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Mujuru promises Dzamara inquiry


FORMER Vice-President and opposition People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) presidential candidate, Joice Mujuru has pledge to leave no stone unturned in the search for missing human rights activist, Itai Dzamara if she wins the upcoming general elections.


Dzamara was reportedly abducted by suspected State security agents in March 2015 and has not been seen despite assurances by the Zanu PF government that it would investigate the matter.

Mujuru, in a 10-pledge summary of her coalition grouping’s election manifesto said: “The PRC government will institute two judicial inquiries on disappearances: One on missing persons such Dzamara and Paul Chizuze, among others and another on the missing $15 billion as well as other illicit financial flows.”

She also pledged to establish a “leaner, more productive, gender and age sensitive Cabinet characterised by a skills mix, experience, technical astuteness and national integration”.

Mujuru, who served as deputy to former President Robert Mugabe for 10 years before her expulsion in 2015 on corruption allegations, said her government would also launch “a war against corruption”.

“The PRC government will fight and uproot corruption, bribery, fraud and theft wherever it might be found. A lifestyle audit on public officials will be carried out at the very outset of the Mujuru-administration,” she said.

“The PRC government will ensure that every child will get free access to primary education. And long term concessional loans will be extended to students in colleges, universities and tertiary institutions,” she said.

In trying to resolve the logjam in the agricultural sector following Zanu PF’s disastorous land reform programme, Mujuru said she would provide “bankable title deeds to A1 and A2 farmers. Former commercial farmers will receive their compensation as per the provisions of the Constitution”.

Zanu PF has been dithering on implementing a constitutional provision that provides for devolved system of government and Mujuru said she will not waste time as well as repeal “repressive legislation, such as the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act as well as the Public Order and Security Act”.

Zimbabwe, under Mujuru, will also rejoin the Commonwealth club of former British colonies and the Rand Monetary Union to resolve the current cash crisis.

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