More defections hit NPP

FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s opposition National People’s Party (NPP) has been hit by another wave of resignations in Mashonaland West, where two senior provincial executives resigned last week in protest over alleged imposition of candidates ahead of this year’s watershed elections.


Among those who resigned are youth provincial chairperson, Shepherd Masotse and Chinhoyi district chairperson, Danson Mapfumo. This comes after another Mujuru ally and former NPP Mashonaland West national council member, Marian Chombo, rejoined Zanu PF early this year.

Mapfumo said he resigned after the party’s national leadership imposed South Africa-based Lessily Mhanga to represent NPP in Chinhoyi constituency.

“Yes, I resigned because of imposition of candidates in the party in the coming elections. For example, they want to impose Lessily Mhanga, who is based in South Africa, in Chinhoyi constituency against the will of members in Chinhoyi. These guys never learn. Zanu PF fielded Philip Chiyangwa from Harare and lost the elections in 2013, what more someone from as far as South Africa?” queried Mapfumo

Masotse said NPP leadership lacks direction and questioned their sincerity in removing Zanu PF from power.

Masotse said he was not happy with funding party programmes in the province whenever leadership visits. Ads

“I thought when Amai Mujuru formed this party she was serious, but have experienced something else … we use our own resources to do party activities as they continuously say the party has no funds. They are going nowhere,” he said.

But NPP Chinhoyi district spokesperson Admire Chisungo defended the decision to field Diaspora-based candidates.

“There is nothing wrong in fielding members in the Diaspora if they meet the criteria. The candidate in question is in the local structures and has been coming back to vote in every election. He is constantly in touch with what is happening back here,” he said.


  1. kkkkk you have been together for the past donkey time and you have just pulled out recently .It is you who can tell us the sincerity of the party in removing Zanu not us …kkkkk

  2. The two Mapfumo and Matsose did not resign from the party but people unanimously agreed for them to be expelled on a meeting held at Chinhoyi in Mzari on 7 April 2018 on allegations of corruption and fanning factionalism !! the two for a long time could inflate charges for Hall bookings and convert the reminder to their personal use which made the party to lose a lot of money on the process !! Mapfumo as NPP Chinhoyi District Chairman could go an extra mile by failing to account for money paid on membership cards !! So its unfortunate that after being expelled they say they resigned from the NPP !!

  3. inga ibhasikiti raTizirai uko rinorukwa,ukurinorudunurwa.

  4. Comment…you leave nnp to zanu bad to waste come to us,Chamisa has my vote! What im saying is what all zimbabweans want bhora Chamisa bhora!Chamisa has my vote

  5. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Zvirikuitika kumapato ose ezvematongerwo enyika izvi. Zanu PF, kuManicaland vaitiwo bhora musango kana mudziva. Dzivarasekwa MDC-N yakanziwo ipe structures ayo arimunzvimbo iyi, mushure mokunge MDC-A yati MDC-N ndiyo iyise mumiririri
    munzvimbo iyi. Nekudaro, apana musha usina zvawo mupato ose emunyika ezvematongerwo enyika. Huhwenya kwese siyanayi naho. Gonyerayi pamwe mukunde kana mukundwe zvakanaka, anditika hamawe. Munhu wese kumba kwake, mogadzirisa zvekwenyu. Apana musha usina nhunzi. Zvivayi izvozvo.

  6. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakohurudohamandishe

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  7. The candidate in question is in the local structures and has been coming back to vote in every election. He is constantly in touch with what is happening back here,” he said
    maElection api???

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