Khupe amends MDC-T constitution

THE Thokozani Khupe-led faction of the MDC-T has accused late opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai of tampering with the opposition party’s constitution to create a one centre of power, resulting in a leadership dispute blamed for the recent split with Nelson Chamisa’s faction.


Khupe recently parted ways with Chamisa over differences on who was Tsvangirai’s heir. Both Chamisa and Khupe have filed High Court challenges over use of the party name and symbols following the split.

Khupe’s MDC-T on Saturday held an extra-ordinary congress in Bulawayo, where she was endorsed unopposed as expected as the party leader, with former MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu as her deputy.

The congress also amended the party’s constitution and changed the logo.

Incoming secretary-general and human rights activist, Nixon Nyikadzino said the Khupe-led MDC-T amended the party constitution to do away with the one centre of power he claimed was abused by the late Tsvangirai.

“Also, we are simply giving back powers of constitutional amendments to the congress. We are simply ensuring that we do not have a one centre of power in the constitution of the MDC-T.

“You would remember that particular amendments took place in the past years, one of them that created more of a one centre of power, whereby, even the late president was given the authority to appoint two or even more VPs,” he said in an interview on the sidelines of the congress held at Stanley Square in Makokoba high-density suburb.

In 2016, Tsvangirai appointed Chamisa and former Harare mayor Elias Mudzuri as co-vice-presidents alongside Khupe.

“We are saying, as a party, as a democracy, we can’t have that. To a larger extent, we must follow principles of constitutionalism. We are also arguing on moral grounds to say there are countries like China that have over 1,3 billion people, but only have got one vice-president.

“. . . So what is so special about this country considering the level of resources that we have. We are simply dealing with moral and constitutional issues that we felt had been subjected to the violation of the founding principles of the party,” Nyikadzino said.

He also confirmed the change of the MDC-T logo.

“What we have done is to remove the face of the late Tsvangirai from the logo. We felt that since we are now going for another election we cannot be seen as if we want to go and vote for the deceased,” Nyikadzino said.

Former MDC-T organising secretary, Abednico Bhebhe is now the chairperson, activist Yvonne Musarurwa is the organising secretary, treasurer general is Chief Ndlovu and Linda Masarira the spokesperson. Activist Fungai Masaiti is the youth assembly chairperson and Dorothy Ndlovu the women’s chairperson.

Nyikadzino is deputised by academic, Samukele Hadebe.


  1. I am glad that the Khupe team have decided to go their way. We the Chamisas we will continue to sweep

    1. khupe was endorsed by who? what was the reason for them to go congress if she was unoppossed? She might be worse I guess

  2. Dr Khupe has my vote. Good gender balance in her team. Real MDC-T. Chamisa refused and failed to do just a simple thing like this to hold congress so that people will vote. he lost against mwonzora in 2014 and he knew he will loose. Next year pavachaita congress yavo chamisa will loose to mwonzora becoz of his violence and that would be end of his political career

    1. @ Kilo, whatever you are saying…but the right word is lose not loose.

    2. Zanu comment vote for NPF if you like rebels so much

    3. Confused ZANU PF MUJIBHA

  3. Funny removing Tsvangirai’s face from the logo but still go on to call you’reselves MDC-T. I thot the T stands for Tsvangirai ????

    1. Umkhonto ka Shaka

      MDC T for Thokozani not for the dead Tsvangirai

    2. No. It’s MDC-T, the T stands for Thokozani, not Tsvangirai.

  4. People must not be fooled here by mahumbwe akaitwa naKhupe and cabal. It’s clear here that they formed a new party because if not, what happened to the current MDC-T secretary General Douglas Mwonzora, Dep SG Paurina Mpariwa,Treasurer General Teresa Makoni etc when Khupe’s argument all along was on the position of substantive leader of the party? Besides, what was the so called extra-ordinary congress called for? Shame

  5. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    i was in my village at Empandeni, ward 1 & 13 in Plumtree.I asked the community about what they know and feel abput Khuphe and her team.They told me that sometime last week Khuphe came to our MDC Chamisa territory and she said she is asking for support.One of the villagers said she asked her a simple question; ‘ Mama Makhuphe tell us what is your position in our MDC led by Chamisa?’.Am told she responded by saying , dont even talk about Amashona there are cruel etc.Am told the villagers said to her , siyabonga mama njalo siyaxolisa ngoba Thina labo othi ba cruel are the ones who we support.having sensed that people are not buying her story she bought a crate of calabash and one of hot stuff for these guys.The guys enjoyed and later atteneded a MDC T kitchen meeting e Macingwana enjoying the gift from Khuphe.
    I went further and asked omama about the Khuphe issue and they said it was so pathetic to see umuntu ongu mama esehawulisa njengo Khuphe without any supporters.
    I can guarantee in my ward and constituency MDC Alliance will win.All the grass roots appear to be saying Chamisa Chete chete , Tshisa Mpama Tshisa

  6. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    While still in my village , i was told that current and out going MP Obedingwa Mguni , came for the Independence day celebrations in Zanu PF ragalia.He started chanting Phansi lo Chamisa , phambili lo Mnangagwa.
    Am told the villagers started living the venue at Empandeni where the whole mangwe district had converged.
    Grass root reporters stated that after such a shameful approach most people started leaving the celebrations .
    i Asked why people left and one villager said ” how can our independence be spoilt by someone who has been in South Africa for more than 20 years , who grapped a farmer called John ‘s farm ruined it down , tells lies to the community , has not done anything to our community, is a gold digger.
    Some villagers said we are not worried about what he is saying but we will punish him through the ballot , it is unfortunate he got into this position through outright rigging.
    Phambili Nge MDC Alliance.
    Our soldiers on the ground is our ground root supporters , who tell me what is happenning on the ground.
    It is also unfortunate one zanu pF supporter by the name of Kho Sibanda from Empandeni east a dubious war vet is busy cheating villagers that the serial numbers on the voter registration papers are the ones used for getting maize.
    I wish lets all the MDC Alliance and like minded people get to our villages and encourage them where we are going. Chamisa Chete chete

  7. I am glad Kupe is even acknowledging that she lost the game to Tsvangirai who changed the constitution to suit the ascendance of his favorite Chamisa. By amending the constitution back to the so called original form does not undo what has already been done by the same constitution which gave MT powers to appoint two or more deputy presidents as he was to see fit. As far as the law is concerned, Chamisa was on equal footing with you and Mudzuri and as such he had an equal chance to be the president. So What you have just done here was to form another party which should find another name and if you so much in love with the MDCT constitution then you just copy and paste it.

  8. If this so called congress was indeed and MDCT one as the lunatic Gutu may want to call it, then why was it filled with non congressional delegates eg Linda Musarira. There was no quorum at all to warrant even the purported amendments to the constitution. The import of all this is that, this is just a new political party bent and spoiling the prospects of the people’s party. Please just do an Honorable thing which is to find a name for your new political outfit.

  9. While we are waiting for the outcome in court tomorrow Tuesday,khupe & team have gone on & hold an unconstitutional congress-so which is which now? And amended the same constitution under scrutiny be4 the court out come;so is she & team serious?Court should have decided first which is proper,then they would proceed

  10. Comment…kupe plse form yur own party bcse people know the real MDCT we are not fools

  11. Vazhinji varikuti Khupe is useless has no support base but from their comments its showing kuti varikubaiwa nezvakaita Khupe. why are they offended nemunhu asina support base. Primary elections within MDC and seats allocation within MDC Alliance will show you kuti Chamisa is nothing. they will fight and more splits are to come from MDA and MDC Alliance. ED has my vote.

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