Mliswa gives ZC board ultimatum

HOUSE of Assembly member, Temba Mliswa has demanded the resignation of the Zimbabwe Cricket board accusing them of among other things misappropriation of funds, running the game down as well as incompetence.


Mliswa addressed a Press conference together with aggrieved former Zimbabwe Cricket workers among them groundsmen, where he gave the administration a week to vacate office failure to which they will form parallel structures.

He also implored Sports minister Kazembe Kazembe to dissolve the ZC board.

The former rugby player said that they had been watching while the game was been run down by thieving administrators, but they had now decided to act, following the dismissal of the national teams’ coaching staff.

Senior national cricket team coach Heath Streak was dismissed together with the assistants as well as convenor of selectors Tatenda Taibu last week following the team’s failure to qualify for the International Cricket Council World Cup after they lost to the United Arab Emirates in their final Super Six stage match.

ZC board chairman, Tavengwa Mukuhlani scoffed at Mliswa’s accusations, saying that the legislator was free to approach the police or the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission so that arrests can be made.

He said his board would stay put in their positions.

Mliswa said that he was taking this matter seriously and promised that he would be successful in his bid.

“I never pick a fight that I do not win. I can tell you I will win this fight and all these people will be booted out. ZC is the only board that does not have experts in the area. There are no cricketers in the current board. They have no knowledge of running the game. All they are waiting for is the money coming in from the ICC. We have been watching them misusing funds, and running the game down but now it’s time to put an end to all this and it’s time to relieve them of the posts. Matches are regularly cancelled due to the excuse of lack of funds. Players are getting half salaries. We call on all Zimbabweans to boycott any international match played until these people are gone.”

Mliswa also said that the board was trying to hide behind non-existent race issues.

But Mukuhlani said that he had never brought up the race issue and only wanted Streak to explain his team selection for the United Arab Emirates match.

“I never called Heath Streak a racist. But I just want him to explain certain things that happened on the day of the United Arab Emirates match. Why was the release of information to players done at such different times. The white guys that were playing were all told the night before the match, while Cephas Zhuwawo was only told that he had been dropped during warm up. There is a possibility that this match was fixed. Certain things don’t make sense and Streak should come out and explain the changes that he made to the team,” he said.

Mukuhlani scoffed at Mliswa’s allegation that his organisation was misappropriating funds, saying those who have evidence can take it to the police.

“If we are stealing from ZC, the easiest way to get us out is to get us arrested. Why are these people who are talking about us stealing not reporting us to the police or Anti Corruption Commission.”

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  1. sad for a chairman of board to accuse streak of racism.heath is one of the finests sportsman I have ever known and to be accussed of incompetence and racism by someone who has never given anything to cricket is an insult.the rot started during the chingoka and bvutte era wher they played the race card and destroyed the team and great work that had been done for many years.The first step is to get rid of the quota system which is killing the game.players must be selected on merit that way the best players get to play and the chances of winning are greater.Pj moor is a good player and the coach made the right call in selecting him.We do things wrong in Zimbabwe and former players and people who have played the game should be the ones holding top leadership positions in the game as they understand the game better.look at how the cuthebert dubes,nyatanga and chiyangwas have killed football

  2. l am one of the people who used to take Mliswa for granted. We need more people like him. Well done Themba and keep doing what you are doing the country will move forward and prosper.

  3. Sports administration is not something one gets into because one wants prestige and a past time to have his ego inflated.Thats the very thing killing sport in Zimbabwe.In football we have had many people who are not football people leading sport and this has had devastating effects in sport. This is particularly so in football.Look at the chiyangwa meddling ,bungling and using all tricks to remain in power at the detriment of the game. Banning elected psl leadership on flimsy charges.Mubaiwa at dynamos refuses to hold elections ,scorns at paying fans who are voicing genuine discontent with his leadership by protesting after matches and claims they are not genuine fans!why is he bent on holding onto power when fans are not happy with his admin?why don’t dynamos hold elections yearly like they do at highlanders and have a members register whose members are the ones who vote administartors to power as they do at highlanders?Zimbabwe will continue to miss out on important tournaments as long as this mantra of handiende ,sports administartors and egotists continue to lead sport.Lokk at in England where most managers are former players,and even the journalists ,analysts and sports reportsre are former players.Let those who know the game run the game!!

  4. I like Temba’s enthusiasim and energy but is he not overstepping here, on which basis is he giving them an altimatum a concerned citizen an MP or he is actually empowered to do so. Let him profer evidence and we see how it goes.

  5. Sport is supposed to bring people together it should have no barriers
    The board should consist of people who have played cricket
    It is the politics in this country that is causing all the problem in sport
    More diversity we want to see more from minority races and tribes and this political nonsense has to stop the old man created it he has gone
    There are lack of funds ask the old former head of state to contribute he his the cause of the problem that is why there are no funds anywhere

  6. So we fire the coaches before they could even explain themselves! Handei tione.

  7. mliswa back again in this cricket business……….where is tatenda taibu!!!

  8. Don't do as I do....

    Race is an issue in sport in this country. It’s something we cannot run away from. It’s exactly the same thing in swimming. A sport that has 80% black swimmers but is run by an entirely white administration that has been there for years, no questions asked. It consistently rigs elections and ignores its own constitution in order to stay in office. Complaints have been made to the SRC but it does nothing – maybe because it sincerely believes that only white people are capable of running sport. If Streak is a fine coach and sportsman, which he probably is, then let him answer to the charges. Same thing with the Zimbabwe Cricket Board. If it truly believes in its actions, there should be no problem with them being brought under scrutiny. We are tired of untouchables in sport, black or white. Many of them who actually don’t care about the results but are only concerned with their acclaim and allowances.

  9. ZC has appointed a million coaches over the years but no results whatsoever have been attained so maybe the problem is with the board itself not the players or coaches

  10. Dear Mr Kazembe Kazembe may you please sort this mess out can you please fire all Administrators who are not qualified to run they associations some have never played the sport they are manging but they are there for fame and cash please sir can you do this.

  11. Isn’t that a cute kitty?!

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