Mubaiwa’s naivety, duplicity must stop!

THAT Dynamos Football Club is one of the country’s biggest club is not in doubt. Others in its league are Highlanders and Caps United, among many, but the way football is governed in this country leaves a lot to be desired.

Perhaps this is why Dynamos executives and those of other football clubs always seem to act against the welfare of their players.

What they demand are results, accolades and generating more revenue but are not keen to deal with the welfare of their players.

This could be a reflection of bad governance by the country’s football leadership. There are also numerous examples of domestic football club owners acting against the long-term interests of their teams and players either out of naivety or duplicity.

While this has always been a part of the game, the financial stakes could be much higher now — the temptations and opportunities greater; and the falls more precipitous.

We believe the story of Dynamos striker, Christian Epoupa Ntouba, is a sad one, regrettable and pitiable given the sponsorship the team gets annually.

In fact, Dynamos president Keni Mubaiwa has shown that he does not care about the welfare of his players, and his utterances on Sunday betray a character not to be trusted with the development of the sport in this country.

Elsewhere in this paper, we have a story exposing how he knew about Epoupa’s position regarding his signing-on fees, especially that he returned the NetOne SIM card with the $5 100 deposited last Thursday.

Yet, Mubaiwa, with a straight face, went on national television, where he accused the player of playing games. Mubaiwa must be serious. He needed to have apprised NetOne of the new developments than to go on air to mislead the multitudes of football lovers.

NetOne must censure Mubaiwa and his Dynamos because if administrators of this calibre are not stopped, they risk soiling their brand in the long-term. NetOne was sold a dummy by Dynamos when they knew that their story about Epoupa was not accurate.

What is sad is that Epoupa’s predicament is the same, with most of the players plying their trade in this country, whether from foreign countries or local.

No wonder why whenever they are injured or retire from the game, they are not able to look after themselves. Talk of the legendary Friday Phiri (late), George Shaya and Ronald Sibanda, among many others.

Any right-thinking Dynamos supporter or any football lover would support Epoupa and many other unsung heroes deprived of their livelihood by corrupt administrators of the game.

It is our hope that the football administrators should understand that football is a profession and that Epoupa, like any other footballer, normally use these earnings to prepare for future well after their playing years.

It is no longer a pastime. In Europe and elsewhere football players are business people and investors of repute.

Clearly, this can only happen if we have focused administrators of the game, not the crop that are in charge of local football. At what point will our football administrators take responsibility for their extortionist behaviour?

These youngsters plying their trade locally need to look after their families and must not always be condemned at the whim of football administrators, who might lack or have no knowledge of the game at all.

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  1. Problem is our football is run by people whose prominence came through gambling (kukiya kiya). True or false there was no need for Mubaiwa to say all he said. Professional statement should have beeN….”As Dynamos we are grateful to NetOne and are happy we are back to terms with Epoupa”.

  2. We urge sports reporters to refrain from issuing misinformed reports to the public.Until such time we have Epoupa,Sengwe,Netone’s Muchenje nad Mubayiwa sitting side by side to issue an official statement on what really transpired,then all that we are being told are just misguided statements.Mubayiwa might be having his weaknesses as poor administrator but we cannot run away from the fact that there are employers who taking advantage of the delicate financial position to muscle contracted players out of this instituion whilst PSL and Zifa keep watching.

  3. Please don’t blame the media. Newspapers give report of what is going on according to details availed to them. They dont just keep investigating stories when the source is reliable. Our anger should be vented on Soccer administrations that take our football for granted. The welfare of every soccer player in this country is at Risk. These young players are just used as toys with a player spend whole yr playing without any payment. Many clubs are faltering on Payment of signing on fees, winning bonuses yet soccer is both employment and bussiness where we expect to see professionalism. Dynamos should not continue run like tuckshop. Players disgruntlement every yr??. Every player have own rights to be protected and they can make good money out of it if they respect their player rights in their contracts.Huori nenjuka ndiwo admin acho and young talents will be wasted. ZIFA AS THE MOTHER OF THIS ROT MUST SHAPE UP.

  4. Kenni Mubaiwa is just but a disgrace. Ukaona vari tezvara vako ma1. Where have you seen a professional person who wears zvima chains zvekupenga zvekuma purazi

  5. dynamos ini handisi wedynamos asi problem yakatanga panaMugabe the rest is history but we have a chance to make the wrongs right simply by the power of one man one vote imagine dynamos supporters only voting for nero kuzoti highlanders caps nedzimwe ko kuzoti mauniversity,mayouth,ana baba nanamai,anagogo nana sekuru

  6. Tsek wako g40. Ini handisi kuvhotera Nero wako iyeye.

  7. Social media guru

    Wakamuka uchifunga politics everyday sekuti achahwina wacho ndibaba vako uchazvisungiririra daddy vako vadyiwa.nangananga nepolilitics pese pese.vamwe muchanyengerwa vakadzi gore rino mozoblema politics.

  8. you say my story will not be published because u want us to toe the line?

  9. Mubayiwa is craze Ntoupa is craze a cameroonian coming to play soccer in Zim and expect USD in country where every worker is getting bond coins is madness. he failed in RSA meaning he deserves the bond notes but then Mubayiwa must also pay these bond notes

  10. Maraha Knoxman


  11. There is no factual reporting in the current pool of the electronic and print media. Always biased towards the interest of the reporter, the owners and the reporter. It is fact that media is business and an eye catching story pays more whether fact or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. How can Keni mubaiwa take care of the players whilst he failed to take care of his daughter who goes around semi naked

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