Mixed reactions to ED Uhuru speech

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday pledged to urgently address the cash crisis and improve civil servants’ working conditions, but remained mum on government’s stand-off with striking nurses at public hospitals.


Addressing thousands of people gathered at the National Sports Stadium during the country’s 38th Independence Day celebrations, Mnangagwa insinuated that most of the problems being faced by his government were inherited from his predecessor, Robert Mugabe’s regime.

“We are well aware of the great hardships caused by the lack of availability of cash. This is painful and poignant issue for so many individuals and families across the country and a problem we are working tirelessly to solve,” he said.

“To this end, we are accelerating the implementation of measures to resolve the shortage of cash within the economy, by mobilising foreign finance from regional and international financial institutions, increasing cash importation, opening up the economy to investment and enhancing exports to increase supply of foreign currency.”

Mnangagwa skirted the issue of striking nurses who were summarily fired by his deputy, Constantino Chiwenga, on Tuesday.

Instead, he just mentioned in passing that his government had increased the Health ministry’s budget allocation to spruce up infrastructure and improve drug supply.

“We increased the Ministry of Health and Child Care operational budget by 62% in 2018 and we will continue to facilitate the construction of more hospitals, ensure the availability of drugs and the presence of qualified and dedicated health service personnel,” he said.

Mnangagwa, who took over from Mugabe last November, proposed a litany of policy changes, which he said were aimed at jump-starting the economy.

These include rejuvenating the agro-value chain industry, command agriculture, resuscitation of the forestry industry and plugging holes in the mining sector.
Meanwhile, MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa received a standing ovation as he arrived at the event, stealing the thunder from Chiwenga, whose reception was rather lukewarm, suggesting public anger at the way he has handled the nurses’ issue.

Chamisa said he attended the event in preparation for his takeover of government business after this year’s general elections.

“This is a national event, we are here to pay tribute to the departed heroes of our liberation. Next year, Mnangagwa will be in the opposition and we would like him to attend this event. For us, this was a rehearsal because we are forming the next government,” he said.

The MDC Alliance candidate said Mnangagwa’s speech failed to address fundamental issues affecting the nation, particularly the ongoing nurses’ strike.

“He omitted a critical issue which the nation is eager to have addressed and also interested in knowing the plans of government, that was missing too,” he said.

Other opposition parties dismissed Mnangagwa’s speech as hollow.

“Honestly, we have had this talk for a long time in the country. We have had economic policies, but none of that has changed the economic challenges,” Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume said.

Progressive and Innovation Movement of Zimbabwe leader Tendai Munyanduri dismissed Mnangagwa’s pledge to reform the electoral roadmap as “the usual empty Zanu PF rhetoric”.

But former Zanu PF stalwart, Rugare Gumbo, said: “The speech was very good and, as far as we are concerned, what is critical is implementation of those policies. There is hope now and we cannot expect things to change in five months. He has good policies and what we want is implementation, which is key and he should walk the talk.”

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  1. What implementations have zanu pf ever done which has come into fruitful,but nothing good from you-murderous and destroyers. Zanu pf implements useless policies which have nothing to do with the development of Zimbabwe. Zanu pf has been and is dredging us backwards into stone age period when South Africa is economically is very very far ahead.Let us get rid of these useless and clueless idiots evil doers.

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  3. Comment…ED bungled with the wishes and interests of Zimbabweans in particular the dire situation at clinics and hospitals. he extols kingmaker, gen constantino, whereas he misfired. very soon a foresee industrial turmoil as all workers shall collaborate to fight for their rights.

    remember not so long ago, the then chidyausiku-mugabe supreme court caused mass dismissal of thousands of workers which the malaba guy is trying to rectify in order to help ZANU win our votes. but we actually know that the leopard will never change its spot. chiwenga showed us the minds of zanu

  4. Comrade Meticulous

    The problem of cash shortages can not be solved until the country exports more than it imports. This scenario can be attained in a number of ways which include transforming ourselves from an agricultural minerals based economy into an industrial one. Any attempts at introducing sufficient US$ to go around will immediately lead to shortages as certain elements will bring their wares here, sell them and take the US$ to destinations near the Indian Ocean. Any attempt at a local Zim currency will see it lose value like an ice cube melting on a hot October day because there is no sufficient hard currency to back it. Chinamasa knows this which is why nothing is being done and nothing can be done to solve the problem.

  5. Just like Mugabe before him ED fails to realise that fancy speeches full of fake statistics, empty achievements and hollow optimism will fool nobody anymore

  6. Mngagwa is not articulate in speech presentation like his predecesor, in trying hard he became boring the lies were exposed and the audience became uninterested. His mistake was to present the speech in English which is his handicap otherwise he should have ably and humourously presented it in his native shona (im sure he would have drawn a few laughters from the crowd and kept them atuned). The message aroused no hope just tired promises. Calling citizenry to celebrate ‘peace’ is as naive as asking them to celebrate ‘sunshine’.

    1. unfortunately not everyone in harare is shona , he was adressing the nation not a particular dialect

  7. #Generational Approach

    Time has come and now is the time for the young generation to transform Zimbabwe because #GOD ALMIGHTY IS IN IT. Its very clear that all the real investors are waiting for elections to be done before they invest their money. What we have as Zimbabweans is a leadership crisis, Chigaro chehumambo chirimumhepo hapana akachigara. We need visionary leaders not rulers. ZANU PF has no consistency in terms of policies and therefore the game in town now is selling policies. We deserve better as a country not second hand rulers. ZVAKUDA MUTUNGAMIRIRI MUTSVA, WE NEED A NEW LEADER (full stop)

  8. New era (error)

    no achievement but all talks..Zanu will never walk their talk..

  9. ndokunohi kutonga kwaro. rinotamba richitsika vamwe sebofu hameno!!!!!!

  10. extended dambudziko dai ndiri ini iwe ndaitaura nachamisa kuti watora nyika usatisunga udza zimbabwe itange patsva n let bygones be bygones then we move on with our lives

  11. Zanus don’t see light at the end of the tunnel. zanu pf leave power to able doers- MDC-T Lead by Nelson Chamisa. They will deliver zimbabwe to greater heights.

  12. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Ummmmmmm. Ndirikuona Hurumende yemubatanidzwazve 2018.

  13. mugabe must be laughing lungs out, thats y he stayed long in power,no successor, zaupf hakuna vanhu shuwa

  14. ….chiwenga, ed, mohadi… team yemabhuza

  15. Mnangagwa akaita majokes anokwara , haasikuona here kuti chiwenga na grace same same, they speak b4 they think. Hw do you expect to win elections pakadai If you dont rig. Vanhu vaakutya kuexpressor themselves coz of military touch.

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