MDC Alliance goes door to door ahead of Chamisa rally

THE MDC Alliance has launched door-to-door campaigns in Bulawayo ahead of its presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa’s star rally at White City Stadium on Saturday.


Bulawayo MDC Alliance provincial executive, Edwin Ndlovu yesterday said they were targeting a bumper crowd at the rally.

“We encourage the people of Bulawayo to come in thousands and witness the mother of all rallies, which will set the tone as we approach the watershed election this year.

The rally will also make it clear who is in charge politically in Bulawayo,” he said.

“We shall be unveiling our presidential candidate as MDC Alliance [Chamisa] to the people of Bulawayo. The rally shall be a family event, which shall be peaceful as ever and everyone is invited to attend. We call upon youth, first time voters, the senior citizens and all others to come and hear what the future holds for them.”

Ndlovu said they had started door-to-door campaigns in all 29 wards of Bulawayo in preparation for the rally.

“Today [yesterday] up to Friday, we are also doing ward rallies and we appeal to the people of Bulawayo to give support to the Alliance. Victory is nigh,” he said.

The rally comes as the Thokozani Khupe-led MDC-T splinter group has postponed its congress, which was set for the same day in Bulawayo, for security reasons.

Ndlovu rapped President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Zanu PF government for making empty promises when citizens were expecting them to deliver following the ouster of former President Robert Mugabe in November last year.

“This is the time for people of Zimbabwe to totally dump Zanu PF together with their surrogates in whatever form. It’s time up. We know that Zanu PF has created some creatures masquerading as coalitions to try and disturb the MDC Alliance,” he said.

“We are very much alert and Zanu PF shall be Zanu PF, whether it’s Lacoste, Gamatox, G40 or Weevils. People of Zimbabwe should not be deceived. As the alliance, we call upon each and every patriot to support the alliance, as it moves to finish what it started in 1999.”

Mnangagwa has promised to turn around the country’s economic fortunes and improve citizens’ lives, but is yet to deliver on most of his promises, including electoral reforms and resolving the cash crisis.


  1. Comment…Door to door kkkkkkk dn make a mistake by dumping Khupe all mdc splits were from that side which means u not being taken serious

    1. fortunately Matabeleland is not Zimbabwe and if they wanna vote for her that is their right, we just don’t want people who complain afterwards when Zanu has won because then it will be irrelevant everyone will be in deep shit for next 5yrs

  2. Tman zimbabwe

    Door to door campaign, don’t forget to remind them that chamisa faction is ilegitimate though they know it already. Those people you intend to visit and address are sharp, very intelligent, they don’t accept amathuvi…

    1. illegitimate because the person you wanted didn’t get chosen haaada utter nonsense. If Bulawayo wants to continue to alienate itself by being crybabies and bringing up tribal issues they how do they expect to take over or win in an election. NC voted, they chose one of the 3 VPs with the greatest chance of giving them a win. Someone had to be chosen and I bet you had it been someone else you were still going to have something to say

    2. khupe dumped herself n yes we are vry sharp n intelligent we know exactly who we want

    3. Chamisa at the helm of MDC is your best bet. Khupe is unelectable nationally and if does carry on as an MDC variant, her party will fizzle out into a tribal outfit.

      If she has got the guts, let’s see her go and campaign in any other parts of Zimbabwe outside Matland. Elections are around the corner and she hasn’t even ventured into rural Matland at all.. Does she actually have any support at all or she is now just doing because of pride and a big ego?

  3. this will probable be the Alliance biggest rally yet i have no doubt of that.Go Chamisa Go.

  4. Comment…who is khupe let’s wait n see who is who in Bulawayo

  5. Chamisa muoffice

  6. Khupe must be give ample chance to dream the same way Shakespeare Maya did. no one can stop her from dreaming. it is her right as a bona fide Zimbabwe to do so.

    Even the big professors Welshman Ncube, Madhuku and Mutambara tried it, why not this PHD holder she also have the guts to walk that route hence let her exercise her democratic right.

    no one knows, perhaps one day she will become the Queen of Zimbabwe. if my memory serves me well, Malawi had Joice Banda so is Liberia’s Ellen Jonson. I’m sure our dearest Khupe wants to follow suit.


    1. Chamisa for President 2018


    2. Khupe must stop daydreaming and accept reality,she will never lead Zimbabweans,actually she is only making herself unporpular

  7. Comment…asiphumeni ngobunengi bethu bakwethu siyokweseka i qembu lethu asijiki mndebele mshona sohlangana khona ngomgqibelo,laduuuuma bathathe Cha Cha Chamisa for president asijiki!!

    1. welldone

  8. tiriko isu kuno kubulawayo hakuna munhu arkutaura zvakhupe wani.

    1. vanhu veZanu ndivo varikutaura zvaKhupe because she is not a threat to them, you have to ask why is it on social media the only individual being attacked day and night its Chamisa…that ought to tell you something

  9. Umkhonto ka Shaka

    Chamisa presidential material 2018 we in Matabeleland are with you

  10. Unveiling a walking tombstone

  11. pamberi ne ZANU

    1. Zanu chii ichocho.vose varikuti pamberi nezanu varikudya nayo saka pasi nayo nekuti isu hapana chatirikuvana tatambura.

  12. chamisa are the only right presidential cantidate to change zimbabwe we have been suffering for years.GO CHAMISA GO.

    1. You have a point.

  13. Ballot box and rally two different things…. watch the space….

    1. why is ballot box and rally different when those people at the rally are the ones in the ballot box? the reason is -becos there is rigging in the ballot box!!! without rigging the same people at the rallies will go to the ballot box and vote-why should they change inside the ballot box? changing in the ballot box is not behaviour consistant with a reasonable man. in a free and fair election rally and ballot box should speak the same. all those who thing otherwise expect to rig elections. Chamisa chete chete…hezvoko bwaaaaa

  14. Comment…khupe forget and smile Chamisa chimdhara mhani. 2018 chamisa pfeeeeeeeeeeeeee muhofisi

  15. Comment…let’s all go in our numbers and support the young visionary leader on Saturday at white city stadium

  16. Dont come to my door mashona othuvi, we cant be stupid into grooming a young a fresh dictactor I would rather vote Zanu if ive nothing to do.As for Khupe thank you for opening our eyes, they called you Dissident and as a pure undiluted Ndebele I fell same pain, so they can go to hell with their school boy

  17. GO CHAMISA GO! Chamisa is the ONE

  18. Chamisa bring your beautiful wife Sithokozile (not Khupe) to the stadium, you will charm people & be more acceptable. Kumele siqale sikunike isibongo mkhwenyana…..uSimba Makoni samethesa sathi ngu Mandla Sibanda kkkkkkkkkk


    1. kkkkkkkk u cnt even spell the name correctly kkkk shame on you kkk ,that only shows your brain capacity kkkk ,hapana chisvinu chatinotarisira kubva kwamuri kkk ndimika ve short sleeve tokuzivai kkkk,manje hu ghost worker huchapera CHAMISA avapo kkkkk kupinda basa nekuuraya vanhu kwaaaaa

  20. @voter nyika dzawataura hadzina varume bvunza nkosazana nahillary kuti varume vanodiii khupenga kwaroo must go to hell n let the devil rape her

  21. Have your own party and call it ‘MDC matebebeland’

  22. chamisa is plain rubbish, why do you think the west,and business people are behind ED.

    Go were the jobs and money are you chidiots

  23. I have given up on the Chamisa/Khupe saga .If you say anything against Chamisa you are called a ZANU PF a Ndebele or stupid. I am neither of those. I am just a Zimbabwe. I give up on discussing Zimbabwe politics.I look somewhere where discussions are an’t takem personal. Good luck everyone.

    1. Comment…comment frm Eve is pointless what are you trying to say,uvuka ebuthongweni yini uqondukuthini kanti? Go Chamisa go!

  24. Herbert Run'anga

    I do not to see these MDC nincompoops at my door or gate, pleease!!! 38 Baden Powell ,Northend.

  25. Herbert Run'anga

    I do not WANT to see these MDC T(rump) nincompoops at my door or gate, pleease!!!! 38 Baden Powell, Northend.

  26. Comment…fellow zimbabweans we welcome you on white on saturday to meet a really leader forget about those who are saying this and this,you can say what and what the trunth is that no one can vote coup gvt or army gvt or some people who is in power for 37yrs there did nothing,there only kidnap people and lie and divide people,im fighing for change we are hungry we want some jobs not no be kidnaped and killed,where is itai zdamara? Mdc for life go to hell you zanus killers,Viva Chamisa viva take us forwad my man!

  27. Comment…woza woza sikulindile Chamisa,abantu bako Bulawayo bakulindile uzowuzwa umoya,ungezwa ngabantu abahlanu abane abakhuluma lana abathengwe yi Zanu pf sebekhohliwe ukuthi kudala isiphilisa nzima le party ye zanu,wozani bantu bakithi e white city ningezwa ngamambuka lawa sizoqedelela i zanu pf siqatsha aniboni kkkkk Chamisa for life uzowuzwa umoya ngomgqibelo ko vuma o gogo namakhehla netsha ngiqinisile kuhlabeke othathekile silunge nini zanu pf wake wayibona ingwe itshitsha mabala wena ngeke kwenzeke,lingawa licotshwe zinkukhu

  28. It is just a formality that MDC can go door to door bcoz Byo is 100 p MDC SINCE year 1999 even zanu knows will never WIN ANY ELECTION here just like in hre bcoz they are NO obhare leaving here who can be easily tricked by zanu .If zanu thinks pple have already forgotten all the suffering they endured for 37years in just 4 months then they must be insane and that is the reason why we are dumping them this year .khona lapo khona lapo ku Chamisa this year uMunyangangwa uzokhala noma kanjani

  29. I NOW HATE MDC WITH ALL MY HEART, there is no difference here ED is there through coup, Chamisa is there through coup. Zanu youths are violent, Mdc youths are violent only stogies will remain in these parties.

  30. @Thulani You are actually confused and lost common sense because of poverty put on you by zanu .The coup that everyone one knows across the whole world happened on the 15 th of November 2017 in zim but any way your confusion will never stop us the majority from causing zanu to bite the dust . Vele asijiki baba

  31. MDC MDC MDC MDC please concentrate in rural areas. urban areas are no problem at all. Go deep deep in the remote areas where people were intimidated beyond redemption. Make them see sense and remove the fear in them. When you have done that then you can start talking about competing with the ruling party. Chiweshe and Mrewa rallies are urban areas go deep deep Uzumba Marambapfungwe, Dotito, Mbire , Hurungwe, Hwedza, Sadza.

    1. very true … MDC has to go deeper and take ZANU’s strong holds from them, we need an unquestionable win Zimbabwe wide #dzokerakumusha

  32. Comment…Lets us wait and see.

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