MDC-T leadership crisis a big blow to voters

MDC-T leader, Nelson Chamisa’s ascendancy to the reign of the opposition MDC-T is a case of daring to dream for most, if not all people affiliated to the party.

By Lawrence Tichaona Mangenje,Our Reader

The death of the party’s founder Morgan Tsvangirai on February 14 this year had seemingly put the final nail on the coffin of the party, but Chamisa’s timely intervention somewhat resuscitated the party’s lost mojo.

However, to anyone affiliated to the opposition party, the leadership catfight is a major blow to their chances of prevailing in the much anticipated harmonised elections slated for later this year.

Chamisa’s ascendancy to the presidency, coupled by deputy president Thokazani Khupe’s well-documented outcry that it was unconstitutional, is actually a more popular topic than the party’s election manifesto.

The leadership question within the party has marred it with confusion, with Khupe’s writing to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, informing the electoral governing body that she is representing the party, perhaps the peak of the confusion.

Chamisa’s recent claim that Khupe’s walk away from the party is “not a split” is by far the most hilarious comment made by a politician in 2018.

Of course, it is a split, and just like Welshman Ncube’s solo run in the 2008 plebiscite, it might negatively affect their chances of romping to victory.

Chamisa’s claim to SABC News that the party is united, is a claim that only he believes, it is much easier to believe in the existence of Santa Claus, than to believe the MDC-T is a united political party.

The reality on the ground is that there are two separate MDC-Ts fighting to use the name in the upcoming elections, and the fact that the battle has reached legal grounds is the worst nightmare for anyone hoping that the party attains electability.

One might even be tempted to suggest that Khupe’s aim now is no longer to win an a presidential election, but to make sure Chamisa doesn’t win one.

Their rivals in the election race will most likely capitalise on their inhouse squabbles if they are not solved in time.

As Khupe remains defiant on the legitimacy of her faction, it also remains to be seen whether she will eventually succumb to pressure, but one thing for sure is the Chamisa-led camp will definitely lose precious time dealing with Khupe, time they would have wisely devoted to campaigning for elections.

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  1. how can three people expelled from a group be termed as a split of the group?the mdc is a big organisation and as such it is common for people to walk in or out at any time.but of course the party will carry on.

    1. Wishful thinking.The MDC has split and big time too. You should be thinking about the implications of this in the coming elections and not basking in the deceit that there is no split when it bis glaring you right in the face.

    2. It baffles me too. This is clearly an agenda by the ZANU PF propaganda machinery. These people could not even sway the party’s structures at the lowest level but you hear how the split narrative has consistently played out.

  2. Chakachaya PaZim

    No split bambo.mukai pamakarara ipapo.Khupe.Gutu and Bhebhe left MDC T and you call that a split? Chamisa is the man .Even the scarf man Mnangagwa is sweating in his pants because of him and here you are talked beans !

  3. Bambo &Chakachaya are only dreaming;shall realize it come july or august;there is already a women war in the horizon & I am not sure if matabeleland main land will take it kindly;Chamisa is only fooled by apologists in matabeleland MDC-T structures but do not know what is in the mind the many native electorate of matabeleland over the treatment of their tribe members at MDC-T

  4. Bambo &Chakachaya are only dreaming;shall realize it come july or august;there is already a women war in the horizon & I am not sure if matabeleland main land will take it kindly;Chamisa is only fooled by apologists in matabeleland MDC-T structures but do not know what is in the mind OF the many native electorate of matabeleland over the treatment of their tribe members at MDC-T

  5. Chamisa chete chete !!!!!! Khupe sold out long back before the rise of Chamisa. Khupe can join the other group of pantiless renegades !!!!!!!!

  6. Kugara hunzwana

    Kungotukana bedzi hama dzangu chabuda hapana vamwe kungo tukirira chete tinozowei vana vezimbabwe nyika ndeyamwari iyi hapana anezera nayo ngatiwe vanhu vamwe vane rudo mwazvita

  7. This should have been written just as an opinion of the witter. As you know we all have entitlement to our own opinions in a democracy. My opinion is there is no real threat whatsoever real or imagined to the Chamisa camp. Actually the part is going to perform better than during the days of the late MT because it is the people who first opened up their hearts to the youthful leader and even advised MT to step aside for him. So however the young man then did his tricks to answer to the will of the people is immaterial to them because the know that is what they wanted at the end of the day. I equally subscribe to Chakachaya’s sentiments that the Mnangagwa camp is sweating in their pants because of this so called boy.

    1. go to Bulawayo,tsholotsho,nkayi and u will know that chamisa has a threat.don’t just yep yep on the sidelines while u don’t know wats on the ground were ever u happen to live in mashonaland

      we have sitting MPs and councillors that were recently purged by there is tribal grapevine circulating in those areas that may undermine a chamisa vote.

      1. Thank you, some people think Mashonaland is Zimbabwe.

      2. and I was at White City Stadium on the 7th of April 2018. The rest as they say is history

  8. Comment…hw can kupe wanted to lead mdc she will never have chance against ed that’s why zanu PF support kupe bcz they know is easy target .she must know that ndebele ppl are few and zanu PF will capitalize on that voramba vachingotonga she must accept the reality and copy her fellow like kembo mohadi weishman ncube and power ful joshua nkomo who realized that and contented by become vice president

  9. stupid uneducated tribalist

    1. look yourself in the mirror and repeat those words.

  10. Let us stop living a lie and be bold enough to reason outside their political cocoons. This is a delicate balancing act and the sooner MDC-T rises above the whim and targets the common enemy, the better. Comparatively, Chamisa has a larger support base but underdog Khupe is determined to deny him the much needed top-up to trounce Mnangagwa. There is documented evidence that these last minute opposition splits in most African countries have constantly denied them outright victory. Without fear of contradiction, Chamisa and Khupe’s face-off is sending the MDC-T to another five years in the cold unless they reconcile in time. It takes two to tango!

    1. We all know Chamisa is to blame for the faceoff,some one needs to talk that boy a lesson.

      he has to understand that no tribe or gender is superior than another.

      he also needs to learn to follow a laid down constitution.

      I wonder how he has been practising his law since he can’t follow a constitution

      1. In your own mind or in theory, yes no tribe is superior to another but the reality is that in Zim Shonas are in a position of superiority and thus why they have colonized the whole country in all sectors

    2. where is Chamisa’s support in Matabeleland. Dream on. There are very small influential parties in Matabeleland. Already Bulilima Mangwe has abandoned Chamisa . Tribalism is there and its at play. Remember Khuphe is Khalanga. Wait for the ballot box my friend you will be shocked.

  11. Bottom line: Chamisa should have opted for an elective rather than an appointment (or is it anointment) ascendancy. However this analysis simply overstates its case. Which party has more headaches? ZANU PF has just been through not one but two factional wars that saw Mujuru, then Mnangagwa booted out culminating in November’s soft coup. Can we seriously believe that G40 elements will now quietly sit out these elections: or that Mujuru will have no impact on Zanu PF supporters? Wrongly or rightly, Chamisa has rejuvenated the MDC while Mnangagwa has many question marks rattling in his briefcase.

    1. He should still correct this.
      Let us not forget what the old party has as instruments in its electioneering. Nothing has changed and without any electoral reform the result will still be the same, unless the people suddenly become very brave.
      The MDC-T has always been an alliance of sorts and to value the new alliance over the grassroots alliance will be a grave mistake. The alliance needs to be stronger at the grassroots before assuming more actors.

  12. If ever I had to give advice, this should be it. The time for grandstanding should draw to a close. Obviously the plan hatched by the likes of the vice chairman and company has not succeeded in its entirety, unless the objective was to lose the election in the first place.

    I have no doubt the other principals in the alliance will get a rebound in their political fortunes from all this and would not advise themselves out of such an opportunity. But the main movement would be dented and may not deliver the victory that we are all aspiring for.

    The young man has proven he is a force to be reckoned with but his actions have not been without consequence. Close ranks, have a special congress and win it while keeping the party together. If not, accept total responsibility for yet another loss in elections and resign from politics for squandering the opportunity as soon as it is over.

  13. Bulawayo people have spoken this afternoon, no more of this useless debate. It’s Chamisa all the way, like it or not.

  14. Comment… anga ariko kubulawayo kwacho wani kuita red anoita mudumbu khupe naED wake

  15. ther is no leadership crisis in the MDC T, the headline itself is misleading. We all know the shenanigans of Khupe and her cabal. Just yesterday they were saying we must vote for her JUST BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMEN??? NXAAA. THEY say they will go to vote without pants just to remind themselves that they are women??? NXAAA, They think with their bottoms. We need to vote for someone who delievers not along sympathy lines hazvisi zvekunzwirana tsistsi izvi upenyu hwedu uhwu guys. Khupe is a tribalist why always raising the issue of being ndebele and all that stuff. Nxaaa to hell with them. Chamisa was in in bulawayo yesterday we all saw red, let khupe come to buhera and see

  16. But there are reports that Chamisa faked support in Bulawayo;most of the residents of Bulawayo are said to have remained at home & only a bunch of entertainment seeking nudes attended Chamisa’s rally;the rest who filled the stadium were ferried fr as far as Gweru & Masvingo-reported former spokesperson Gutu.And we are bound to accept it bec Gutu knows the inside games

    1. unopenga go to hell with your Gutu man

  17. true DAT.the stadium was filled with shona people only. I was there and witnessed.

    most of the people were bused from mashland

  18. Khupe doesn’t have to worry here, those people brought their people from mashonaland hence the 100% use of shona there, she can gather 600 people but true supporter. I never head ‘Chisa Mbama’ whats that? Enough proof those people were not from our region, it was like people crying at a wrong funeral

  19. You are struggling to drive your point home, read many feature and opinion pieces and learn how it is done before exposing yourself!

  20. “Usaere nyoka negavi” or “Don’t estimate the length of a snake using a rope”. Let Khupe call for a rally at White City stadium!! Zviri pachena or It’s obvious!!

  21. There is nothing new about trying to play this tribal card. Welshman Ncube tried it a nd dismally failed. there is this foolish lie that Matebeland is Ndebele. there are very few Ndebeles there. There is a huge basket of other tribes there.

  22. when Ambrose Mutinhiri leave Zanu Pf and go on to lead NPF its not a split its so crazy.

  23. Be worried if you loose one man because the other is gaining one man. Already Chamisa will win more votes than Khuphe but not to be the presdent likhohlwe liphinde

  24. Chamisa is a criminal. He used underhand means ti gain power and you think all is fine? Everything Chamisa did to take overthe MDC leadership shows he is only a democrat by day. How does what he did differ with Mugabe who was due to represented ZANU PF in the 2018 elections at 95 because in all his time in power he has had no one else electable and suitable enough to lead the country?

  25. Wait till Chamisa starts wasting government funds on bullet trains, teaching Shona MDC leaders to speak ndebele and building a matopos city in a nature reserve thats meant to be protected from human interference as much as possible that you will rrealise how much of a loose canon he is. Interestingly, after bringing Shona speakers to a predominant Ndebele area stadium he then needed interpreters – does he not trust any Ndebele leaders in the MDC? He then claimed to speak Ndebele yet we all know he can barely put together a sentence in the language! Shame. He is a tribalist and Ndebele people should give him short shrift. His treatment of Khuphe should disqaulify him from making his comments on language anyway.

  26. Vazukuru va lobengula form your own political party then and contest we’re sick and tired of this tribalism word

  27. We used to have MDC, then we had MDC-T, MDC-N, MDC-M and MDC-99. We are now probably going to have MDC-T (C) and MDC-T (K). Or Thokozani Khupe may just say her party is MDC-T. The T standing for Thokozani. The circus continues.

    1. And then after all we see garwe winning election and a lot of people start to cry,saying there was faulplay by zanupf rigging elections.. Thats terrible to think like that when we know exactly that those splits cost fortunes.

  28. Brothers and sisters, when are we going to learn? Some of us are celebrating that Chamisa is ignoring constitutionalism. The next thing we will be crying when he is a full fledged dictator. Politiciations have discovered that it is very easy to manipulate Shonas using tribalism. Ndebeles have shown maturity by voting for the late Tsvangirai in the past. If all tribes in Zim were like Ndebeles, no politician would find it easy to manipulate people. MY ADVICE IS THAT WE NEED TO UNITE AS PEOPLE AND WE WILL TEACH POLITICIANS A LESSON.

  29. Chamisa shouldn’t have bussed people to Bulawayo though. He should have just relied on Bulawayo people to come and then Khupe would know it’s game over.

  30. Comment…as a ndebele myself, i feel worried about the fact that my fellow ndebeles have embraced themselves for the positions of being debuties. i always wonder where in zimbabwe are we going to have a president who is a pure ndebele or kalanga, tonga etc. the ndebeles are associated with this thing of being vice or junior. unless we ndebeles open our eyes and have our own country , clearly we will be treated like sub citizens. what is extraodinary with shona ethnicity? all ndebeles go for mthwakazi. thats where you belong. besides that you will ramain known as dissidents. stop fooling yourselves.

  31. Most of the people posting trash about Chamisa probably do come from Mat land and wanted Khupe for selfish tribalistic reasons.We know you.The days of Lobengula and Mzilikazi being blood thirsty savages feeding on the Shonas are gone..Sit down and watch Chamisa win come August…Mxm leave our President alone..Khupe is a mad woman…

  32. Usanyeberwe wangu.Unofunga kuti takaita Coup kubvisa Mugabe kuti Chamisa atonge.Hindava muchirota kudai. Ukaona uchirota Chamisa achitonga muka ubike doro. Gara wazviziva

  33. Chamisa has my vote. Maghetoo yuts Kuna chamisa

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