MDC-T targets 5 million votes

THE Nelson Chamisa-led MDC-T has rolled out a new campaign 5 Million Vote Effect, targeting to lure at least five million registered voters ahead of this year’s general elections.


The initiative, started by two former University of Zimbabwe student leaders, Taurai Gwesu and Charles Mutama, is aimed at turning the huge crowds at Chamisa’s campaign rallies into potential votes by urging supporters to register in the ongoing voter registration exercise.

“The bullet train must translate into registered voters and, ultimately, into an overwhelming mandate for the MDC Alliance candidates in council, parliamentary, and Presidential elections. The main idea being that of the five million registered, the majority should be members of the alliance within the structures of the respective parties,” the movement’s founders said in a statement yesterday.

“We envisage a situation, where the MDC Alliance structures countrywide and the generality of Zimbabweans play a leading role in the voter registration advocacy in their wards and announce a get out and vote for change message. The idea behind the concept is that the five million voters create a ripple effect on others and one person’s vote has a multiplying effect on others.”

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  1. Zanu targeting 14 million. Welcome to big league boys. All ED need to do is adress Gukurahundi in Matland, apologize on behalf of Zanu, adress Matebeleland people in thier language or English with interprator.Treat them with respect then all is done and dusted. MDC is nothing without Matebeleland, give them Harare Chitungwiza, you know other parts of Mashonaland they are just toothless dogs

    1. Matebeleland will never vote for Mnangagwa. Over and above his previous sins on Matebeleland he recently banned the Coronation of our King in March – banning our culture. He should just forget – we will never vote for him. They are now talking Devolution because they are scared of losing elections. They can forget – nobody trusts them!!

      1. Mike Mangamela

        Speak for yourself, Oskido. ED certainly has my vote!!

      2. Oskido kikikikikikiki. Hey come on dude. Masvingo, Midlands and Manicaland are the key deciders for the winner in Zim. a clean sweep in these provinces plus the core party support will easily catapult the aspirant candidate to state house. Ichoooooooooooo!!!!!! Mapositori 2m+ then nevamwewo vashoma ED pfeeeeeeeeeee. #EDHasMyVote

    2. Where would Zanu Pf get the 14 million votes when, approximately, 6 million people are register voters for the upcoming elections? Ita mushe

  2. nero newe ndinosvika kunew zimbabwe

  3. kkkkkkk but people so umwe is saying make it 10 million and the other 14 million icluding nevasina kuregister hay munovakaurisa chaiko vanoda zvigaro kkkk

  4. Oskido uyanya wena msunu wenja. Zimbabwe is not Matabeleland. Take your chief back to KZN. Wena can you honour someone who invaded yo land? We as Kalangas do not need that shit King thing of yours and we will fight anyone trying to impose their invading cattle rustlers, rapists, killers who ran away after stealing Shaka cattle. Go hang with yo group or you go back and claim your chieftaincy in KZN. Zimbabwe and all its provinces belong to anyone calling it home with Klangas/Karangas being land owners along with Vendas, Ndaus, Sothos, Nambyas, Tongas, Manyikas etc. You the Ndebele thieves go back ngakini we will push you out lifuna lingafuni

  5. Sekuru Chaminuka

    Comment… People in Matebeleland and Byo didnt register hence they are insignificant. They should have thought of the consequences of their decisions.

  6. Chirimupoto Chaibva

    Voting in an investment, so investing in the old folks is making a bad investment for the young ones who have never been employed since graduation from schools, colleges and universities.

  7. Comment…only fools n dead people still believe in ED

  8. its too late nelson when you were busy fighting succession wars your major opponent was busy taking away the voters, the horse bolted a long time ago those remaining unregistered are half wits and those below the voting age and do not forget a sizeable chunk of eligible but disinfracnhised voters are in the diaspora so in short you are hallucinating young man

  9. Chakuyinga Chakuparonda

    Comment…Edson, 14000000 inobva UMP, Mash C & E. Kykykykykykykykyky.

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