Leather sector eyes growth

THE Leather Institute of Zimbabwe (LIZ) will from today hold a three-day financial and services workshop in Bulawayo aimed at spearheading the retooling, revamping, relaunching and revival of the once vibrant leather industry in Zimbabwe.


LIZ board chairman, Cornelio Sunduza said the state of leather industry in Zimbabwe required the provision of customised composite capital injection, hence, the need for the financial services sector to have an appreciation of the basic operations and production processes of the sector.

“The objective of the workshop is to develop an appreciation of the leather industry, its various production and costing process then carry out an orientation exercise to financial service providers and decision makers working with the leather industry,” he said.

“This is necessary for them to be conversant with the terminologies and various processes of production resulting in them being able to design and provide tailor made products for the growth of the industry.”

Sunduza said they hoped to have in place a negotiate facility for the retooling, revamping and resuscitating of the sector and look forward to the launching of production within specific timelines from the day of the workshop.

The workshop, the first of its kind, brings together all stakeholders in the industry under one canopy to spearhead the retooling, revamping, re-launching and revival of the once vibrant leather industry in Zimbabwe in line with the government’s industrial development and special economic zones policy.

LIZ is a non-governmental organisation that was formed in January in 1985 by the hide merchants, tanners and footwear manufacturers and associated leather goods traders of Zimbabwe.

Its main objectives are to encourage value addition and beneficiation of hides and skins, other animals’ by products locally and regionally and to encourage exports of finished products in order to generate foreign currency.

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