Mugabe freezes self out of Uhuru

FORMER President Robert Mugabe reportedly rejected an invitation from his successor President Emmerson Mnangagwa to attend this year’s Independence Day celebrations in Harare yesterday.


It was the first time since independence that Zimbabwe celebrated freedom from colonialism without Mugabe leading the proceedings.

“He was officially invited, but refused,” NewsDay heard.

Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba said Mugabe had initially indicated he would attend.

“Every Zimbabwean was invited to the celebrations, including those in the opposition and former government,” Charamba said.

Asked if there had been an official invite to Mugabe specifically, Charamba said Mugabe should be allowed to rest.

“I think people are expecting too much. It is not possible for the former President to be expected to take an active role in national issues a few months after the changes (of government). He needs to rest and he is 94.

“Another thing is he flew back into the country a few days ago from Singapore,” the presidential spokesperson said.

Charamba said Mugabe had advised government last month that he would be travelling to the Far East for medical attention.

“On March 19th the former President advised the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Misheck Sibanda in a handwritten note that he was due for medical check-ups.
“He said ‘We will be in Singapore where we shall remain until 15 April. We then return home to arrive on the 16 April in time for independence celebrations’. So you can see he is aware of everything and not locked out,” Charamba said.

In February, Mugabe, who was ousted in November last year after a military intervention, snubbed celebrations to mark his 94 birthday and stayed away from the public eye on a day set aside as a holiday to honour him.

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  1. It was not necessary to invite the very old man, let him rest. He never missed it for the past 37 years, just imagine. I support him for not attending UHURU

  2. Comment…ED must celebrate his idependence on18 or 24 November and not 18th April. Pasi nejunta

  3. Comment…chamisa chamisa chamisa chamisa chamisa chamisa our hero, chamisa has my vote!!

    1. hero for what? What has he done


      2. What has he done? He has awakened a sleeping nation that had its dreams shattered over 38yrs of corrupt misrule and he has given people hope to be more than just praise worshipers of a false god called Zanupf. A false god that has had uninterrupted freedom to plunder, rape, murder and destroy Zimbabwe for the past 38yrs. Yes Chamisa is a hero to many because he has inspired Zimbabweans to think beyond the village mentality of tribalism and the bigotry of low expectation.

  4. Mugabe would not have attended as he is now an ordinary citizen experiencing the harshness of life in Zim and has now realised that ‘its not yet uhuru’. Independence is availability of affordable housing water electricity services to ALL citizenry. Independence is sustainable economic growth where a healthy and educated populace participates as a worker or employer. What we have in Zim is political independence and citizens should not be forced frogmarched to celebrate it it happened for 38yrs now it feels like forcing people to celebrate the sunshine thats abundant in Zim weather patern. Its misplaced priorities when a government gobbles millions in one-day celebrations when the health delivery system is in ‘intensive care’

  5. The Mugabe we know will never have anything to do with anyone who has embarrassed him in life, he is a master of keeping grudges for life

  6. Those who still enjoy listening to Mugabe’s meaningless and selfishness driven speech must visit him at his blue roof mansion not to invite him to public domain.

  7. Chamisa is our hero who is going to get the opportunity to prove his heroism come 2018 election aftermath.

  8. As far as the ex-tyrant Mugabe is concerned Zimbabwe ceased to be “independent” on the 15 November 2017. To him it’s as bad as colonised again by the whites.
    Mugabe must be crying in his tea.

  9. it’s not predecessor. President Mnangagwa is Mugabe’s successor. chirungu chakaoma vakomana!

  10. It is an eternal verity to see Mugabe as part of the gabbage not as a complainant, i rthink he is still smarting from the wounds of defeat he is the worst idiot here on earth . He forced many of us to eat his shit . Go and rest Mugabe pasi neweee

  11. Comment…musawara richauya svikiro renyu rokuudzai sezvarakamboita kuti garwe ngariende mumvura paraka svika vamugabe vakatadza kuita nenguva saka izvi zvenyika yedu bvunzai masoja akarivona parufu rwa nhongo rakamaudza kusvika patiri nhasi


  13. But Charamba anowanza.Akuti Mugabe is 94 and he needs to rest but aisazviona here nguva yese iyi? But iye Mugabe wacho naGucci Grace vanonyarawo. Vaisvoredzwa dai vakaendako ku celebration yacho.

    1. He had done a lot for Zimbabweans,he must be remembered all the tymz

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