Mudenda urges Parly to hold executive to accountability

Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda speaks at the Zimra parliamentarians workshop at Rainbow Towers Hotel yesterday

SPEAKER of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, has urged the local legislature to take a cue from South Korea’s parliament and be able to take on the executive on issues of accountability.


Mudenda made the remarks when he met South Korean ambassador to Zimbabwe, Cho Jaichel, in Harare yesterday.

“I also commended the ambassador about their parliament in that they demonstrated to be one of the strongest parliaments in the world, in so far as exercising oversight over the executive. It is now common cause that they have managed to bring to book two of their former presidents, who have been made to account for their performance in public office, resulting in their arrest.

“We would want to take a cue from the Parliament of South Korea so that we can also exercise our oversight responsibility as the Parliament without fear or favour and that requires courage and fortitude by the Members of the Parliament to stand up and ensure that there is accountability in the public affairs of the country,” he said.
Mudenda called for the formation of the Zimbabwe-Korea Parliamentary Association, which would see the two countries share best practices in parliamentary systems through the exchange programmes.

Cho pledged to strengthen the relationship between Zimbabwe and South Korea.

“My government and the people of Korea are trying to share experience both economically and culturally. I was happy to see more and more co-operation between our two countries. My government and the people of Korea are ready to corporate,” Cho said.

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  1. Yes indeed Mr Speaker, it should be public knowledge how much is ED and his hangers-on are given for every trip, how much they spend and how much they bringback (i doubt they do) Sofar with less than 5months in office ED has done 13 foreign trips the latest one being to China on chartered Plane with 10 ministers. We alll know its a comrade holiday on taxpayers money and that they get cash-allowances for these trips it becomes an ease way to siphone money from poor unsuspecting citizenry. These foreign trips are useless as long as there are NO political electoral and economic reforms Europeans and Chinise WILL NOT ACTUALISE any of those deals

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