Mnangagwa to trim Cabinet

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa (pictured) has warned he might soon be forced to trim his Cabinet, revamp various government departments and appoint powerful executives to run parastatals to improve service delivery and drive his “Zimbabwe is open for business” mantra.


Presidential spokesperson, George Charamba, disclosed his boss’ new thrust in a lengthy article published in the State-run weekly Sunday Mail, titled ED strategy for Zim’s recovery, where he said the government’s structure was a threat to “ease of doing business”.

“I am very clear about one thing current ministries, both in structure and temperament, cannot be the panacea to this old age challenge,” Charamba wrote.
“We need a new institutional framework, arguably akin to what we saw in Rwanda.”

He said the proposed far-reaching reforms would seek to address policy inconsistencies, among ministries, which have rocked the government in the past years scaring away investors in the process.

“Zimbabwe is disabled by a negative risk profile. This stems from past policy volte faces or shifts and from our poor debt servicing record,” Charamba said.

In a clear sign yet that some career ministers might face the boot, Mnangagwa’s spokesperson said there was need for a clear mind set shift if Zimbabwe is to dream again.

“There is a dire need for institutional reforms, for new mind sets if this nation has to regain belief in itself again,” he wrote.

Charamba said Mnangagwa wanted to implement the Rwanda way of doing business, where instead of appointing ministers, powerful parastatal bosses at the same level as Cabinet ministers would directly interface with investors to speed implementation of investment deals .

“There, one supremely executive and overriding institution deals with investors, deals with them from start to finish all in 24 hours.

“This ‘corporatised’ executive authority led by a CEO, who is at par with Cabinet ministers, and who reports directly to Cabinet, passes for a one stop shop, which decides on everything an investor requires to speedily set up shop,” he said.

Since his appointment in November last year, Mnangagwa has reversed a number of policies introduced by his predecessor, former President Robert Mugabe, among them the indigenisation policy, which he dismissed as “mere rhetoric which has not helped anyone since it was introduced”.

“Key to understanding this broad strategy of many initiatives is appreciating that President Mnangagwa is reframing the national question beyond the rhetoric of liberation struggle and land reforms,” Charamba said.

He trashed the Indigenisation Act, describing it as a “sweet lie that left the nation starving and brought no benefit”.

“Until now our resources were hermetically sealed – a subject for idle, rumbustious boast – ever guarded by a highly efficient ‘army’ of ‘ragged trousered’ (sic) nationalists, who had no compunction in letting Zimbabweans starve while ‘feeding’ them with the twin alibi and sweet lie of ‘indigenisation’ and empowerment,” he said.

Zanu PF won the 2013 general elections with its campaign anchored on indigenisation and economic employment, where it pledged to create 2,2 million jobs, but failed to make good on its promises.

Charamba said Mugabe “put off investors and left Zimbabweans with a lot to think about and nothing to show for it”.

“For that reason, the old dispensation gave Zimbabweans lots of food for thought, but hardly any for the stomach, to use the late Achebe’s acerbic phrase.

“It is the bureaucratic temperament, which has not only put off investors, but has bred a corrupt, anti-business outlook for which we have paid dearly,” he said.


  1. Comment…chamisa is on da way guys forget about this empty promises! 38years now preaching lies yeye we will create 2 million job where are the jobs,instead you created 15 millions suffering in our country,im warning you zanu pf know one could vote for you mark my words,those who prented to support you are playing with your minds,there know once the vote you in power 2 weeks times the country would be ruins,mashonaland,matebelaland lets be together and vote this coup gvt out of power enough is enough guys zanu pf must go!

  2. it was noted form the word go that a lot of deadwood had been roped into the current government and this will be a step in the right direction, what can you expect from the likes of supas, july moyos, the gumbos of this world etc fire and replace

    1. The whole ZANU is deadwood. Nothing new can come from the old. ED in China told us he wants a communist country like China. Damn the same Communist polices over 38 years have killed the country and led Zimbabwe to be one of the poorest countries in the world.


        1. there is no mugabe constitution,there is zimbabwe constitution which the majority 98% voted for.

  3. The man must explain himself in simple terms. Keep it simple and act simple and get results. Even professors do not express themselves as mininglessly as this. Let us grow up

  4. go for change Mr president

    1. We are going for elections in four months time. There is no time for this nonsense; after all he will lose the elections and there will be a new President!

  5. It doesn’t matter what system is used by Zanu PF – incompetence & corruption is so rampant from top to bottom, that’s why they beat up people instead of enticing them to their party through discussions. They are used to utilizing brawn instead of brains.
    If corruption is unchecked, what guarantee is there that this “powerful corporate CEO” is not just another zombie placeholder who is corrupt and inefficient?

  6. So ED is only realising this now? The inconsistencies from day 1 from ED are telling, breaking making bad decisions and then having to correct them, the back flipping, forward flipping you name it. Waste of time and resources. Know who to vote for. A message to ED…”The Voice of The People is The Voice of God”…the people will have the final say…


  7. You Charamba are the one who was peddling this “SWEET LIE”. Mnangagwa’s worst mistake was to keep such long discredited propagandists. He will pay dearly ……for the likes of yourselves & the Reubeb Barweees of this world.

  8. looking for my dictionary

  9. Comment…guys I have been in rural areas zanu PF is busy forcing ppl to give headmam registration serial number and they told if you vote mdc we will catch you thru that serial number. I was shocked bcz most rural ppl fear zanu PF and they will vote ed due to such tactical approach ….zanu chiwororo ungaidii iwo vachiti masoja ndeedu …mdc must be very vigilant order to win.

    1. ed ndizvo yeeee

  10. Pfuurayi Vamwevatongewo

    Does the prez have any philosophy? When in Rwanda he wants to mimic Rwanda, when in China, he wants to mimic and even wants to sell the country to the Chinese. I hope he doesn’t go to DRC and Burundi and comes home preaching to emulate those. ED is as confused as a caged monkey, totally clueless, and woe to all those whose vote would go to him.

  11. It is action that is required. Only time will tell.
    The country has incredible potential …… !!!

  12. One thing I like Mnangagwa for is that he does not waste time barking but he acts.Now its the trimming of cabonet.ED has my vote

    1. he has been barking for the past 37 years

  13. As long as your keep your thieving relatives as parastatal bosses you bound to fail, get rid of them or the electorate will get rid of you.


    too late E.D you are part of the old regime that needs to hit the road besides you are full of bull****

  15. I totally agree that there is urgent for restructuring, bringing successful CEO to replace permanent sectretaries and CEOs of institutions like ZIA where the CEO has been there since time immemorial. Institutions like ZESA, ZimTrade, NRZ etc need complete overhaul.

  16. There is no new thing here. ED can not blame Mugabe. They were in it together so he was part of the problem.
    What we need is new people who were not involved in the past regime. Bringing back people like July Moyo and tell us its a new dispensation is a big lie. Some of you guys have been in the Government for the past 38 years and you can not distance yourself from the current mess. You gained as individuals

  17. At least his acting,that’s all that counts.

    keep up the good work Emmerson.I doubted u at first,but now I see u really being pragmatic and correcting ur mistakes.Never mind wat some of these doubting thomas’s say.

  18. Kuwiriranakwanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Ichokwadi, Makurukota enyu
    akawandisa. Ini ndinofunga kuti, gumi nevashanu chete. Uye yeukayizve kutapudza constituencies, MPs akawandisazve. Ngaasvike paZANA.

  19. But ED& TEAM seem more tactical & experienced now than the amateurish Chamisa,who is doing the rounds around the country only pretending & lying;making outlandish claims which have no reference to the practical capability of the economy which is supposed to finance his adventures at state. Chamisa’s amateurism will definitely cost the nation

  20. Who appointed that Cabinet

  21. Very interesting. Zimbabweans ready to be fooled again. Help me GOD

  22. Hapana hapana apa still look east policy china china tanga tinayo kubva rini hapana chavanoita ava. I only blame the Zanu pakuty nyika haitongwi neasina kurwa hondo.ko isu tisinna kikasara what then .these are lies they only talk without implementing we are tierd of this Zanu pf they hv wasted our tym help us Lord

  23. Ini Chandinoziva Ndechokuti Even After The Polls, Shumba Vanenge Vari Panyanga. Have You Ever Tried To Imagine Phillip Valerio Sibanda Achiti Kunanelson: Your Eccellency Advocate Chamisa, Our Commander In Chief Of The Zimbabwe Defence Forces! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Inga Zvinoshura. If Wishes Were Horses Begars Would Ride.

  24. Hapana hapana apa still look east policy china china tanga tinayo kubva rini hapana chavanoita ava. I only blame the Zanu pakuty nyika haitongwi neasina kurwa hondo.ko isu tisinna kikasara what then .these are lies they only talk without implementing we are tierd of this Zanu pf they hv wasted our tym help us Lord just put plain ground free and free elections we need they will Regret

  25. Comment…ED une vanhu vakawanda vanotenda kuti ndiye unogona kusunungura nekuvaka zvakaputswa nevaive pachigaro. Some few individuals still questions of the worthiness of our new dispensation in Zimbabwe, but we have no reason to worry because positive change was already effected. We have a new President who is focused, tactical and strategic, that President Mnangagwa now need our wholesome support for Zimbabwe to get working again. The President has shown ability in his very first appearance from exile, the policy shift being evidenced at every corner. It takes everyone of us to make Zimbabwe Great and restore it to the ancient truth. The moment we fight one another, the more we scare away investors. Britain is ready to work with the new government of which the opposition is not happy over it. But why? It’s simple to notice. They rely on economic meltdown down to gain support, that is to say what ever our Emmerson try to bring for the good of our people, our opposition will be afraid of any positive improvement. They will lose popularity in the event of a good economic structure in Zimbabwe propped up by Emmerson. I will suggest that people still have to give this new arrangement some ample time to work on strategies for the good of the country considering that we are behind in terms of development of which we are all aware that the President is working with much energy to make ends meet. We also need to be aware that most hateful posts on this platform are initiated by those who supported the status quo so people should not take their views seriously. Politics of Shaisano doesn’t help our situation.

  26. one thing i do not understand is that before he appointed this cabinet he had time to at differently and the sentiment in the country was that he would appoint a small cabinet with professional people not recycling the old and wasted team that was part of the old order. so what has happened now that he wants to fire some of them? and Charamba is now singing a different tune after years of supporting his old boss. a true chameleon this charamba fella. i wish he could fire this ministers as soon as next week so that they can begin to decampaign him. zanu pf is full of clue less individuals who drove this country to the brink. where can we go with a leadership that is not decisive and prone to flip flopping depending on where the wind is blow to. lets get these jokers out once and for all

  27. seems like the former president worked all by himselself. munangagwa was not even a vice president and charamba was not even his spokesman. he held all meetings all by himself.

  28. Comment…The former President worked for himself. He didn’t allow anyone to challenge his policies. History has it all that he allowed no challenge to his authority and we simply put it straight to say he was a diktat who did not only allow loose talking but was also a bloodthirsty despot surrounded by his vazukuru who on one hand helped to consolidate dynasty. Remember that succession in ZANU PF structures was said to be counter revolutionary by Patrick Zhuwao himself.This left other revolutionary icons like ED Mnangagwa and several others with no clue of the future. ZANU PF was captured.

  29. So you don’t see these idiots killing our mother land

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