Musindo gets backing for command housing

DESTINY of Africa Network (DAnet) says it has secured funding to roll out housing projects in support of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s command housing project.
DAnet founder, Obadiah Musindo said his organisation was targeting to parcel out 25 000 church stands across the country, as part of the command housing project which was launched by government.


The organisation says it has the support of Metropolitan Bank and has also engaged building material supply outlets to help provide materials on credit to members of its cooperatives.

“I do not have the money but I know the people who have the money and how to talk to them so that you can access funding to construct your own homes. We have legitimate stands and these will be given to people so that they can realise their dreams to own homes,” he said.

Speaking at a function attended by church members from different denominations, Musindo said the launch of command housing by Mnangagwa’s administration should spur the need for development and uplifting congregants from poverty.

“The new dispensation led by President Mnangagwa is about uplifting people from poverty and they have come up with mechanisms that make things work, it is with this renewed hope that we will be pushing the programme to give houses to everyone including our church members,” he said.

Musindo was quick to endorse Mnangagwa saying he was the best foot to lead Zimbabweans into economic prosperity and urged Zimbabweans to vote for them.

Meanwhile, DAnet has provided 25 stands to visually impaired people in Mutare.

DAnet Manicaland chairman Wilson Masokowere said most visually impaired people needed care as they survived on begging.

The organisation recently held a dinner as part of efforts to raise over $170 000 needed to construct houses for 10 of the 25 beneficiaries who have special cases.

“We are always grateful with well-wishers who are helping us to build houses for the blind people we helped with stands. The door is open to all who have donations that will help these people to their homes,” Masokowere said.

Addressing delegates at the fundraising dinner Musindo said: “We are assisting these families to have decent accommodation. They came and applied for the stands, we are aware that there are some out there who want to benefit from this scheme and we will assist them when opportunity arises.”

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