Mugabe robbed again

FORMER President Robert Mugabe reportedly lost 119 laptops and seven desktop computers from locked containers at the Polo Grounds adjacent to Zimbabwe House.


It is understood the theft was discovered on Tuesday, when the Mugabes were moving their belongings from Zimbabwe House to their private residence in Borrowdale.

Former First Lady Grace Mugabe made a police report on the same day under case number CR110/04/18, with a detective Nyabonde being the investigating officer.

“They broke into three containers using a bolt cutter,” a source said.

“The containers had personal belongings of the (former) First Family.

“When Mugabe resigned after the military intervention, the former First Family was asked to remove their belongings and because of limited time, some of the items were left in containers at Polo Grounds next to the presidential helipad.”

It is claimed the computers were meant to be donated to schools.

Police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said she had left the office, when she was sought for comment yesterday, but she said she would look into the matter.

Repeated efforts to contact her later were fruitless, as her mobile phone was no longer available. On Thursday, Charamba had said she knew nothing about the case and asked that she be called yesterday. Grace’s lawyer, Walter Chivore of Chivore and Partners law firm confirmed that the former First Lady had filed a police report.

Last month, the Mugabe family claimed to have lost laptops at the Mazowe orphanage home, attributing the theft to gold panners, who had invaded Smithfield Farm, whose ownership was being contested.

But Home Affairs minister Obert Mpofu dismissed the reports as false, claiming there was a land dispute with artisanal miners, while the computers were stolen some time back and the culprits, who were employed by the Mugabes had been arrested.

However, the Mugabes insist that about 35 laptops were stolen from the orphanage, eight of them on March 2 and the matter was reported to the police under case number CR25/03/18 and the investigating officer was identified as a Constable Shirichena.

Twenty-seven computers were allegedly stolen on March 12 and the matter was reported again at the Mazowe Police Station and the investigating officer was identified as Detective Gondo.

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  1. What goes around comes around! You steal from the people, the people steel from you!!
    If the intention was to donate them why put them in containers?? Just donate them straight away! I think they were expecting to be reinstated!!

  2. Chen Chikezha

    How many laptops did they have and for what, they have had laptops stolen at their orphanage and now at Zimbabwe house, a total of more than 200!!! Surely something is not right somewhere but am not sure where.

  3. Well, I doubt if the money used to purchase these computers was personal. The chances are they were state property and duty was likely not paid. Theft is a crime hopefully the Police will do their duty.

  4. Mugabes are crazy

  5. Kubirwa kunorwadaza

  6. Comment…what goes around comes around. It clear that the people are revenging the evils Mugabe perpetrated. And Mugabe created a partisan and inefficient corrupt police. He will now feel how it is like to report a case and nothing much is done. I bet the same police will soon be stealing from him too. The partisan army is also suspect. who wld dear steal near statehouse?

  7. I don’t see anything wrong from stealing something that was stolen.

    1. zvinhu zvekudaro hazvidi kudaro

      1. TOOO MUCH

    2. zvinhu zvekudaro hazvidi kudaro

    3. Comment…predator..kkkkkkkk u made my day

  8. next time vamugabe vachabirwa mukadzi

    1. Anogara akabiwa uyo kkkkk

  9. bazaswaba

  10. Comment…Grace where do u get mney to buy tht staff we r struggling bcz of u demetie we r tired wth u nd l wnt to hear yr stories bring bek our minerals nxaaaaa


  12. Am in need of a laptop please when you donate asara acho remember me


  14. zvenhu zvekudaro hazvidi kudaro pidigu dii kuseka kikikikikikii

  15. yaa l am very sorry for the incident .butzvodawo kuonekwa kuti fuma iyoyo yakauya sei,nekuti mweya wakaunza zvinhu ndiwo uchakudya,zvaunodyara uchazvikohwa

  16. I am sure there were keeping those laptops for their future grand children and their great grand children kkkkkkk mbavha idzo dzabirwawo zvino

  17. Bhutsumutandarika

    I am certain their intentions were to keep those laptops for their grand and great grand children, kkkkkk,mbavha idzo dzabirwawo zvino

  18. aiwa ava havasi kubirwa asi kuti vanhu are taking back what belongs to them clandestinely as the loot was also kept in containers clandestinely. tit for tat, fair game

  19. hakusi kubirwa uku. pple are taking back what belongs to them clandestinely just like the loot was kept in containers clandestinely. tit for tat fair game

  20. Chatunga Chimwe Chii?

    I don’t think this is a robbery as reported. The essential elements of robbery must include threats of violence to induce fear into the victim in order to take away from them.The editor must have done something to ensure true reporting.

  21. Comment…the police must do a thorough search on the mugabes & donate anything that can be donated . Otherwise another headline will scream “ANOTHER 500 LAPTOPS STOLEN” kkk

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