Masuku hails ED for ‘rescuing Zim’

BULAWAYO Metropolitan Affairs minister, Angeline Masuku, has hailed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administrationfor rescuing the nation from former President Robert Mugabe’s oppressive rule last November.


Masuku made the remarks during an independence eve fund-raising dinner in the city on Tuesday.

Mugabe was toppled from office after 37 years in power by the military and Parliament did a coup de grace when it initiated impeachment proceedings.

“His excellence, the Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Comrade Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has declared that the country has entered into a period of freedom, openness and opportunities. This is worth celebrating today. We are enjoying today in Zimbabwe.”

She said history recorded a period of oppression, segregation, violence against our people, “but today we stand proud as we celebrate 38 years of independence. This is the first year in which these celebrations come in the new dispensation. In this new dispensation, his Excellency has made a call today that let us always remain united like we are here in Bulawayo.”

Masuku said Bulawayo had witnessed some of the benefits of the new political dispensation, with some companies which had closed shop during Mugabe’s era, reopening for business.

“We are eagerly awaiting the completion of Egodini Mall, which will be a hive of activity and provide job opportunities for our people. I want to applaud council and the people who were working at Egodini, because it was not easy for them to move out of Egodini to pave way for the project to start,” she said.


  1. The economic woes persistent during Mugabe’s era continues today unabated evidenced by the non-availibilty of cash the obtaining civil servants strikes with teachers joining shortly. Masuku i forgive she is zanupf and thus so daft to comprehend situations or just dont care as long as she has her supper hence her call to celebrate ‘freedom oppeness and opportunity’ – try explain that to fired nurses. I guess that fundraising dinner was a non-event not newsworthy failed.

  2. we thought we have had the last of praise singers for meals. after all it was Chiwenga who rescued Zimbabwe not Mnangagwa. We have the same cabinet that messed up the same provincial leaders singing like they have been doing for the past 37 years so our problems continue. Nothing has changed we have a different globe trotter in the form of Mnangagwa, their wives still grabbing land. what really has changed. Pararenyatwa still oversees a failing ministry and yet they fire nurses who are not the problem

  3. Lets not always criticize for the purpose of it;we all see that Mnangagwa mean it when he says that the country is now free for democracy,elections etc and that,it is again now open for business.He seems a genuine man,but I think genuine people see through political criticism

  4. Lets not always criticize for the purpose of it;we all see that Mnangagwa mean it when he says that the country is now free for democracy,free& fair elections etc and that,it is again now open for business.He seems a genuine man,but I think all genuine people see through political criticism only done for the purpose of it;that problems are still there is not a valid argument at all,bec people appreciate the same are not intentional on the part of the gvt -will clear off as the economic fundamentals relocates to proper positions;like the great depression of the 1930s can’t go overnight

  5. Gudo , open up the airwaves. MUNOTYEI!!!!!! What are you afraid of ? The truth?

  6. gudo zigudo remunhu kusanyara u need rehabilitaion namusuku

  7. mhembwe musaga

    pple are just used to critism.Morgan died wothout having attended a single national event even when he was PM. the mood have changed and ED is proving to be much far better than Bob.

  8. I think for sober minds, the goodwork of Mnangagwa can be seen. Im one of those who never liked him but judging from his competitors lack of vision for Zim who just look power hungry, for me its a wise decision to give this man benefit of doubt. Zimbabwe dont just need change for the sake of it, what if its change for worse.

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