Mujuru under pressure to join Chamisa

OPPOSITION National People’s Party (NPP) leader, Joice Mujuru is reportedly under pressure from most of her supporters, who want her to ditch the People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) and join hands with the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance, which they contend stands a better chance of winning this year’s elections against Zanu PF.


Highly-placed sources in the NPP said Mujuru had resorted to holding smaller rallies because of lack of resources as pressure mounts for her to join hands with Chamisa.

“The PRC is not something that has given us any momentum ahead of the polls. We have people in that coalition, who claim to be a party but they are not even followed by their own families and this has affected morale in the party. We believe that there can be movement if we join hands with Chamisa,” a member of the party’s Masvingo provincial executive said.

This comes as Mujuru’s entire youth executive led by Lloyd Masiya recently dumped her over the PRC issue.

Contacted for comment, NPP spokesperson, Jefferson Chitando, said Mujuru was not under pressure, but remained open for strategic alliances with all democratic forces.

“We have a resolution by our highest decision-making body to enter into alliances. We have always said the more the stronger and for one to say there is internal pressure, it’s not true,” Chitando said.

He said NPP was ready to work with Chamisa and his arch-rival Thokozani Khupe to dislodge Zanu PF from power.

“We are ready to work with Chamisa as a united front against Zanu PF, which is responsible for this poverty and suffering among our people. We are also ready to join hands with Khupe, they are not our enemies — the enemy is Zanu PF,” he said.

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  1. Although every vote counts, Mujuru is a thorn in the flesh by her domineering character. Without underestimating her support base, she must toe the line if she joins Chamisa’s team lest she throws everything into disarray.

  2. It will be a damn wrong move she need to join ED once a guerilla fighter always a guerilla fighter

    1. Iwe unopenga wie. How can she join hands with the cabal that murdered her husband

      1. give us more details how do we know if she was not involved

  3. Thanks Cruz, people seem to be myopic in understanding the grand plan executed by the junta, first they had to silence The People’s Genaral, then remove the then vice president and next was him gushungo, it was well planned but one thing they can not do is win the trust of the people, that disappeared long back when they wasted a good 37 years with one dictator whom they used to pray like a demi god.

  4. Mujuru is not relevant to the future of Zimbabwe, having been part of the machine that destroyed it for 36yrs she cannot be a solution. And its for the same reason ED is failing and will be kicked out come August 2018.

  5. Ngwena is no longer an enemy of multi- party-ism;the economy,investment,business,human rights,bad policies economic or otherwise, he has declared it! What opposition parties are claiming mere politicking. Ngwena has repented & is now his own man;serious ordinary supporters now are only examining presidential candidates only according the option they offer & trust,otherwise all these candidates are looking in the same direction.The USA has currently elected a 74 year old as president,so Ngwena’s age is of no consequence but his wisdom,tactics& experience to execute the tusks at hand

    1. you are being fooled by the rhetoric and ED mantra of zimbabwe-is-open-for-business. to declare is not to do. actions on the ground speak louder…trip after trip gobling millions of dollars…watching in silence while the health sector is ‘decaying’…no commitment to free and fair election(no implimentation of electoral reforms…deaaling with his emermies in the name of fighting corruption…i can go on. you need energy and ernergy dwells in the young and restless-Generation 40 – to bring back the econome-ngwena is clueless. siyanai nekum=pembedza chitsiga kuti chirikubvira icho chichoipera kutsva.

    2. NICE

  6. Gudo uridofo.

    1. aiwa harisi dofo iGudo chairo brainless

  7. Gudo you are an urgent of the devil

  8. gudo uri zibveni wanzwa uri enermy of change

  9. its a good idea to join him but not to take rule and causing confusion.

  10. Its a pit guys if you think this Zimbabwe is open for business issues seriously. Kuno ku Kwekwe hama dzaNgwena dzakatora Gaika mine from Durationa Gold investors. Makazara makorokoza. Ore iri kututiwa ichiebda kuno gayiwa papurazi rake pa Sherwood. This guy will never repent I bet you. Keep your fingers crossed. The worst things are on the way if we don’t vote him out of power. Muchazoti Mugabe aiva nani.

  11. Comment…please lets respect a change .What are you expecting to receive from Zanu pf if not promises only .Kunyeperwa gore rega rega ngatityirei remangwana redu ndapota hangu .Munhu wese anodaidzwa kuti Zanu pf ngaambo tuta twake abude mu office yeHurumende aende kumusha kwake vanhu vambo farewo munyika mavo

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