Mahendere’s protégé takes worship to SA

UPCOMING gospel musician, Volt Maya, who launched his second five-track album Minamato at the Worship Intimacy Session early this week at Kuwadzana Presbyterian Church, said plans were underway to take the album to South Africa.


Maya said he would be trekking down to South Africa following requests by some of his fans across the Limpopo River.

“It’s not just an album launch, we are also worshipping God through music. We are also taking this Worship Intimacy to Johannesburg, South Africa in August following a request by Zimbabweans based there,” he said.

The Throne of Worship leader, who drew inspiration from Michael “Minister” Mahendere said the latter’s music inspired him to take his own career seriously.

“Being a serious musician is something that really knocked in my mind when I fell in love with Mahendere’s worship songs. He inspires me a lot and mentors me indirectly, I can’t stop listening to his music,” he said.

“I have never heard negative things being said about him, which is a good thing when serving God. He has also achieved a lot through his gospel music so I am following his footsteps.”

During the album launch, Maya was supported by music outfits Vibrant Echoes, Powerful Praise Interdenominational Choir, Passion Choir, Tawanda Midzi, Gamu Kurebwa, Ben Bradely and Mac Bee.

The artiste has rubbed shoulders on stage with some top gospel acts including Mechanic Manyeruke, Wency Mpostori and Mable Madondo.

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