Lamentations @ 12 goes to Byo

The globe-trotting Rooftop Promotions play, Lamentations @ 12 illuminated Thabiso Youth Centre, when it was staged for the first time in Bulawayo.


The emotion-provoking play, written by Getrude Munhamo and directed by Daves Guzha (pictured), features the former and Dalma Chivereva.

The play Lamentations @12 is a story of the stolen age of innocence.

It encapsulates a deliberate trajectory of historical and societal norms, the lack of growth and change in attitude in various times in the human evolution to the community of Makokoba.

Lewis Ndlovu of Drums of Peace sent the audience into a frenzy with his percussion, which enriched the dimension of the play.

The piece captured the excitement of youth, the potency of nationalistic sentiment, the euphoria of victory as well as the devastation of torture. Ads

In an interview, on the side lines of the event, Guzha said he was happy with the audience.

“We believe our work must be consumed nationally and as such Bulawayo is part of that.

“This was our first performance in the city.

“We brought the play as our way of recognising and celebrating the fact that the talent in the play is originally from Bulawayo,” he said.

Ndlovu, the percussionist, said he felt they did their best in their first home-coming performance.

“I feel we did our best combination being at home.

“The boys kept saying I ‘killed it on the drums’ implying that it was a good performance.

“The play also raised eyebrows as it questioned the notion that the liberation struggle was only fought by guns, but also the suffering and hardworking women and children, who are not being considered,” he said.

The play has so far been showcased at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for a full month before moving to London, Kent, Portsmouth and Leicester (all in the United Kingdom) and the Netherlands.

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