Labour ministry accused of interfering in NBS boss appointment

PETRONELLA Kagonye’s ministry of Labour and Social Welfare has been accused of interfering in the appointment of the National Building Society boss after allegedly imposing Lameck Danga as the new managing director of the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) owned mortgage lender.


According to documents gleaned by NewsDay, the ministry instructed NBS to appoint Danga ahead of a top international banker, Gift Shoko, who was recommended by the board.

Correspondence seen by NewsDay showed that Danga, who was acting NBS MD, had his package reviewed upwards upon his confirmation.

“As per our telecom (sic), I have now received a copy of the letter from the permanent secretary [Ngoni Masoka] directing that we appoint Lameck Danga to the post of MD in spite of the adverse reports from the two consultants and the final board interview wherein eight out of nine board members recommended Gift Shoko,” NBS board chairman, Douglas Zimbango said in a memorandum to NSSA dated February 18 which was also copied to the permanent secretary.

“I, as chairman, have no problem with the directive since it is now in writing but would like to put it on record that this is not a board appointment because we are not privy to the other factors referred to in the letter

“I will, thus convene a special board meeting early next week to pass a new resolution nullifying the previous one.”

Zimbango said although he had no problems with the recruitment of Danga, the same manner of recruitment was used on former managing director Ken Chitando who was hired against the advice of independent professional advice.

NBS falls under the scandal ridden NSSA.

NSSA is currently in the eye of the storm following reports of imminent purge of top executives and the recent sacking of board chairman Robin Vela.

Kagonye was not reachable yesterday.

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  1. Comment…They change top management everytime there is a cabinet reshuffle. This is the same scenario under the Mugabe administration. There is no govt policy as everything is personalised. We had Zimasset and now ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’ .

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