No reforms, no elections: Chamisa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa would have to satisfy demands from the MDC Alliance before proclaiming a date for elections, the opposition coalition candidate and MDC-T leader, Nelson Chamisa (pictured) said yesterday.


Chamisa told journalists at a press briefing in Harare that his party would not allow Mnangagwa to run an election if it was not satisfied with reforms.

“Mnangagwa cannot call for an election without the MDC, we have a huge following in this country, probably the biggest support. We will not accept a drama of an election,” he declared.

“It is not for Zanu PF to define the election.

“We are prepared to surrender ourselves before we surrender the people’s will and the values of the liberation struggle based on one man one vote.

“It’s either a free and fair election or no election. I will not tell you what action we will take but make no mistake we will not accept anything less.”
Chamisa said the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) needed re-configuration.

“We have done a forensic audit of who does what in the Zec secretariat and most of these are of dubious credentials, apart from those who of course served the army and left.

“Former members of the military can of course serve in any State institution but there are people from spooky organisations and we must chlorinate them because they contaminate Zec.

“It does not inspire confidence to continue to have them. We will engage Zec, if they want they can share with the public,” he said.

Chamisa said reports that Mnangagwa had deployed the military in rural areas ahead of the elections were true.

“I can confirm that we are receiving reports of people claiming to be from the military,” he said.

“Most of them are stationed in the rural areas undercover as Agricultural Extension Officers or champion farmers.

“They are co-ordinating Zanu PF activities.

“We have heard they are called ‘boys-on-leave’ marshalling traditional leaders into the process of collecting biometric voter registration serial numbers.”

Chamisa said Mnangagwa’s silence betrayed his hand in the military shenanigans.

“It is surprising that President Mnangagwa has not said anything. We have brought this constitutional violation to his attention, but we are worried he has done nothing,” the MDC-T leader said.

“They are threatening a repeat of 2008 and telling traditional leaders that if Chamisa wins, they will be removed.

“It’s now localised intimidation in line with the polling station based voting system.”

While reports indicate political parties, including the MDC-T represented in Parliament had inked a deal on reforms, Chamisa said Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi “was playing games”.

“The minister of Justice (Ziyambi) has told us that the issue of the ballot printing is a security issue,” he said.

“They have not adopted what we have recommended. They (Zanu PF) are stubborn, they want to go back to electoral skulduggery.”

Chamisa said he was saddened by the “people’s sorry predicament” epitomised by the continuing cash shortages.

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  1. ED & zanupf must rescue Zim from the stone age & accept full electoral reforms period, it’s the modern way of doing things & we can’t afford to be left behind with the rest of the world in everything we do


      1. Simba which side are you on. ED is a dictator period and his few supporting army shenanigans. We can’t have hypocrisy in our nation of leaders who speak peace during the day and intimidation during the night. And such politicians have the guts of going to churches crowds to potray a good image they are not. WHAT I KNOW IS THEIR PLANS WILL NOT WORK, GOD WHO REMOVED VAMUGABE WILL REMOVE THEM TOO IF NOT IN A HUMILIATING WAY AND SOME WILL END UP RUNNING AWAY FROM ZIMBABWE LIKE LIKE WHAT THE KASUKUWERES DID.

  2. They had the chance for electoral reforms during the GNU, what did they do? Vakarara ne zamo mumukanwa. Its folly to think that Mnangagwa will enact electoral reforms which will push him out of power. The US and UK are warming up to him and he doesnt feel any pressure to change. Look for another strategy Mr Chamisa. If you boycott there are a 120 more political parties who will contest.

    1. MDC is the biggest party in Zim if Zanu goes it alone then our country suffers legitimacy crisis

      1. Hanyanani…you people overate yourselves. All of a sudden you now want to hold the entire country to ransom in that case you better stop campaigning now because your demands are unrealistic and will not be fulfilled. Your party started campaigning way before everybody now Nero is sensing defeat, he starts to make unrealistic demands. And mukatosara apa matosara zvenyu zve legitimacy crisis murikuzvinyepera, ED’s approach is completely different from RGM. Tough luck its now sink or swim.

    2. You fool,, those 120 + Zanu will still be less than MDC alone. We know some parties are place holders including Zanu PF itself.

  3. Comment…kkkkkkkkkkk kanopenga kava kufema defeat Hana yavakurova

    1. uri mboko haikona

    2. Zviri nane ko vari kuti vakadzi endai kuno vhota musina ma bhurugwa kkkkkkkk ah moti ma leaders iwaya apana kurova hana apa arikuro rowha ne hana ndi ED Handiti its an ilegimate gvt was not voted into power so its a rude awkening ku ZANU PF

      Khupe anpmo funga sei chokwadi ku ungana madzima kuti vamwe kusapfeke ma bhurukwa musi we voting day zviotipa chii izvozvo woti I presidential candidate iyoyo.

    3. Anonymous you have made my day kkkkkkkkkkkkk.have a blessed day.

  4. simbarashe shoko

    kkkkk kava kutya kurumwa negarwe kamfana kaya. Wavakukura musoro manje. Zanupf youths, Wa veterens, our mighty army etc are prpared to destroy any malcontents who want to be given presidency on silver platter. For Zanu pf to give you you flimsy and stupid demands. UN must level the electoral playing field by telling US and its allies to remove its satanic sanctions and pour in ten billion dollars for the resuscitation of the economy. Since 2013 you were boycotting bye elections and what happened? Zanu won all those bye elections including on those seats Tendai Bitis friends had. We now have MDC T Khupe and she will definitely contest and it will mark the death and burial of Dr Nero. You only ant to be the president of Zimbabwe through self election just like what you did to get MDC presidency. Politics hadzitambwi iyoyo mfana. unefa ne BP. You are preparing you own line of impending defeat. You have to know that poll based results are intimidatory since it will be easy to know who voted who, sanctions are intimidatory and unlevel playing field since people would fear continuing of sanctions induced hunger.

    1. Rubbish from a zanu moron.

      1. simbarashe shoko

        mdc duziman fakofu. Benzi kiti dongi imbwa..

  5. But why can’t zanu pf people changes themselves when we knows exactly that doom of failures will never and won’t leave these black gangsters because it is a bloody curse enshrined permanently in them? If a project fails,i have to change my course and take a different route so as to succeed. We can not be kept failed by useless black entities because of their individual aspirations ,yet the world today is at the 4th trillion floor in economic advancement.Selfishness,down with you Zanus.

    1. Its abt MDC ne Zanu Baba, in Zim and remember here in Zim the majority are Blacks go to S.A if u wish to continue with yo racist rants, as black in Zim its difficulties we face as Zimbabweans dt unite us when we overcome, luk at 18 Nov, whats z wrong is wrong stop being racist abt it

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  7. Comment…Looks like cobra is scared stiff of elections after losing the secretary-general post to Mwonzora. He was reduced to an ordinary card carrying cadre before he was appointed V-P without facing elections, now is Mdc-t president without facing elections and he is gunning the national presidency without facing elections. He managed to avoid the special congress but to occupy the statehouse, he must face elections

    1. by the way who voted ED into power? ndiudzewo Bvudzijena

      1. wasangana wese wanoda kutsvaga legitimacy, saka hapana ari nane,
        Chamisa akatiza Congress cz aikwata kurohwa lyk zvaakamboita na Mwonzora akasara awa nobody,
        Chamisa zvekusauya kuma election, Kupa Khupe victory cz wamwe wanongoziwa ruoko,

  8. no reforms no elections, we cant be hoodwinked into participating in a flawed election. The electoral playing field must be level to enable the holding of a free, fair and credible election.Failure to this will plunge this country into crisis of legitimacy.The MDC is a main political party on this land hence its demands must be considered as such.ED has no right to proclaim the election date without consulting other interested political players.Our country needs a free and fair election if we are to attract the much needed foreign direct investment.It must be noted that this coup government lacks legitimacy hence the need to conduct a fair election to restore economic confidence.

  9. Dreaming is allowed as lond as one remembers to wake up.

  10. chamisa woyeeeeeweeeee 2018 pfee pa state house

    1. Muturikwa we Gweru

      Kurota hakurambidzwi. Zvinongokaruka zvauya.

  11. Just say you wont participate who are you to stop the elections besides there more than 100 political parties who want to participate.

  12. sory to ask But wat really are these so called Reforms??As fr the observers Remember Kenya thy said everything was ryt only fr the supreme court to sae otherwise so U see even the so called international community s biased
    Wat m seeing z jus that the opposition z running scared cz ED z ziiii they are trying to provoke him Kkkk tell us abt GNU nwae

  13. What electroral reforms does Chamisa needs to be done. If the MDC Alliance has done a forensic audit of ZEC why cant they mention the names the dubious characters at ZEC. They also need to name and shame the soldiers that have been deployed to intimidate the traditional leaders and villagers. Its either this is done now or Chamisa is just barking.

  14. Zanu PF is not going to make any reforms, these are power hungry people and they want to stay in power. Remember that crocodile said, ‘Ukarota nyika ino isinga tongwe ne zanu pf enda unobika doro ubvunze madzitete kuti hope dzabvepi idzi…..’ This statement clearly explains the people we are dealing with people who have changed our country to a millitary state. So this is open for a positive discussion, What advantage/s do we have as zimbabweans not to go for elections if there are no reforms? Are we not going back to the 2013 era again which has brought us to this? Lets also look at what happened to Kenya what do we learn from that? What is our way forward as a people if there are no reforms. Artwell a Zimbabwean in West Africa

    1. simbarashe shoko

      Reforms. what reforms. cry babies. he fears elections. we all know that. can we say no elections if sanctions are not removed. Eat and dine your sanctions you stupid followers while maroon’s leaders enjoy money from dirty donations.

  15. chamisa is a provocative, stubborn, wayward unresasonable person, tsvangirayi was much better. see how he want to legitimize his own coup of taking the leadership button stick, bark instructions at others, misrepresent the people of zimbabwe by saying mdc is the largest supported party, judging from the bussed people who attend is rallies. i have not read in the constitution of zimbabwe were consensus should be reached to proclaim an election vote. but the constitution stipulates that the sitting president has that prerogative of announcing the date. now he wants to take away that, confilicting with supreme law of the country, oh what a shame!!. yet he claims to be an advocate, why does he not consult mwonzora since he was in the team that penned the constitution. is he trying to show the world of his ignorance of the supreme law, how then is he going to govern when he exhibits such ignorance. again, denygrating the military is a costly thing. he will need to work with these guys since they are the vanguard of security of the nation. if he continues like what he is doing is he not brewing a no confidence agenda on them. is his zimbabwe going to a country without the army, vulnerable to any enemy attach. truly chamisa is child play, no one can take what he is syaing seriouly except they are naive.

  16. We should not accept to be treated to a hoax. Mnangagwa and Mugabe are two sides of the same coin and we cannot expect anything different. Let us say no to a formality and involve all quarters to bring the government into submission.

  17. Umkhonto ka Shaka

    since British like mnangagwa, with or without these so called reforms, they will declare the elections were free and fair and Zanu wins. If the britons come in droves to post election Zimbabwe then who loses Chamisa

  18. Fuck anyone who opposes Reforms they are there to guarantee our votes,we cannot fold our hands when satanic zanu pf stole our votes,,zanu pf yakatisunungura ku mubhunu asi MDC ndoye hudiriro,lets rally behind prosperity.. No Reforms ,no elections 100% behind it

    1. SO if there are no elections then what? Are you hoping for a GNU? Zanu will remain the ruling party until elections are held and they lose. The sooner the elections are held the better.

    2. kennedy muvingi, you are too emotional, it will not bring victory to you but dissapointment only. squarely and frankly speaking , are you suggesting you want to start a war. do it and see how many will follow yu. reforms, chamisa knows are his way of refusing the outcome of this election. he knows, despite the so called rants he make that he will not win this election. so he tries to intimidate zimbos, its like a puppy backing at an elephant.

    3. Just leave our elections in peace, 100+ parties are not complaining, nevertheless Khupe is the ligit leader of MDc t, everything is well

  19. God will not withhold his hand on those who do evil. Zimbabweans have suffered a lot. And this will not repeat. At some point Mr. Mugabe saw himself as a god who could do anything to people against their wish and God Himself reduced him to a simple man made out of dust. Pres ED and some army people must never ever put himself in the same position as va Mugabe did. They must not abuse people particularly the villagers for their are God’s apple eye. They must never think they are above law or above anyone. They must know they have a boss above in heaven. They must know they didn’t get their leadership position out of their own will but God’s will. If they in anywhere treat people and try to manipulate vote this way soon will God in heaven remove them with shame and humilation

  20. i feel chamisa is scared now and seems clueless on how to tackle ED.Dzinonzi politics .

  21. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…”KUKANDA NEKUVHIKA.” Nhai Anonymous, Mandinde, cde Order, Bvudzijena, Simba nevamwe vose. Ndakanzwazve mamwe mapato anokwikwidza kusanganisira ramai Mujuru naMutinhiri vachitaura zvimwezvo. **Nekudaro pane kana hapana zvinoda kugadziriskwa sarudzo dzisati dzaitwa? Hutungamiri madzoro.
    Vazhinji havaisa funga kuti zvakaitika musi wa15 Mbudzi zvingaitika. Dayi tiine maporofita echokwadi dayi vakataura. Chete kuona kwangwawo, HOTO ndidzo dzinonetsesesa munyika. Dayi pakasadzokororwa zva2000-2008 chete. Nekuti ngozi dzinozorambo wanda. Kana pane zvinoda gadziriso, ngazviitwe.
    Kana pasinawo, hapana. Asi mangwana ndinhasi. Nekuti nezuro, vamboti, nhasizve vave kuti mitemo iyo….! Ngayi..
    Ko KUKANDA NEKUVHIKA ka. Primaries, veZANU PF vamwe vachati vabirwa. Zvimwezvo kune vamwewo mapato. ZVIUUYA ZVIRIMBERI.

  22. really think Britain like Mnangagwa,you deserve to have lived in 17th still think poor Mugabe politics is admired internationally.In politics some statements are made to avoid unnecessary conflict.If Britain had said it supported Chamisa,I tell you the whole state media would have been,’Britain this,evil Britain that’ like in the past.least they now know how to deal with the level of your madness and I can tell you are quite happy.soon you will have your reality.

  23. zvighubhu ngondo ngondo

    This is the language that they as opposition parties need to speak. The opposition has been cheated by Zanu Pf for a long time and they need to make a stand. They should never agree to enter the elections if the reforms are not made. What is going to happen is they will force the elections and the country is going to have another illegitimate government. Zimbabweans should see that we are being cheated and unless we rise up to defend ourselves Zanu PF will not legislate to create a fair playing field because the unfairness has been causing them to win.The toxic laws like AIPPA Posa, issues of the media,the Zec are all issues that should be reformed if we are going to have peace and legitimate government in the country. The other opposition parties must not allow themselves to be dragged into elections that they will never win because the playing field is not level. Zanu PF is going to use divide and rule tactics

    1. bogus opposition parties ndozvavarikuto bhandarirwa mari izvozvo asi vachakaruka zvanepamwe vamugabe havaisamboziva kuti zvingaite sekudaro

  24. Its funny how some people choose to ignore reality. Zimbabwe is burning its a fact. People (majority) are languishing in poverty yet others want an extension of the status quo in governance and political leadership. Its absolutely surprising how the so called educated people choose not to see reason and logic. Think about the future of generations ahead of us. Lets not be myopic. Zimbabwe must come out of the mud now. ZANU PF are the main architects of our demise. Change is long over due. Let there be free and fair elections in a very conducive atmosphere for the benefit of us all.

    1. Who said Chamisa can bring Zim out of the mud? If he doesnt want let him go. We ve plenty choices thanlistening to pre school noise

    2. Truth be told am waiting for another party with a better ideology jus lyk EDs, who wl nt b from Zanu Pf, and an opposition dt do not nt mek us suffer by calling sanctions upon us, democracy must not be forced upon by ppl nt Zimbabwean,
      bt as t stands ED has it,

  25. Wezhira wezhara

    These are just rants of scared kids in napkins. Why do you lie that you are the marjority when you do not command a marjority in parliament. With or without Chamisa the elections will go ahead as there are several other political parties to contest. You are not prepared young man and that is why you ran scared of ED. What reforms are you talking about? Name all the soldiers in ZEC or in rural areas campaigning as you allege. Why do you take people for granted? Is Rugeje prohibited from going into politics when he retired from the army. Hanzi kune maPolitical Commissar kkkkkkk. Unopenga Chamisa

  26. Winning strategies which appeal to the literate and analytical registered voters are vital to winning votes. Myopic strategies targeted at rogue youths will just but a pipe dream on the road to state house. Reforms are necessary but them alone will not gunner anticipated voting results.Intelligent analysis of the current situation and coming up with strategic options to address the challenges obtaining on the ground is a more realistic recipe for success than the rhetoric day dreaming. 5 year development plan first to buttress the foundation for take off. Anyone in his or her normal senses will focus on deliberate policy to rehabilitate the infrastructure and issues around job creation. Low hanging fruits are agriculture value chains development and most people can be employed in production, marketing and value addition. For now bullet trains is clear demonstration of lack of capacity and to comprehend basic economic fundamentals to address future prosperity of Zimbabwe, a serious a glaring missing link within MDC Alliance leadership. Empty vessels make the most noise, such leadership will never win elections unless we wind 10 years back.

  27. Morgan Tsvangirai has been saying this about reforms,but has zanu pf reformed? Has zimbabwe changed? Are the people of zimbabwe living in seventh heaven? Zanu pf gave their supporters land,but all these people are doing subsistence agriculture which only benefits holders.Is this economically development for zimbabwean? Why do supporters of zanu pf don’t see where we are heading to? I fought war,but i totally hate evil zanus because they don’t have future and they will never ever talk about future generation because they are visionless,thus why zimbabwe will never get development as long as it is governed by evilness…ZANU PF.Idiots and useless supporters can keep on supporting zanu pf until donkies have horns,but zimbabwe will remain and stay as a junk state.

  28. It’s your flipping right not your not participant, Nelson. You forget that you stole in broad daylight from Mam’Khupe, that affable lady? We have more than 110 options to choose from, including that Wedza-based fellow. That perennial loser. Whatisname? Egypt? Yep, Egypt Dzinemunhenzva is my real man!! A resilient fighter that one. There’s also Vanso Mawarire’s catchy POVO coalition, Mam’Khupe’s MDC and one Botswana-based ex-MDC cleric will be launching his outfit soon. It’s crowded race, Nelson. Options galore!! Incidentally, what happened to NDU?

  29. Can anyone list for me one by one the reforms you are crying for. Phela abanye you are just barking the tired record of reforms without even a clue of what you are crying for and if it makes any sense at all.

    This thing of ex soldiers serving in government institutions, just google how many ex military personnel are in Trump’s administration, it happens all over the world.

    1. Audit of voters roll, fair media coverage, ZDF withdrawing their statement that they wont salute anyone without war credentials etc.

  30. that’s why secondary and primary school elect head boys and girls from the highest stream of students.Imagine the chaos of mis leading a school of a head boy was a grade 3 student.

    chamisa ur age is a similar situation. u will always find it hard to lead,especially at ur age
    the cracks are beginning to show.MDC is falling apart under ur leadership with some executive deflecting to mam khuphe,

    The ruling party won’t even listen to a word u say.

    these are natural laws of life and nature.leadership comes with age.

    grow up little boy, get enough time to mature perhaps ur authority will grow too

  31. Leave the race boy, you were illegally chosen, its a good idea, just leave maKhupe is there bye

  32. Never heard of boycotting working in Africa, even MDC doesn’t uphold it’s own constitution, how then do you demand what you don’t provide? Winning an election it’s about campaigning not self imposing, lets hope it works and if it does, it will be the first in Africa.

  33. KwaBulawayo kushubile

    This young man usurped power using unconstitutional means and has refused to practice constitutionalism within the movement. He should be the last person to cry foul.Now that once again defeat is imminent he wants to impose his nonsense on the people.Those who live by the sword die by the sword, let him get into the race and run with other illegitimate contenders like him.All is fair in peace and in war.

  34. Taura hko, mfana diplomacy dololo, am a student bt ndotombonyarawo kt zvaanobwereketa zvoitwa namunhu wa President hre izvi, unless akasvikodzinga army yese, wc wld b more dangerous,
    Praise the military my guy, the military is a machine, waifana wakazviona last yr, some of ose ppl hev PHDs jus gv em respect yo reign eld b smooth, nobody cn show his or her patriotism unless they join th army

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