Khupe vows ‘fight to the end’


WOMEN across the political divide have vowed to stand by former MDC-T deputy president, Thokozani Khupe who has been under siege from the party amid allegations she was a victim of violence at the late party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s funeral in Buhera.


The women from various opposition parties, who convened at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) for a high tea event to give Khupe moral and spiritual support, on Wednesday expressed dismay over her ill-treatment by her male counterparts.

Speaking at the at event, the organiser — an entrepreneur and women’s rights activist — Loreen Ncube, said women in politics had been under siege since time immemorial and it was time for them to stand together against perpetrators.

“We saw such injustices happening to former Vice-President Joice Mujuru and we pointed out that she is under siege because she is a woman, but we did not get support because we were told to distance ourselves from Zanu PF squabbles,” she said.

“We have seen it happening again to Khupe and we have decided that we cannot let it continue because injustice to one is injustice to all.

“We should not allow the discrimination of people in the MDC-T purely on their gender or ethnic origin.

“We have come up to say she is not alone.

“Whenever a woman is in trouble, we are all going to rise and give them support.”

Ncube said the event was the start of a “pull-her-up” generation among women in the country.

MDC Proportional Representation legislator, Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga said battle lines were drawn when men started “beating” Khupe.

“If this is going to be about who is more powerful then watch this space, there will be a time when we will be holding women’s rallies regardless of which political party you come from to stand together as women,” she said.

“The treatment that we get from men in parties is not right because for half of our lives we have been protecting them.

“Khupe protected Tsvangirai to his grave; but is now being labelled a traitor and the years she invested protecting the late are long forgotten.”

PDP leader, Lucia Matibenga urged Khupe to stand tall during “trying times”.

“Tell them that they will not do anything to you because when we will fight, we fight to the bitter end,” she said.

“We have created enemies because we are strong women.

“Let us learn that we work across the political divide on women’s issues, we are putting an end to the habit of being angry on behalf of men. They must create their own anger,” she said.

In her speech, Khupe said women share similar experiences.

“When I am looking at all of you, I see myself because my story is your story and your story is my story,” she said.

Khupe vowed not to disappoint Zimbabwean women.

“I will not disappoint the women of Zimbabwe,” she said.

“I am going to fight to the finish, forward ever, backward never.

“I would like to thank my friends Priscilla and Lucy for being with me through thick and thin.

“I would like to thank my colleague, Abednico Bhebhe, a comrade and a colleague in the struggle for democracy, struggle for the respect of constitutionalism, in the struggle for non-violence, non-discrimination. He is a gentleman and always stood with us through thick and thin.”

Khupe said women were smart, powerful, creative and drive the economy.

The high tea event was attended by women from PDP, NPP, MDC-T and several civil society organisations.

Meanwhile, Khupe was injured on the right side of her temple in a traffic accident on her way to the high tea event when the vehicle she was travelling in burst a tyre along the Gwanda-Bulawayo Road.

Misihairabwi-Mushonga confirmed the accident.

“Khupe was delayed by an accident when a vehicle she was travelling in had a tyre burst and she got hurt on the forehead,” she said


  1. in as much as Khupe is intitled to her wishes she lost the respect of many when she snubbed Tsvangirai when he was still there only to stand by him in his deep sleep and all these women should stop using the gender card after all Khupe was just a proportional representation in the MDC T presidium she didnt and she never deserved that position

  2. Dnt waste time ladies passing solidarity msgs. politics is about numbers, Priscilla shud not say “we” but “I” just bcz yu dnt speak on behalf of women. no one will vote for yu ladies cz your thnking is jus poor, Priscilla is always debating about pants in parliament and recently said women shud go and vote while not wearing underwear. surely, surely even vakadzi vacho do yu thnk vanokusapotai nepfungwa dzenyu dzechidofo. Priscilla, matibenga, and khupe yu are jus useless individual s hiding behind gender and tribal nonsense wen actually yu are failures in politics. Priscilla pretends to be radical wen she z actually a mental case

  3. This is ridiculous logic, there are many times when men like Tsvangirai & lovemore Madhuku etc were beaten up & left for dead all in the name of political violence, if the gender equality argument is to be applied then women should also expect to have a taste of the same violence from time to time

  4. What’s hard about accepting a woman led organisation.In this day and age u will be surprised of the extend of bigotry in Zim

    “atinga tongwi ne mukadzi”

    “atinga tongwi nemundebere”

    that honestly has to stop.wat happened to khuphe was clearly not fair and even unconstitutional.

    chamisa will surely lose votes in solidarity with anti bigotry

    zimbos this is 2018.this nonsense has to end

  5. avo vana khupe nana Priscilla musa louder makapinda pazvigaro izvi ne proportiona representation. No matter how much Trevor is against Chamisa s rise to th extent yekut his journoz are writing crap day in day out abt th rise ya NC… wasting tym at th same tym discrediting ths paper. very soon rinenge raakuitwa zvatiri kuita Alpha n Omega products. we dont by zvinhu zvembavha… in the same vein we know trevor is on a paid mission and so are his journoz…
    But hey ukaona heavy weights like welshman nana biti vachit chamisa iwe wofunga kut uchamisa chitima nekut mabika tea aiwa mukai mubike doro!!!

  6. Khupe and cabal are fighting a lost cause, she now converges with the Matibengas and Mushongas but when the two were shown exit door by MDC-T Khupe was fully behind that. why now?

    In addition, where are their husbands? can Khupe come public and reveals her social background. as the electorate we deserve to know their status in society because we want someone good moral standing. the gender or tribal card won’t earn her votes anymore. to prove this let them a coalition of widowed-women come election they shall regret. politics is not a gender game madame Khupe and you should understand that tsvangirai never survived from women support but by Zimbabwean support. he was the people’s president not a men’s president, if Cde Bhebhe is coaching you to preach that gospel I want to say sorry you better look for another tutor

  7. Surely Khupe must know that declaring war against man will not get her anywhere, all married women, daughters and sisters will be on the manside.

  8. She is water under the bridge even if you fast for her for a thousand, she is out of MDC. I warned this woman many times on this page and she never took heed. I even wrote that she was to be sacked from our party if she was to continue to be a renegade and some of her supporters had to shout at me on the social scene calling me names, even saying unprintable words about my mother who died years back but still the truth of what i was saying came out. My previous comment l said to Khupe change or you will be changed. Khupe she is so dirty even Zanu PF can not take her on board. The best she can do now is to leave politics and go back to school anodzidza kutaura chirungu.

  9. vakadzi vakada zvavo kusupoter they can do that you know them man even zvisina basa vanopururudza those are the people vakaita kuti Mugabe asvike 37 years achitonga saka musafurire Chamisa woman they can do it i am telling you

  10. Khupe was not beaten up by the police but by men in her own party while Tsvangirai was beaten by the the establishment. Which makes Khupe’s story worse. Violence from men in her own party who are supposed to protect her should be condemned even more or harsher.

  11. Ladies go ahead mobilise other women not to vote for these abusive-coup-council installed clowns. Once they loose these elections they will have 5 yrs to come back to their senses. I just cant wait seeing them at each others throats after elections, im saving my loud lauhgter. Keep disturbing ‘maka bhora chete’

  12. Never underestimate the power of one vote. These women ‘comparing notes’ have the potential to deny the opposition an outright win. We are giving Mnangagwa a very easy ride as we continue engaging in self-defeating tactics. I’ll continue preaching the gospel of reconciliation up to and including the polling day. United we stand!

  13. All those waffling above against Khupe & her women forum are mere reactionaries;if women choose to take their grievances in one go to the battle field you won’t stop the flame;itz wiser for all men to keep low profile than to shout at them;they have capacity to simply become resourced & take the campaign to prevent all misogynists & manipulators to make it in n election;of course, off shoots will always be there,but the majority might sympathize with their own struggle.

  14. You’re right ladies. Women voters must severely punish Nelson for unashamedly and violently nicking Mam’Khupe’s constitutionally-deserved presidency whilst the whole nation was in mourning after the demise of Tsvangirayi

  15. No sane person can fail to see how Khupe was clearly manipulated by Tsvangirai himself & may b in conspiracy with some few top MDC-T elements who definitely must b including Chamisa;when Tsvangirai provocatively appoint Chamisa & Mudzuri to her own job

  16. Zimbabwean politic is not a woman’s game,Khupe and Mujuru can try to force their way into,list they must look after their families.

  17. Im a man, my mother is a woman, ive deep sympathy for her than my dad, so in this regard ill choose to vote with ladies. Im 100% against women abuse, so guys start counting minus 1 vote

  18. Comment…Matanda makukuru azunguzwa. Munogona kubika mabwe mukanwa mutowo mukweguru. Zviro zviyedzwa. Uye munogona kuwanawo chidimbu che$180000 yakapiwa Nerisoni

  19. GO mam Khupe go we will suport you varume vanodherera especially Chamisa too bulling others kuzoti akaita president tinokanya zvitinha nemate tofamba takamutakura same naMalema vanongofa vari maopposition

  20. Priscilla is an idiot to say the list, Khupe is a lost soul. They should go hang. Welshman should get rid of that stupid woman.

  21. they must first wash their smelly pants kwete kutiudza matuzvi avo ayo. Kana manakirwa netea zivai zvekunhuhwirana mukanwa chete siyanai naChamisa. Kana madhakwa necaffeine musafunga kuti all women are behind you. Zvagara vakadzi hamuwirirane futi kunyengedzana chete apa. Ibvai kumhepo Chamisa agadzirise nyika muwanewo chekubata kwete zvekuswera muchindundurudzana kuenda kutea. If Khupe thinks she has balls let her face Munangagwa kwete kutinyangadza. We want to see her win the election if she thinks she is popular. Yes we want to see that handiti she is now in the game. What can Priscilla tell us munhu anongoswera achitaura zvemapant muParliament sekuti hakuna zvimwe zvinhu zvinokosha kudarika izvozvo. It shows the reasonng capacity of her lost brains. I am also a woman but I personally disagree with these woman panyaya yavo iyi. Itai mega hatiuyeko isu.

  22. Too bad Ms. Khupe, the sun appears to be setting on your political career because you do not seem to know the first rule in politics ( horse trading).

  23. kkkkk. hanzi nemumwe munhu i will vote a woman. yes yu can go ahead and vote khupe and priscila so that they will spend all their five year terms debating about ma pants and zvema pads. surely kana mune dzinodhonza chaizvo munga ti khupe khupe anf priscilla have yo votes???? silly man kana kudzimba kwenyu muri vana baba vemubook chaivo

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