Man fined $100 for insulting grandmother (90) over sadza

A MAN from Mlomolihoto Village, Mawabeni, has been fined $100 for shouting obscenities at his grandmother, accusing her of cooking “rubbish” sadza.


Thuthukani Mlotshwa (24) pleaded guilty to the charge of criminal insult when he appeared before Esigodini magistrate Tawanda Muchemwa on Friday. The magistrate on Tuesday convicted and ordered him to pay $100 fine, in default to spend two months in jail.

The court heard that on April 4 at 11pm the complainant Enitor Ncube (90) was sleeping in her room when Mlotshwa arrived home drunk.

Mlotshwa knocked at her door insulting her using harsh words ordering her to open the door so that they face each other, while at the same time threatening to kick her painful knees.

He insulted her, saying she cooked sadza that was rubbish and he could eat it.

By so doing, he disrespected the elderly woman and abused her and a report made to the police led to his arrest.

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