MDC Alliance renews push for Diaspora vote

THE MDC Alliance has renewed its campaign to force the government to allow Zimbabweans based in the Diaspora to vote in the upcoming general elections.


MDC-T acting chairperson Morgen Komichi announced the move during a visit to South Africa at the weekend, where he accused the Zanu PF government of deliberately blocking the Diaspora vote to deflate the opposition’s support base.

Other MDC Alliance partners, who were in the delegation include MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora, People’s Democratic Party leader Tendai Biti, Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume, Agrippa Mutambara (Zimbabwe People First) and Ariel Sakunje (Zanu Ndonga).

“We had a very good meeting with the Diasporas, it was really great,” Komichi said.

“Their issue was that they must be allowed to vote in the same manner that workers at Zimbabwean embassies do vote. Although some of them want to come back home, they are staying put because the situation is bad in Zimbabwe.

“We are talking of people who are highly skilled, but living in poor conditions. They want to vote and there should be ways to allow those that have their IDs to vote.
This is an issue we are taking up. With regards to registration, there can be a blitz that will spread in several parts of South Africa,” Komichi said.

“We are pushing the matter. There are millions of people who want to vote. If you go to South Africa, you will shed tears if you see how people are living there. It is not nice. These are the people who want to come and vote and change the country’s fortunes. In our view, they should be allowed to participate.”

He added that the embassy staff was allowed to vote only because there was high likelihood that they would vote for Zanu PF.

“One of the issues that were very clear and overwhelming is the support for Nelson Chamisa. The high turnout only proves that Chamisa is the man of the moment,” he said.


  1. We all know that’s not going to happen. Stop wasting your time and concentrate on the people who are going to vote, this daft MDC so, hayi aah! Next time you will be crying about rigged voting when you where busy campaigning to people who are not going to vote, just because you want use that as an opportunity to chomp a few Rands.

  2. Wena Nkomitsho, while you were out there, you should have called for the unconditional lifting of sanctions so that my party, Zanu PF, can also have unhindered access to Diasopran voters. Sanctions have created an uneven field -it’s heavily tilted in favour of Tjamisa et al, who recently pleaded for their extension and old silly Trump obliged…… Secondly, you know very well that voting is polling station-based and nobody has barred your Diasporan supporters from returning for registration and voting.

    1. But there are ZANUPF branches in Western countries, including South Africa where most Zimbabweans are found; how are they operating? – these are not affected by sanctions. No excuses please!

  3. simbarashe shoko

    only a mad man believes zimbabwe has money to make all zimbabweans around the world will vote. a voter registered to vote in Mbare constituency is not allowed to vote in Chitungwiza there.This is according to the country’s constitution. the election is ward based. So mr chamisa tell your supporters in diaspora to come back and register to vote. everyone is allowed to vote. plus i still remember that some time ago you were the first to say all rigging was done from those who were voting from outside. Zimbabweans are everywhere. you find them in Qatar, Hawaii etc. how can those vote? plus zanupf has been sanctioned and its leaders are not allowed in some countries so how can they campaign?

    1. But they have money to buy useless aircraft. They have money for the President’s sons to accompany him on investment trips; they have money for two useless VPs, a large huge Cabinet bigger than the US, the richest country in the world; and they have money for useless Provincial Ministers and the creation of useless 10 Provinces when Ian Smith ran the country with only five provinces. They have money to steal and buy ZANU PF campaign material and hundreds of cars. SIES – COWARDS WHO CANT STAND FAIR ELECTIONS!!

  4. As long as ZANU(PF) is sanctioned and cannot campaign freely in the diaspora otherwise that will not be a free and fair election but then again we all know Chamisa&co don’t REALLY care about democracy do they or else they would have just gone to congress and elcted chamisa procedurally not zvekuita coup not coup

    1. How does ZANU PF run its branches in Western Countries yet its under sanctions as you claim you EDiot? Why has Nick Mangwana in the UK been deported – a known ZANU PF Zealot who has appeared several times on Hard Talk? There are plenty of ZANU PF representatives in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa – are they under sanctions? You are scared of the coming thunderous defeat at the election. Your Gukurahundi thug ED and others cant talk – they are not charismatic and you know it. SANCTIONS WILL STAY AND NO INVESTMENTS – STOP WASTING YOUR TIME ON USELESS MANTRAS OF ZIMBABWE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS. The world out there is not made up of fools

  5. Why now; where have you been? This should have been done from December given the change of leadership in the country. Huge pressure using investors and western governments should have been brought to bear on ZANU PF to allow for the voter registration of and voting by the Diaspora. The excuse that there are no resources could be rubbished because donors are always there to fill the gap.

  6. Donors and UN mst fund these diaspora vote and we will see the stupidity of zanu pf.


  8. its a wish

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