his founding affidavit.

“. . . In terms of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, the applicants have the right to be heard prior to an administrative decision affecting them being made,” Dongo said, adding “. . . the third respondent is not the applicant’s employer. He is not party to the employment relationship between the applicants and the first respondent. He does not have the power at law to hire or fire nurses.”

According to Dongo, prior to their “purported dismissal”, Zina had raised their grievances with the HSB.

“We lack the essential tools of trade and we are exposed to diseases. We also demanded payment of our arrear salaries which date back as far as 2010,” he said adding: “. . . he (Chiwenga) refused to listen to the applicant’s position and demanded that the applicants return to work. We failed to reach an agreement with the respondents.”

Dongo also said although they had not received termination letters from their employer, they knew that such letters had been prepared in terms of the Health Services Regulations, 2006, Statutory Instrument 117 of 2006, hence the decision to approach the court for recourse.

“In terms of the aforesaid regulations, the termination of employment is effective from the date a decision to terminate is made regardless of whether or not the affected employee has been served with such letter of termination.”

The matter is yet to be set down for hearing.

Meanwhile, the situation has returned to normalcy at most public hospitals, including Parirenyatwa Group, Harare Central and Chitungwiza Central hospitals after nurses resumed duties on Saturday.

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  1. its too late nurses Chiwenga won the first round and he will go on to win the second round and the sick will never forgive you for causing untold suffering to their misery and do not forget you contributed to the death of tsvangirais sister point of advise to not dabble in politics you will get fired.

    1. Honestly which country are you from?

      1. dzimbahwe land of milk and honey


    3. Nurses were being used by politics now!!!!

      1. yes sir there infiltrated the represntatives and hence only a paltry 5000 fell for it hook line and sinker

  2. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment…no, its not too late as ED has gone to various countries telling them or was he laying to them that Zimbabwe is open to business. This means rule of law is to be respected and looks like Chiwenga is looking for criminals surrounding Dr David Parirenyatwa, this coup detat mentality which has no place in a civilised society. High court will order reinstatement of nurses. Pasi nejunta

    1. The day you marched and taking selfies with soldiers is the day you killed rule of law forever. Which court can go against Chiwenga? They own Zimbabwe now which is why they call themselves stockholders of the entire country.

      1. Unonyepa iwe there was never RULE OF LAW under Mugabe. Zimbabwe had literally become a police state with roadblock every 200 metres. We are actually now witnessing the rule of law into action for the first time without Mugabe.

  3. Comment…a fleet of motor bikes and campaign cars for ZANU is the only priority for ED. government has no money to pay nurses, teachers and the whole lot of civil servants but they have money for campaigns.

  4. unoda kuti vapihwe marii and why try hold the patients at ransom coz its election long were they getting these salaries otherwise if the govt gives in evry civil servant will be on the streets betta cut their tails be4 they get too long.Yes priority should be on elections coz this is the time and alot of money and effort should be divertedtowards that

  5. handiti aka fire mugabe ko imimi ana pombi yadonha

  6. Comment…only EDiots support Guvheya

  7. Comment…dd Chiwenga wrote u a dismissal letter,NO

  8. Zanu pf is a party build around cruelty and full of useless idiots.

  9. #Generational Approach

    never in our day age shall Zimbabwe be run like a barrack. We respect the constitution and so should everyone else including Guvheya. The V.P post is just too demanding for this “#useless bloody soldier.” Don’t command every situation because some of these genuine issues raised by the nurses need the ear not #JUNTA BARBARISM.

  10. Makutamba ne moto vokomana muchingoisa zvima comment senge VP Chiwenga munhu akangofanana nesu.vene boyz re intelligents umwe anorara avakuseri.Bvunzai Kudzi Chipanga.ini ZIIIIIII

  11. Comment…usatinzwiere tsitsi. Guvheya akabata Gushungo achishandisha chisimba.

  12. You can force them 2get back 2work – but without commitment 2their work, that will amount 2dololo. Chiwenga must work up 2the fact Zimbabwe is not a gigantic barrack – with him a commander in chief of sorts. Civility is an essential quality of any serious political leader – were is your comrade General?

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