Khupe accused of imposing herself presidential candidate

Former MDC-T deputy president Thokozani Khupe has been accused of imposing herself as presidential candidate for her faction ahead of the faction’s extraordinary congress tomorrow.


MDC-T youth leader, Happymore Chidziva said while the party was not worried about a congress called by Khupe to install herself leader, she had exposed herself as a power-hungry person.

“She has called for an extraordinary congress for her party yet she has already been declared 2018 presidential candidate, further she has branded cars showing she is a presidential candidate, so why then is she going to congress. It shows you that her claims to constitutionalism are fake, this is just a cry for power,” he said.

Chidziva alleged the MDC-T was aware of a grand plan by Khupe to sponsor negative news against MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa.

“The people, like our former spokesperson, who used to accuse the State media of peddling falsehoods have all of a sudden become the darling of these institutions lying through their teeth. It shows you it’s not about the people, but love for power. We are, however, unmoved as we continue working for the people,” Chidziva said.

Obert Gutu, who was fired from MDC-T and is reportedly eyeing to be Khupe’s deputy, has also indicated that his boss will be the presidential candidate.

Images of branded vehicles inscribed Vote Dr Khupe 2018 are circulating on social media.

Khupe’s personal assistant, Witness Dube, however, defended his boss, saying the campaign materials were for the congress.

“The campaign we are ready for Dr Khupe is for congress and not for the national elections. The position of party president is open and anyone can contest that is democracy,” he said. Just a few weeks before the extraordinary congress, Dube said nominations for the positions were not yet open although he said Khupe was already openly campaigning for the presidency.


  1. Charity begins at home. Following the constitution is paramount. What Chamisa was doing is exactly the same as was done by Mugabe. Mob pscycology if not carefuly executed is catastrophic. Mdc elders are also to blame. If these guys can not follow their own constitution, how will they follow that of the country. I feel pity for mdc parliamentarians because Khupe is going to kick them out if they refuse to tow her line. Its amagidon in mdc. The advocate is young and novice. He shall hate politics like Mugabe shuning independence celebrations. He should not abuse 1,3million he got from government. Aizorwa madhaka nayo. Wake up and smell the coffee. Its Khupe’s money.

    1. now you are just daydreaming go watch chimurenga files

  2. Bulawayo needs new Senators,Mps and councilors since current ones were imposed by Khuphe cabal

  3. Khupe go and hang yourself zvaida kuita gogo Tsvangirai. Chamisa has the people and Khupe has the constitution. The people will vote and the constitution does so??? Food for thought.

    Chamisa Chete Chete 2018.
    Stronger Together
    Together Stronger

  4. This just shows you that Khuphe’s cause is not about the people or the constitution or whatever… it is about her personal ambitions. She is prepared to risk the livelihood of people for another 5 years just to satisfy her political ambitions. History will not be kind to her.

  5. Comment…the people who vote want chamisa and chamisa take all tsvangirayi supporters,the constitutions don’t vote and ppl don’t care about constitution they want chamisa ,khupe will be barried like mangoma ,skhala,gwisai.she will lose all parliament seat .she wanted to confuse voters by using name mdc t ppl are clever .welsh man ncube tried and failed apa adzoka kuvanhu not ku mutemo.

  6. Vanhu ngati nzwisisei mutemo we MDC T unoti elected VP ndiye anotonga kana President asipo then ivo President vane masimba to nominate other VPs then kana President vafa or havasisipo board re national council ndiro rine simba kudarika zvose zvino va Khupe vanoti ndini President apa 10 months munhu asinga onekwi kwano shandira zvichiitao here nhai vanhu wee kanakuri kwedu kwaka tsekera basa rinopera saka akadzingwa basa

    1. If ever green is correct, then Dr Khupe is on the wrong side. Can the media really inform us on what the MDC-T party constitution says?

      1. in the event of the death of a president vice must take over, but now they had 3 vices so the national council which is the highest decision making body in between congresses had to convene and decide on the way forward and they decided that congress was still going to be in 2019 but for now they had to vote for a leader and they had to choose between the 3 who was the best foot forward considering the coming elections and they overwhelmingly voted for Chamisa…twice if im not mistaken. So khupe and mudzuri were not happy but I think Mudzuri naana mwonzora were quick to see kwaienda nemhepo kuti the grassroot support were vying for mufana chamisa so vakabva vapeta muswe and stood by him. ana khupe vakati ivo bodo havadiba, funny enough she wasn’t attending meetings for months at some point even blocking number dze her boss Morgan….he dies and all of a sudden she wants to lead….crazy woman

  7. Comment…khupe is just mad, stupid and very stupid.

  8. khupenga kwarooooo

  9. no,no,machinja if you cannot uphold the constituition at a party level ,then what about at a national level ?. also why are you demanding electoral reforms if you cannot walk the talk within yourselfs or party. To me,to follow the constituition is the right thing to do not kupana zvigaro mangwana mozochema because at the end of the day it’s the law that prevails above mobocracy..

  10. Mukwirivindi WaMazungunye

    I feel pity for you all supporters of the childish Chamisa. It will be really a curse for the country if we were to have Chamisa, a second Mugabe to rule the country. Just imagine how the stpid youmg man catapaulted himself to power. This shows how he will rule the country. He is just 40 years, and add another 54 years in power, and you will get the 94 years that Mugabe spent in power distroying the country. Fortunately machanisms are in place to prevent the napkin smelling chap from getting into power.

    1. uridhoti iwe mukwirivindi wamazungunye. you are meaningless just like yo name. how on earth du yu call a man of 40years a young man smelling napkin? what mechanisms are in place to deter him from ruling? urikusvotwaka iwe nesupport yaainayo. imi pamaidzinga vanhu muzanu menyu mamusingasevenzesi central committe yenyu here? dogmatic mind!!!, uchasvinura riini iwe dofo,


    3. you mean the years that you Zanu people willingly gave mugabe,now all of a sudden he is a villain yet maimunanzva mudhara uye all those years voting for him and you have the audacity to point a finger at Chamisa yet you have a leader now who was put there by the military. dzikamai pano hapasi paUzumba rally

  11. Khupe was fired constitutionally she never attended Tsvangirai’s meetings and in fact she blocked Tsvangirai’s number to avoid him. Now M.T is gone she claims she is the only one suppose to lead the Movement. Every constitution can be bent/amended to suit the needs of the people. However, in this case Kupe was legally and constitutionally fired. It’s cold outside MDC led by Nelson and already she’s realising that. She wants to hold a congress with just 200 people… GO HANG KHUPE it’s about the people of Zimbabwe and not political office ….

  12. justice will finally prevail & Chamisa is free to form his own party

  13. khupe enge agara muMDCT zvakanka varimai vedu vemusangano kuti vaite president ehe zvaita nekuti kwavakabva kure. Ksi mai onaika mamiriro akaita nyika , mirirai kuti mukurirwe nzira mugofamba nayo,naChamisa mozopindawo hapana chakaipa apa. kuzobuda mumusangano ndozvaipa, Mai tinokudai fungayi zvakare,ksi maita bato renyu nesu tapesana fungai zvekare mai siyai chigabwibwi icho

  14. Khupe is doing the right thing, this is a democratic country everyone should be free to choose leader of their choice, so we must be spoilt for choice. Some love zanu but not Mugabe so they ve alternative in Mnangagwa, I also love MDC but not Chamisa so I should have an alternative of Khupe. Lastly I beg the army to come down hard on those who only think people are wrong when they dont support their favourite. Nonsense

    1. yes she is free to start her own party, with her own name and her own logo…not to want to ride on the MDCT name the same T for Tsvangirai who she disrespected for months. Thoko akatanga mafirimu MT achiri mupenyu and we have ceased to be sympathetic i hate anyone who tries to use the gender or tribe card. make me vote for you coz of what you are offering not because you are a woman or a ndebele

  15. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…Kugocha kunoda amai, kwemwana kunodzima moto. Kupupa kweakafa, kubvira kwechipoko chisingapise sora. Kutsvaka noto chete.

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