Mukanya now back home

CHIMURENGA music maestro Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo landed in the country on Wednesday night ahead of his one-off Welcome Back Bira at the Glamis Arena at Harare Exhibition Park on Saturday next week.


Chimurenga Music Company publicist Blessing Vava expressed gratitude to the fans who thronged the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport to welcome their icon.

“A big thank you to the thousands of Zimbabweans who thronged the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport to welcome legend Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo and his troops the Blacks Unlimited. It is now a reality Mukanya is in Zimbabwe after 14 years,” he said.

Fans will have to part with $150 for VIP and $15 general access, while those purchasing online tickets will pay $100 and $10 respectively, although some have questioned the choice of the venue when the Harare International Conference Centre could have been ideal.

Others were of the opinion that given the fact that the fiery musician has been away from Zimbabwe for many years, it would have been ideal to have a number of shows and questioned Entertainment Republic’s capacity to host a show of Mukanya’s magnitude.

Mukanya, who is holed up at an undisclosed hotel, is expected to make his first official statement today.

A fierce critic of former President Robert Mugabe’s government because of its unflattering human rights record and corruption, Mukanya commands a huge following in his home country.

He has over the years churned out music that resonated with his countrymen at a time when pointing an accusing finger at the government was considered a treasonous act.

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  1. Gandanga back home welcome

  2. Mudhara wedu tomuda ngaauye.

  3. $100.00 for a one night show? Get real, this is Zimbabwe, not USA!!

    1. vip, no problem because we VIP have all your money. $10 for povho, kufadza povho…gandanga radzoka

      1. wauraya enda kumbombera uko

  4. well come back home Mukanya, Mapfumo. Missed you so much. Its now a free & fair Zimbabwe please feel a home. Magona mauya nguva yezhizha, mapudzi, manhanga, chibage, magaka, zviriko. Mange mazvisuwa,

  5. wauya Muchoni wanga warova …urove mkoma Jeri mangwana kumusha .zim is getting better so you also deserve a farm,prophet. Gandanga,the best of the best,nharo hapana.

  6. Auya kuzokutorerai ma2cents enyu odzokera mazimba ndosaka muri dofo akadzidza

    1. tiri kuda kutoitorerwa iwe mbwa

  7. Mazimbo munondikunda $150.00 or $100.00 VIP? Dai zvaitwa nemunhu waMwari yowe-ee zvaitirwei. This is just a musical show no healing no giving to the poor and disadvantaged. Itai inguva yenyu tozosangana pakukohwa.

  8. I don’t have this old man but I will not give him a hero’s welcome. He ran away during hard times living us in problems and he robbed us of his vote. Kwandiri imbwende yadzoka kuzodya zvakasara zvichirimwa nemamwe iyo ivete. If what is doing is for the love of his brothers who remained behind fight for their lives he should do it for free. Arikutodawo mari yenyu yamunotamburira iyoyi.

  9. Kana usina mari yekuenda kushow kweGndanga nyarara iwe full stop

  10. Mari ndinayo asi handina yekutambisa. To me its not a worthy cause

  11. Comment…
    This is a musical show which u are assured that he is going to play unlike at churhes where you pay money after a fake healing orjob promise.Guys it costs a lot to bring an international musician.No one is forced to attend.

  12. I believe Disciple is a former Mugabe CI0. Well, Mapfumo’s music is a prophecy. The message in music he sang long time ago, talks of what happened late last year when we chased Mugabe from state house. True, Gandanga ran away, saka waida kuti amire ma CI0 achida kumuuraya? My question is, will he be able to endure the entire show considering the fact that, age has caught up with him???

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