‘Mugabes must be responsible for own security’

HOME Affairs minister Obert Mpofu has said it is the responsibility of the former First Family to provide security for its private assets, but said the government is ready to step in if called upon.


Grace Mugabe last week bemoaned the reduced number of security personnel accorded her family after she alleged gold panners had invaded her Mazowe farm.
Grace alleged the panners had destroyed irrigation equipment, and stolen laptops from her Mazowe orphanage, claims dismissed as false by the Home Affairs minister on Sunday.

Asked to comment on Grace’s cries over reduced security personnel at her properties, Mpofu said it was the former First Family’s duty to provide security for its private assets and companies, but said his ministry “will only step in after assessing the situation”.

“I want to assure the nation that the security services currently verifying and rationalising the security around the assets and the projects belonging to the former First Family and we want to assure the public that the concerns that have been raised by the former First Family will be speedily attended to with a view to providing enough security in areas that deserve to be secured,” he said when asked during a Sunday Press conference.

Asked to clarify which areas deserve to be secured, Mpofu said: “There are areas of a private nature; these are areas to do with private assets, private companies and I think it is really the responsibility of those owners of private entities to provide security.

“But there are some areas that will require security, which our security will advise on and we will provide security to those areas, but you know, we don’t really know which areas are being referred to as I speak. But as we are advised for the need on areas that the former First Family will require security from government, we will do so as gazetted by the State, we will do so.

“If it is a question of insufficient security, which is also an area we will be dealing with.”

Mugabe’s family has complained of alleged political persecution after the resignation of the former strongman, Robert Mugabe in November last year, citing, for example, the downsizing of security personnel.

Mpofu said the decision to “reduce the deployed personnel to the former First Family to a total of 16 police officers … was guided by Statutory Instrument (SI) 153/2017.”

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  1. This fat cat is an unashamed thief and should not have been retained as a minister.

    1. saka unoti 16 mapurisa mashoma here pasi na Grace hure

  2. We do not care what happens to some of the private assets as there were ill gotten and Obert please do not abuse state funds by providing unwarranted extra security let alone comment about the now forgotten First Family

  3. No ways, we cant have our taxes to be wasted by people protecting assets that were stolen from us in the first place, that’s ridiculous. If they must protect the loot they must do so at their own expense

  4. What is the problem here? If Mugabe’s companies, just like all other duly registered companies want security, there are a lot of companies providing that security at a cost of course unless Mugabe and his wife are trying to tell us that in addition to the generous pension given to them they also want the government to take care of running costs of their businesses as well, eg proving them with the raw materials, paying all their workers, electricity, security costs etc.

    In short the former first family believed and still believe that they are entitled to be carried around by Zimbabweans because it is “their Zimbabwe” we are talking about.

  5. The once obedient son rebelling against his father

  6. I really think that the ex President, his wife and sons syphoned off enough money to be able to afford to pay for their OWN security!
    Money is needed for more important things such as teachers and schools, nurses and hospitals and medicines and equipment!

    1. Agree with you 100%. They have enough money to PAY for OWN security. 16 Police officers and they still complain. Do they want the whole Police camp at their properties? GRACE UNOPENGA UNOPENGA. We can not afford to waste money on you when the nation is suffering, Radiology machines etc are not working and people are dying daily. UNOPENGA; UNOPENGA

  7. Makwingwiziri Masvuku

    They are used to all these freebies. Unless the abuse of public resources has stopped with the so called new dispensation, public resources have always been abused by chefs with reckless abandon. These abuses perpetrated by and from the least of them burdens the little tax base the country generates. If the new dispensation is to be believed, genuine cost cutting measures, eliminating unnecessary expenses incurred by the lean fiscus and stamping out corruption should have started by now. Anyway, being a fence-seater, I will give then time and the benefit of doubt for now.

  8. vasiyei tivarakashe

  9. What security when you claim the people loved you and supported you willingly and still continue to love you? Leaders or former leaders who are loved by the people do not need security against the people who love them. Look at Ian Khama who plays football in the open and goes safari hunting in the bush with no problems – go ahead and do the same!

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